Dead by Daylight – Critique #1: Legion Gameplay

Dead by Daylight – Critique #1: Legion Gameplay

In this video, I’ll be providing a gameplay critique, With commentary mixed in at key moments. One of my viewers known as TheGamerguy6 will be playing as Legion. As he plays through the match, I’ll be awarding
keys for exceptional moments. Checking on your totem, I see. Pretty safe move on enclosed maps since survivors
can’t see exactly where you are. You got Frenzy up and running early, which
is good. Although the only nearby survivor is on the upper floor, and you aren’t going to be able to reach them in time. But since you kept running in a straight line, you managed to find the rest of them. Good job. Nice job injuring both there. You even got a pallet out of that. There was potential for a better play here. If you had instead bodyblocked the entrance
and waited just a second longer, you could have recharged your power and hit Kate with
a Frenzy stab to find her teammates. Now this was an interesting choice. Rather than turning around and continuing to follow the scratch marks, you decide to patrol the generator instead. This one does have some progress on it, but I think you would have gotten more value out of chasing down Kate. These survivors are making some silly mistakes,
like running when they don’t need to be. First hook of the game with 5 generators still
remaining and all survivors injured. Things are looking good so far. I like how you saw the spark on the generator
and then immediately did a 180. You don’t waste any time, do you? I’ll give you a key if you remember Kate has Dead Hard later in the match. Now you could have went straight for the hook
there. You were pretty close and could definitely
have caught up to the survivors, but chose to break the generator instead. It wasn’t a bad decision necessarily since
this generator does have progress on it, but you might have done better to keep up the
pressure. Wow, you’re pretty lucky they healed at
the hook. They could have been long gone by now. That is a pretty generous hitbox for a pallet stun. Not sure I can blame you for that one. I do like how you ignored the pallet drop
using Frenzy so you could get some value out of that chase. I’ll give you a key for that one. Good choice to break the gen first. Uh oh, that’s a mistake. There was a hook right next to you, but you
missed it. Probably because it wasn’t highlighted. Let’s see if you can make it to another
one before she struggles out. Yeah, letting her escape like that is gonna
cost you a generator or two. That Feng could definitely have stalled you for longer if she’d kept vaulting through the window. What a poor performance. This is a high rank game by the way, guys. Now there’s a mistake. No reason to cancel your power early there. There was still a sizable distance between
you and Dwight. Thankfully you still had just enough time
to down him. I want to comment on your perks real quick. So as far as builds go, Ruin and Monitor and
Abuse are fine choices on Legion, but I find Sloppy Butcher discourages survivors too much
from wanting to heal, which is the main strategy Legion uses to help stall the game. And while you can acquire Save the Best for
Last stacks quickly on Legion, the reduced attack cooldown doesn’t help that much since
you’ll often be chasing down survivors who are already injured. Maybe try swapping those perks out for something like Thanataphobia or Discordance. Aw, you forgot she had Dead Hard! No key for you. Good job recognizing that unsafe pallet. There are a lot of those on this map. Looks like she has Borrowed Time. Let’s see how you handle this. Yeah…not handled well. You just let them both get away. But what I’m most perplexed about is why
you didn’t go after them. Both survivors ran upstairs. That’s two thirds of the survivor team you
could have been chasing. but you gave them up to go kick a generator. Huh. Yeah, a lot of down time here. You should have kept chasing them. Uh. wait. We need to talk about something. You seriously allowed Kate to continue searching the chest even after you stabbed her? You’re going to allow her to have the item
and disrespect you like that? Disgraceful! It hurts to watch… I need some PainRelievers
after witnessing that. I’m pretty sure you know stabbing an injured survivor with frenzy just gives them a speed boost, so I’m not sure why you did that
here. She looked like she was pretty close there, so I won’t roast you for trying to swing at her. Well you’re no stranger to unsafe pallets,
that much is clear. This turned out to be a pretty good game for
you. I think you’re lucky they never found your
Ruin totem, or it might not have been so easy. Only one survivor left. Let’s see if you can find them. Lucky you, finding the hatch. Wow, you got the last survivor too! Can you burn luck offerings as killer? Because you must have with how fortunate you
were this game! But anyways, that is a wrap for this match! I think TheGamerguy6 did a pretty good job
as Legion and demonstrated a solid understanding of both the game’s mechanics and the killer
he played. There were definitely some opportunities for
improvement, but most seemed like ones only veteran players would recognize. He also had one key moment where he flipped
a bad situation into a good one by using Legion’s power to ignore a pallet that stunned him. So that’s it for this gameplay critique,
thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
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  1. If you're interested in sending gameplay footage or mail in general, reach me at:

    [email protected]

    I prefer gameplay submissions to be at 1080p quality and without commentary.

    If I don't respond to your email, it's probably because I'm flooded with mail and it's impossible to respond to everyone, so I apologize in advance if I don't get back to you.

  2. That was an interesting little piece of info about Sloppy and Legion, it never occurred to me that Legion's main source of pressure came from Survivors healing until watching this. I play against Legion and I tell myself I'm wasting time by healing when I should be doing a Gen since Legion can injure faster than every Killer but it never really clicked when I play Legion.

  3. When I play killer I play legion. There goes any chance I have at getting a review. Guess I'm gonna submit a survivor game

  4. I don’t understand when killers cant notice a hook that is not highlighted, it is very easy because the pattern of their spawn is very obvious, if you see that “nearest” hooks are too far away, then you can be absolutely sure(except when you in a corner of the map) that you missed the hook that was right next to you.

  5. Can I say this is my first time watching tbis, and as a new player to the game and sitting in 25-45 min queues as a rank 16 killer this makes me feel good, these type of videos are really good

  6. i liked this so much! wow this was fun watching u comment on someone else's play. actually just hearing u talk is just awesome.

  7. 3:23 should have hit the Kate (avoid the DH of course) to negate any healing progress while adding mend time thus making the Kate waste more time and reseting frenzy

  8. 9:06 – He wanted a save the best for last stack. Don't understand why tho, when he was consistently losing them trough the match.

  9. Dwight killed himself on hook, feng was really bad, he was playing on the best killer map well suited for his killer i dont think its even worth reviewing since its not a real game

  10. Yeah other survivors are getting clumsy and careless of their action ever since the archives came out. Until when I was killing the survivors in the begging of a trial, they were running when they don’t need to be and until they finished a archive quest, they get back to serious mode.

  11. i think i can understand why he let the feng and kate go upstairs and went back down. by my understanding he knew they would both be busy mending and healing but that left the 3rd survivor to do a gen and he was hoping he was still somewhere nearby. not a great choice but i can understand the reasoning. while theyre healing he can be chasing the 3rd that way nobody is on gens by the time he gets them down. thats just my understanding of it though.

  12. well if you need some painrelief may i recommend Otz? Hes a nice player, and besides theres not like theres a doctor with painrelievers here anywhere

  13. stabbing an injured survivor with frenzy gives a stack for stbvl so its actually kinda ok, but stbvl is kinda bad on Legion anyway and he hit the obsession aswell

  14. Just wanna take a moment to say how much I appreciate you adding captions! Helps me process the information you provide so much easier!

  15. I wish I went against high rank survivors this bad. Jk I like a challenge but holy shit these guys made so many mistakes

  16. Extremely good, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , doo check 🙂

  17. “This is a high rank game btw guys”

    6 minutes in and only 1 gen popped

    Most chill high ranked game I’ve ever seen lol

  18. So I just went against a Legion with Sloppy, Tana, Discordance and BBQ. We wasted half the match healing to get the Thanatophobia effect off and at the end when the last gen was done he camped my ass. Post game chat he tells us "nice gen rush" while two of my teammates had a brown and yellow toolboxes and I plundered an Alex's. Now he got a bit salty and started to talk shit at me because me and Meg dropped all the pallets on the map, I only dropped like 2 pallets and he had the fucking iri button so he was respecting the shit out of those. Now if you got that Legion build and complain about generators being done fast you're a fucking dumbass, he also tried to double back on the auto haven car loops ._.

  19. Im also a rank 1 legion, after i got freddy to rank 1. After freddy i wanted to try another killer but one that isnt too good statistically and i agree he couldve played that better, no offence gamerguy6

  20. If he had pop it would make some sense as to why he stopped the chase for a gen.

    The reason he went for another frenzy hit was to allow his save the best for last to go up.

  21. Pausing at 9:47 to say that he walks over the blood trail of the last standing survivor without noticing, just because there weren't scratch marks. Like, there's a 75% chance the last survivor is in the locker on your immediate left at 9:48

  22. I really enjoyed hearing critiques of a follower's gameplay. This makes me want to give you my own gameplay to see if I could improve my strategies as killer. I hope we see more videos like this!

  23. my main critique i have trouble agreeing with you on is his pretty reasonable generator watching, as the legion you don't always need to chase the people down, he already injured both people on borrowed time. Kate has her dead hard back and who knows maybe feng had decisive strike.
    i think his play to double back on the generator was better. as he continued to delay progress.

    you don't always need to be chasing survivors. it prevents you from pipping anyways.

    i can see how his constant turning down chases though for generator checking is, undervalued.

  24. 2:28 well, I mean that's a common killer play isn't it? Most killers learn to just turn around or immediately move on when they see the generator is still regressing.

  25. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate you for taking the time to add captions. I have really bad hearing, and it make sit way easier for me to understand real captions. And let's be honest, the auto generated captions have a long way to go.

  26. do you think you could do a video on playing as Huntress if you haven't already? If not, a few tips would help. Thanks.

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