DE BESTE RACING GAME VAN 2017! | RaceRoom Racing Experience

DE BESTE RACING GAME VAN 2017! | RaceRoom Racing Experience

Yo guys from my channel, welcome to this video. What you’ve just watched, is the trailer of the game ‘RaceRoom Racing Experience’. I’m recording this video, because they sponsored it. That’s why I’m gonnaexplain some more about this game to you, but first comes the intro! Are you a huge fan of Formula 1 races, racing games or not yet? Then this is THE game for you! In this game you can experience how it is, to drive a real race car. That can be a car like this one.. this one.. this one… This game has over 80 cars to choose from. You can drive these with a keyboard, a controller or a racing wheel, just like I do. And the best part about this game: It’s totally free! I’ll also play this game in (all) my livestreams from now on. I do these livestreams each Friday at 3 or 4 P.M. Ofcourse this isn’t all. I’ll tell you a bit more about this game. In this game, you can race against your friends, or against people that you don’t know (yet). There are also a couple famous people that play this game. When you download this game, you’ll get 4 racetracks and a couple cars. It’s already a lot of fun playing with these. But, do you want some other cars? Or other race tracks? That’s also possible! To do this, you only have to click ‘Store’ in the game. After that, you’ll see a list of cars or racetracks. And yeah, then you can choose. The only thing you have to do next, is pay them. I play this game with my own Racing Wheel. Don’t you have one? Simply connect your controller or play it with your keyboard. I began like that, before I got my Racing Wheel and that also worked very well. If you download this game right now, you can play with and against me in my next livestream. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game via Steam, or the internet. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe. Also don’t forget to download the game. (Link in the description) Don’t forget to follow them and me on social media. Well.. I’m gonna play the game again, bye bye!

8 Replies to “DE BESTE RACING GAME VAN 2017! | RaceRoom Racing Experience”

  1. nice video ik ben geabonneerd messchien wil je ook op mijn kanaal abonneren en mijn videos liken ik heb nu 708 abonnees

  2. Joe man ik ben nieuw op jouw kanaal ik vind het supervet wat je allemaal doet enz je kan het ook goed!! En je edit lekker!(heb ook een kanaal maar niet zo groot als die van jouw) Je mag altijd is een kijkje nemen! GA ZO DOOR!!

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