Daytime Blue Ridge vs. 10 News Sports Team in heads up

we wanted to bring in our Sports friends Alisa rage on epic ello and we decided to break a tie okay Brittany and I take on a P and Alyssa in an unforgettable game of heads-up that’s right both teams have one win under the belt so this time it’s going to be more intense than ever take a look as you know we love to play games here on daytime blue ridge and because it’s tailgating week we thought we would play a friendly game of heads up yeah we’re taking on our enemies Abbey fire we won last time and they won the first time so this is like tiebreaker you guys know we’re gonna go first okay let’s do this alright here we go oh boy Johanna is our timer so Joanna when you’re ready nothing no hold on first is this upside down the right side up that’s right okay ready okay when you kick the ball kick oh I feel good no you there’s no point oh but yes okay okay not defense but off it’s okay and it’s not one two or three but it’s the last chance yep okay and then these are very this is part of the jitters marching band to us they are okay okay I don’t know that one okay the cheerleaders have a lot of energy and fans want everybody that’s a lot of oh my gosh a school spirit yes okay um is my favorite team the Philadelphia Eagles thank you okay and this is the Tennessee Titans yes you got it oh and that’s upside down but it’s the floor and when you get the first chance for some also our show all right if we would have gotten there okay all right all right a right um could someone help me is these upside down right side on that better all right here we go you ready yes um the person you throw it to receiver yes um Adam Sandler is this in a movie brings them three waterboy yes blacksburg mascot Bruins yes Brookville mascot bees um something you eat from Buffalo Wild Wings which are yeah the way ticket mom audible yes UVA mascot Cavaliers yes William Fleming mascot Cardinals the postseason is also called the playoffs yes when you when the defense holds them to no points shutout yes something you eat you’re like pretzels or not a meal with a snap yes when you just chuck it at me and go to hope someone grabbed a Hail Mary yes sorry the first one was the upside down person where they really had no idea the Player of the Week was next come on oh man I broke a sweat okay that’s competitive all right yes Freddie okay okay where the players stand sidelines yes you not water but you’re drinking to get electrolytes Gatorade yes they throw it pass no the other one red yellow flag yes helmet uh this yes because there’s a bomb yes yeah the football is also called when you get hit in the head and it messes with your brain concussion yes I’m running out of cards oh the guy who kicker yes uh-huh and the guy who makes all the calls coach okay okay okay oh oh boy okay uh when you win this at the end of juvy yes this sport now we’re talking about football yes on the day that they’re actually played good night dimka yes yes you throw this sorry yeah yeah yeah you’re good here good okay okay so I give you clues and you know right okay okay I gotta like be ready cuz that’s the slowest now yes Salem smarten New England Patriots ah the league they play in here thank you oh you score a touchdown ah you eat I don’t triangular some people it’s carbs you don’t need it some people eat it yeah okay the guy who throws for penalty Flags referee the ball comes back from the center it’s called a hike nope uh what’s it called when the center gives the ball to quarterback yeah thank you okay you’re not the better team going in Saigon yep [Music] how do you say it without saying it okay we’re all your decisions are made in the huddle playbook and the covington just one I couldn’t think of what it was it closed first and ten that’s why we win [Laughter] [Music] go

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