Days Gone – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Days Gone – Gameplay Trailer | PS4


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  1. I am pumped for those who are hype for this! Biker gang culture is just not for me. Hope you all enjoy it!

  2. Not hating on the game but im really tired of the zombies trend it gets a bit boring thats why i loved horizon zero dawn because it felt refreshing and new i couldnt say the same about days gone

  3. Don't know why people are complaining how this brings nothing new to the table
    This game is an apocalypse not an outbreak usually zombie game are always outbreaks and rarely apocalypses not to mention it's free roam and if there is a free roam zombie game it's either an outbreak or a small apocalypse with barely any space to go to and the fuel system for the bike the only game I seen it on is mad Max and the game is not that old so it's still a new sorta feature

  4. I have a feeling this game gonna make me angry, scared , panicky , laugh , nervous, excited. Sounds ideal

  5. Wait. I thought the EA gods said single player games are dead.
    The EA gods can never lie. How can this be possible?

  6. I remember when this was shown at E3 i was so excited and interested
    Then sometime last year or Early this year they showed gameplay and i changed my mind. Now I'll wait and see before buying

  7. Just a suggestion for the online : you guys could make it like ARK where you and your friends build a community and go out to gather supplies and hunt for goods and make your coummunity better by upgrading it and trading or fighting with other communities , would be really fun !!!!

  8. Now we just need TLOU 2 to make this a great year of exclusives for Sony. I'm proud to own a PlayStation just for these masterpieces

  9. Big cheers for the effort of making single player games! I dont find this game interesting at all but i do appreciate the will behind it. Have fun PS users!

  10. 0:07 is this what happens if you choose to take your friends shotgun? That is……..


  11. Funny that the release time is apparently 6pm Friday in Australia digitally, but I can get the game $40 cheaper physically 9 hours beforehand… Where's the incentive, Sony?

  12. Was so excited for this game, but the more gameplay I’ve seen, the more I’ve been worried. Feel like the hype is so high for this and I just really hope I’m wrong. This has been so long in development and has the ability to be something great.

  13. SIE Bend Studio should bring back Syphon Filter series… this game is just a typical, 'lost it's charm' zombie apocalypse game

  14. Un juego más del montón sin creatividad, en conclusión Sony ya no tiene creatividad ha matado su creatividad y capacidad

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