Day of the Dead bowl skating competition

Day of the Dead bowl skating competition

Let’s start with Deshuesadero, Red Bull Deshuesadero! Let’s go with the first place winner… Emilio Fernandez! A round of applause for Emilio.

31 Replies to “Day of the Dead bowl skating competition”

  1. they are good but really pretty weak tricks for a skate competition i seen maybe 3 good tricks that aren't even that hard for people who've been skating a long time can do most of the tricks in this clip look like people just skating and not competing there so easy

  2. No transitions…..more like banks, Sticky coping, finger flip is not a flip trick, basic halfpipe tricks, NO ONE  is skating the whole thing like a bowl…..REDBULL CAN DO BETTER!!! ENUFF SAID!!!!!

  3. Sorry can not see anything in the description, if I saw it in the description I would not have asked the question! Google has stuffed everything

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