David Lama & Conrad Anker Climb New Route in Zion National Park

David Lama & Conrad Anker Climb New Route in Zion National Park

♪ (dramatic music) ♪ David Lama, the guy I’m climbing with,
was in diapers when I came up here and chose this route. He’s crushing it today. Zion has a special place, many of my formative climbs
took place there. One of them was the Streaked Wall,
I climbed with Mugs Stump. The first time that Conrad and I met
was in Las Vegas at the airport because we decided we wanted
to go to Zion and climb there. But we never met before. We’ve talked about doing routes
in the Himalayas. Before you go do something
as big as a Himalayan route, you want to figure out
who your partner is, do a climb or two with them. David Lama is a young Austrian climber. His father is a Sherpa
from [Pathari], Nepal, his mother is from Austria. He started climbing at a really young age. The name Conrad Anker is just known
all over the world for being one of the most legendary mountaineers. (Conrad Anker)
We made a name for ourselves by going out and doing new routes
or repeating hard routes, or doing bold routes, things like that. Pretty much any professional climber
in the 21st century got started with competition climbing. That was David’s start
and then he segued into the mountains. He did the free ascent of Cerro Torre
which was a huge landmark ascent. (David) When we arrived in Zion,
Conrad proposed we should try to onside the Moonlight Buttress. (Conrad) I offered to be there in support, belay every pitch so he could rest,
and then lead every pitch. For me, it was not as tempting
as putting up a new line. (Conrad) I think that was
a real similar thread that David and I have, to go look at unclimbed pitches
and unclimbed features and climb them. (Dave) It’s your vision
that only you can see and that’s the beauty
about the creative process I would say. At the entrance to the narrows
of Zion Canyon there’s on the left side
this really impressive wall. It’s steep, it’s got a waterfall
on the right side. (Conrad) David goes, “Yeah, let’s go
to the Temple of Sinawava.” I was like, okay. It took me a little bit by surprise,
but I was really psyched. We were looking up
and the first thing we saw was this white rope hanging there
that Conrad left. (Conrad) I started on this route
I think in 1988 with Doug Heinrich pulling our ropes and the knot
got caught in a flake. We were sure we were going to come back.
But then the days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, and months to years
and the years to decades. Twenty-five years of shame and guilt
after having garbage in the park, I’ve come back to clean it up. Phew. ♪ (energetic electronic music) ♪ (Conrad) It’s steep,
your chin is against the wall and you’re pulling up the tag line
behind your back. (David Lama) In total we ended up
spending four days on the wall, going up and down every day. On day three, the weather
changed completely. Looks kind of worse. Rappelling down is a good decision. I’m the type of guy
that likes to […] if for fun. I wished we got up early,
we’d have a good time with it. Oh, damn. Warmth! It’s cold, huh? I think I’m a basketcase. I’m up here with my basketcase friends, because who in their sane mind
would want to be up there, hanging on a hook on sandstone
with lightning and rain happening, and you’re hand-drilling
with loose choss everywhere? And we’re thinking it’s fun. You want to zip first? (David) Okay. Yeah. (Conrad) It rained that night
and really hard that morning, and the waterfall was flowing. (David) One reason why Conrad
just wanted to go back was to clean up that rope. This rope is 25 years old or something, and now it’s down off the mountain. The last pitch– it’s hard to predict
what they’re going to be like when you look from down at the bottom, but it either looked wide
or it looked brushy. Halfway! We ended up being
the first team of climbers to climb that feature
in the Temple of Sinawava. ♪ (warm electronic music ) ♪ Beautiful place to be. We carried out the old rope; we brought it up to one
of the rock climbing shops. They were like, “Whoa!
Dude, that rope.” I didn’t think it
was going to be this significant. The thing that is really outstanding
when talking about Conrad is that he still has so much joy
when he’s out there climbing. I hope that I will always enjoy
climbing as much as he does. (Conrad) When I was young,
some climber took me under his wing and showed me the ropes,
and maybe he’ll go do that when he’s my age, 25 years from now. I’ll be almost 80, David will be 50
and then it will be some young kid that isn’t even born
that’s going to be up there, just…whew. (David) The last couple of years,
it’s turned into having an idea, having a vision in your head
and then turning that vision into reality.

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  1. in the early eighties, I was a 20 something kid working it the redwoods of Humboldt county, up into S. Oregon doing dead wooding/takedowns in the parks so people could be safe. it was a very meager way to make money as a climber, but I was in top shape loving the adventure. as challenging as that was, and completely trusting my (now antiquated) equipment, I just can't believe what it takes to do to things I see climbers do today. it's just remarkable to me.

  2. Your video has been selected by our staff, great work!

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  3. I can't believe that its so difficult to figure out the guy was that did so much of the work. Who was the camera man ?

  4. David Lama is a legend in the making! He's unbelievably young for the amount of crazy climbs he has under his belt. I guarantee in tens of years we will look back at him as being one of the best of all time!

  5. I really like it very much really beautiful view of the house in Thailand I'm pretty tight.

  6. So nice to hear C. own the fact that he left his climber's trash behind. A little late cleaning up there bubba…. guess that has to do with your white guy entitlement, etc. Better late than never.

  7. Very impressive ! Thank you for those beautifull images .I wish more of course .what a place ! It is a dream ….And both are really dancers on the rock ! I can watch this again and again ..Thanks ,thanks ,thanks.

  8. The first climber to do that feature was Jonathan Zambella. A local guide and Zion guru. Used to work for him haha. Just saying. Great film tho.

  9. "When I was young some climber took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. Maybe he'll do that when he's my age, in 25 years" Well we'll never know if he would have. RIP David 🙁

  10. I just today decided to know who the climbers were. And the fears were, of course, that it would be a well known and class A pro. What a loss. My condolences to the friend and family.

  11. I met David about 15 years ago…lovely Person…So sad to hear he passed away…So talented…Rest in Piece…

  12. David’s spirit lives on. He is still climbing those mountains and scaling new heights. Conrad is a legend and his enduring spirit will inspire climbers for generations to come. RIP David. Thanks Conrad.

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