DARKBORN – Official Gameplay Trailer – New First Person Action Adventure RPG 2019

DARKBORN  – Official Gameplay Trailer  – New First Person Action Adventure RPG 2019

Малыш Проснись -Звуки борьбы- Беги! -Звуки борьбы- Малыш… ты меня слышишь? Да… хорошо. Даже такой ужас не cможет победить тебя Твои родители рядом… Бледный враг охраняет их Ребенок…ты не можешь переправиться через этот разрыв Но у тебя есть крылья… Используй их Хорошо… Ты быстро учишься Ты видишь кровь малыш? Следуй за этим Твоя темная родня . Найди свою темную родню, следуя по кровавым следам. Жестокие бледные. Пока избегай их. Проскользни в безопасное место Их время придет. Я обещаю Малыш… ты приближаешься…Твои родители близко Полученные дары смерти: укус стелса , бросок шипа Дары есть даже в смерти. Возьми их и стань сильнее Именно так малыш. Ты учишься Твоя первая месть . Найдите Тана, ответственного за ритуал. Гнездо бледных впереди… Острожно Малыш. Твое глубокое зрение тебе здесь поможет. Пройди аккуратно этот путь. Там… Кровопийца, детоубийца. Жестокий слуга большого зла Ты знаешь что будет дальше, ребенок. Полученные дары смерти : Атака хлыстом Логово логата убийцы . Следить за действиями противника Теперь твоя мощь ощутима Это твой черед. Пусть твое горе станет яростью, твоя печаль месть Принеси им войну Трое… Легкая добыча Ты достаточно силен. Возьми их Я чувствую великую силу за пределами врагов КРЕПКИЙ
Здоровье увеличены
Атаки намного сильнее
Иммунитет от укуса Вот ты где… Наконец-то …у нас есть работа Добро пожаловать домой. Малыш… Рожденный во тьме

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  1. besides some readjusting for the AI's, specifically the seen boss, it looks like a really good game.

  2. I thought we looked scarier, but nah. This'll do, I guess.
    I'll still spend my life savings on this masterpiece.

  3. incarner un deamon mais ils vont ou ces trou du C**hey je suis players depuis 1984 la ca creins comme ci il y avais pas assez d'especes differente il cherche as nous faire passer pour des gens mal saints sur un ordinateur ou une console ces fils d p**
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  4. Three years and this ? forgive me I don't know anything about game making but good on them for what they have so far just three or so years and you'd think it'd be better

  5. And The Final Boss Is………….?
    Wait For It………….?
    Wait For It……..?

  6. Me: Watching video, reading comments at the same time

    Comments: “the combat looks awful”

    Me: “can’t be that bad”

    gets to combat part

    Me: Rip

  7. So this is where project wight went to… Kinda seems like they made the creatures look a lot lamer.

  8. Игра про жестокость, которой нас пытается научить автор. Месть, злопамятность – грех, и не могут быть оправданы ни чем. Если хотите извратить народ, то для русского мира неудачная попытка. Если не было такой мысли, то ваш разум на уровне обиженного ребенка.

  9. This concept looks amazing I've always loved the idea where you play a game as the Hunted not the hunter but most of these games end up sucking I can definitely see this game doing awful because of the combat and the AI especially needs more work but looks really cool

  10. kinda ruins any feeling of power when you have boss fights, especially such badly done boss fights where you try to grope an armored guy who windmills with his sword like an idiot. I was really intrigued by this game's first trailer a couple years ago, but now it just looks disappointing. the creature design is also not very good.

  11. I adore this kind of game. I hate playing as humans in games; it's so boring and it's been done to death. Only thing that really needs work is animations on the humans, and maybe the combat. But honestly, I think it looks fine!

  12. I don't see the point in attacking the historical accuracy of the Vikings armour because this game is clearly based on mythology. Agreed that the combat animations need more weight.
    I would suggest swings follow through rather than stop on the target and have some knockback or stagger.

  13. stupid mechanics.the idea is good but very stupid mechanics for 2019.i think miyazaki must teach all the rest developers a lesson to stop releasing those games like that…

  14. This is just basically a Beowulf story – The voice could be Grendel's mother & the MC can either be one of her children or Grendel himself. Don't like the creature design, seems more like a dark crystal / Labyrinth design and IMO doesn't fit with the ambiance of Norse mythology. Also combat looks really unpolished

  15. Putain j'ai eu la peur de ma vie je m'y attendais pas du tout jaitais à fond dans les décors avec mais écouteurs et le volume au maximum et la bim 3:19 ???

  16. Been following this game since 2017 because I thought the concept was very cool. After seeing this trailer I am still very excited (it is in a alpha afterall). I am hoping that development on this game still goes forward given today's news….

  17. Idk what y'all expect the combat to be im more worried about the AI punching air. The combat looks like combat for a first person monster game the story and world needs to be rich though I want to explore and learn and climb leap hop glide. But a game like this hill have that combat you wont be punching or kicking. As a beast you probably will be slashing and grappling. The leaping back is expected but that AI and story will be tough

  18. Remember people, this is only pre-alpha. The combat is most definitely gonna get polished and tweaked. Now can we stop ranting on how bad the combat is in an unfinished game?

  19. I think if this is going to be really the "hunted", it's should be played like mark of the ninja because you can't simply fight so many enemies but you can stealth them one by one and silent kill most of the enemies.

  20. 10:14 Faces like that take me out of the experience, blank. But I’ll just guess they’ll add something before release

  21. Been following this game for a couple years now, I hope this isn't what the final product will look like. If so, I will be thoroughly dissapointed, but I still very much so support it. I'll get it if its retails is under $25

  22. Combat looks fine, interesting take on being the hunted. Entertaining for sure. No info on abilities or leveling tree or skills.

  23. This looks promising. The creature animations look quick and brutal but the combat seems kinda simple. Whipping the boss once and getting a free combo in is kinda meh. I like the whole "tearing them apart" idea with the multiple strikes but I hope it's not too thin.

    I like the idea of these named bosses. It'd be cool to see them campaign against you, perhaps even build grudges. Could be neat

  24. Honestly, the combat is bad and the ai is stupid, but I’d get it for the concept alone. Storytelling and how the story ends is way more important to me than combat.

  25. You people are tripping. The combat looks tuff. I can see where it could improve, but I’d love to rip arms and heads off like the way it did yo

  26. Ppl complaining about combat but the game isn’t even finished yet.??‍♂️ be glad they even let you see this much geez

  27. I was really excited about the idea of being the hunted monster and having to slowly feed, grow and evolve, which is pretty much all they originally showed of the game and the guy talking made out like that was the main part of the game. But it turns out that interesting part is only the very beginning of the game… I'm still interested but much less than I was 15 minutes ago.
    If the game is open world it might still be alright, though.

  28. So you are small and vulnerable and have to run away but then you can fly and kill armed and armored warriors with your bare hands. OK, but what's the point?

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