Dark Vanguard! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

Dark Vanguard! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

yeah so my wife my wife and I my two
friends we watched we watched marshmallow play at at the Navy Pier one
of the Navy Pier locations and then also we went to like this little small club
afterwards and you played there – it was so much fun it was just such an
incredible incredible a do any tips on how to win in situations
where you’re fighting two more people yeah I mean you just block offs you know
whoever it’s like crushing you or shooting you in the back right with and
then you focus on the other players in front of you that’s the scar that I want
nummy-nummy nom nom nom ewwww what up finish so I definitely need a I can come
back of those minis but I need this I need this full shield because I have no
health and if I got shot mini like if I can shot like one or two times and I’m
still above like 50 shield like I need to be able to pop the shield and heal up
minutes won’t do that for me oh I’ve seen ready player one man in
cinema it was incredible highly recommend if you guys haven’t seen ready
player one you guys think – thank you for the ten eleven a debt repayment
obviously I’ll be around for a while nice car gotta blast no no no no no double heavies it not Hugh blue thank you with 800 chairman
would you prefer to play I’m not gonna ask that question man I mean I love
playing with MIT and with blue coat I don’t choose one over the other forge dude no Dave but what’s all this tonight sure
you have in the background there kappa ha Grammy this we can guide you like
this trick I had a great time at Dave it was wonderful me to meet you man and I
had a wonderful time too thank you for coming out man thanks for the chair dude
straight out of tilted come on baby come on baby I told you that I literally
stare so I just got back like obviously what’s a marshals concert and shit hmm
it was amazing we got a bunch of gear like a bunch of merchants Wang fuck I
was like okay like it’s like I gotta wear like I gotta wear marshmellows gear
I think I got all that gear so I was staring at your shirt too because I had
it in my backpack and I was just like oh do that told I was gonna wear it it
sounds like I come compromise compromise I’m not gonna grab those rockets get them dubs bro and the Navy 70 was in
going singer shout out to the men and women to view its armed source
absolutely thank you guys I mean if there’s any any other Armed Forces
people out there anyone who serves anyone’s country whatsoever thank you so
much kilo Bravo thank you for serving our country and is it me or does it feel like the pump
is gotten start with reload yeah a little bit well back again I’m trying to
think of where this guy’s gonna end up I think I’m just gonna leave do you just push guys who have a height
advantage over you I’m sorry man I’m marine watch everyday unless I’m in the
field honestly you made me every step until the implements machine thanks
coach go happy to help happy to help man kill them bro go go get those dubs thank
you so much for serving our country to men and the Marines appreciate it I feel
like the other guns are just lasers now man dart thank you for the $10 donation man
happy to be that I’m happy to do that mmm thank you guys so much for all the
subs today man supporting the stream you guys are incredible I’m so sorry that I
wasn’t able to stream on Friday or Saturday why shouldn’t Friday morning
and afternoon but I want you guys to know that like I mean I love you guys I
love all my fans man all of you guys who just are even if you guys don’t like me
like the stream or like the gameplay or draw this thank you for the support and
I’m gonna try to be I will be grinding these next couple of days I mean I
always grind but just know that like just know that when I’m missing my when
I’m missing streams it’s for the stream like it’s for like like the brand like
what I’m trying to film and so I will be live as literally as much as I can you
know for the next forever forever camera thank you for the 10 elimination today
is my friend Justin making his birthday today and so much who said happy
birthday yo Justin and Baker a happy birthday man happy happy birthday dude thank you for the 800s rip don’t be
trash good you’re garbage it’s weird man’s trash day today so I
went on side right open up the trash can and like there you were picture of you
is just like filled up my trashcan good like super weird the handi the one handy
girl he’s a karate I gots knife in the back of this guy yo bare minimum psychosis thank you guys
and and can you think I don’t know no bear thank you man
I probably said never happen got your toes e-baby
you gotta watch them Tony I’m always coming for you Gump tonight I’m coming
in with you mommy do all night all right there baby a little aggressive but this
gonna happen I didn’t think so streaming last night
while I was oh I didn’t stream last night oh oh oh psychosis double you’re
welcome but one view the one-by-one power to
rule all one by once it’s ready to take the ring from Frodo help you out this thing
lasers if you hit your shots just hit your child’s kids it’s quite simple do
you want to go good didn’t hit your shots have fun in the
lobby Jack Attack thanks for the 1000 bits man lethal
troller you play pubs you you Walt you’re right thank you for the $10
donation man hey you’re shot God what are you doing
why are you underneath me well why aren’t you hitting your shop Matt is
literally 21 ball thank you for the kilts haters off GJ

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  1. my teammate:hey wanna drop tilted towers
    me:NO thats a deathwish
    DrLupo:hey ninja wanna drop tilted
    Ninja:Yeah free kills.

  2. I miss old fortnite. Now the game is just sad and depressing to play. 90% of the fortnite community in season 9 is just TTV’s or soccer skins.

  3. Watching this video in season 9 June 2019 makes me feel so sad and nostalgic for old ninja and old Fortnite

  4. I wish we could wind back time
    To the good old days
    When my momma said can I shoot at you once without you poppin 90’s

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