Daniel Bryan Shoots On WWE, Working On In-Ring Return! | WrestleTalk News June 2017

Daniel Bryan Shoots On WWE, Working On In-Ring Return! | WrestleTalk News June 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and I’m off to Glastonbury
music festival as soon as this video goes live. In fact, I’m actually probably singing Katy
Perry songs in a large field as you watch this. WrestleTalk Best of 2017 So Far Awards
I’ll be back here from next Tuesday, but in the interim, the next five days will have
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you – with videos for Best Match, Best Wrestler, Best Feud, Best Angle and Worst Thing in Wrestling. Luke will also be hosting two videos of his
own looking at the real reason behind Brock Lesnar leaving WWE in 2004, and how WCW botched
Sting’s 1997 title win – so subscribe and enable notifications for WrestleTalk to know
when they’re live. How WWE Should’ve Booked Undertaker Vs Roman
Reigns ‘Smart’ professional wrestling criticism
and fantasy booking isn’t just consigned to Internet fandom, four-year-olds also like
to do WWE’s job better than them too. Michelle McCool has posted a photo of her
and The Undertaker’s daughter on Instagram watching Roman Reigns’ Summerslam announcement
from this week’s Raw, where she proceeded to tell her father how to beat The Big Dawg
and reclaim his Yard. “booo…..daddy say BOO, he beat you!!! Next time just punch him in the face, kick
him between the eyes then use your muscles to hold him down to count to 3! If he tries to move, just push him back down. Seriously, that’s all you have to do. Ok, daddy?!” Of course! He should’ve used his muscles! It’s so obvious now. And Younger Taker wasn’t the only person
looking to beat up The Big Dawg… Fishy Situation
Braun Strowman made his WWE return on this week’s Raw by bursting out an ambulance,
screaming his own name, and beating up Roman Reigns. Strowman had been out with injury since last
month after undergoing minor shoulder surgery. As he keeps reminding The Big Dawg, Braun
isn’t finished with Roman just yet, and their Ambulance Match at Great Balls of Fire
was announced soon after. Unfortunately, Strowman’s follow-up trashtalking
on Twitter contained a slight autocorrect mistake:
“Told you #ImNotFishedWithYou” Never mind the yard. What about the sea!? All hail the new Poseidon, Braun Strow-
Raw ratings With the NBA Playoff season coming to an end,
Monday Night Raw bounced back from last week’s 2.53 million low to 3.1 million viewers. 53% of you agreed with me that it was a Cor
show, while 33% were slightly less impressed at AvRAWge. Daniel Bryan Shoots On WWE
Daniel Bryan made his return on last night’s episode of Smackdown, stripping Carmella of
her freshly won Money in the Bank briefcase. But her sportsman-like tactics weren’t the
only thing Bryan wasn’t happy with in WWE, as he told NBC Sports:
“I think a change of presentation is absolutely necessary. I think the way that we present our superstars
probably needs to change…when you watch say UFC for example, some of the things that
are the most endearing, that make you care the most about the fighters are these backstage
vignettes that show their real personality…I think changing that dynamic and highlighting
the personalities is something we really need to do.” Breezeango’s Fashion Files skits are a perfect
example of this, as is Daniel Bryan’s own success with the Dr Shelby segments when getting
over Team Hell No with Kane. The Smackdown GM mentioned American Alpha
as one of WWE’s more recent failings. And in another interview with Sports Illustrated,
Bryan said he’s still “working on” an in-ring return. Which means we get to check in with the ‘How
Many F**** Daniel Bryan Gives?’ counter. He certainly seemed to care when James Ellsworth
insulted his baby daughter. He stripped Carmella of her briefcase. Has parenthood changed the GM? NO, it’s still zero. But should Carmella have been stripped of
the Money in the Bank briefcase? Find out my thoughts in the Smackdown review. And Shelton Benjamin is in talks for a WWE
return. Click the videos to the left to learn more,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 Replies to “Daniel Bryan Shoots On WWE, Working On In-Ring Return! | WrestleTalk News June 2017”

  1. i liked the little easter egg of the …dive thing when the numbers were rotating for the Daniel bryan counter

  2. I actually really want to see Strowman win. That being said, I doubt that would happen. Roman said he's gonna fight whomever wins at GBoF for the Universal Title (and he's allowed to do so because ???). Couple that with the fact he's lost quite the number of PPV matches he's been on, and now the end of that Ambulance match is very predictable. I fear Strowman is going to become the new victim of the Roman Reigns push, and that he will loose the match, as well as his monster heat, just so that Roman can be credible again.
    Honestly Roman has no more right that anyone who's been in the 5-Way match at Extreme Rules to do what he's doing. Of course, what I'm applying right now is calles logic and it's not as if WWE will do the same thing anytime soon.

    The whole "Carmela is stripped of the MITB briefcase" is pointless. She will win the briefcase again, making the whole decision pointless. On one hand I'm glad they took action (they should've done that at the PPV but alright), but on the other this won't change anything. The match has already been sullied and there's really no way to salvage it. They could've had Ellsworth interfere in the match, hell, have him trip or throw a chair at one of the women, give Carmella some time by distracting the other competitors, anything BUT have him retrieve the briefcase and give it to Carmella. It makes the heel looks incompetent as opposed to conniving and weak as opposed to opportunistic.

  3. Just bring Shelton Benjamin to Smackdown that's the only guy who wwe needs right now for a big Fucken push

  4. Idk if it was funnier when the video cut off in the middle of Oli saying Strowman, or at the end when his voice cracks Lolol

  5. I think Carmella should have been stripped of her clothes. Atleast we wouldn't have been fucking bored😜

  6. Okay so this is weird and many will disagree which is cool. I was never a big Daniel Bryan fan when he was wrestling because I just felt his character was fake. Now that he's in his 0 fucks mode, telling how it is, showing how he is I like him.

  7. Lol I saw that you snuck in a "…dive" when cycling through numbers for the number of f***s Daniel Bryan gives. Very clever.

  8. daniel brian should just stay retired or well fans shouldnt blame wwe when he kills brie and birdie and commits suicide.

  9. I have to unsubscribe so do my friends. We're tired of spoilers. Yesterday during smackdown during the Kevin Owens segment. We all started yelling Shelton!!!!! Bcuz we though u spoiled a comeback with a video saying their in talks. But it was chad gable. Still cool moment. But would of been 100x cooler not knowing Shelton is coming back if it was him

  10. Oil, I like you but quit hollering. It's not funny and quite annoying. Thank you. Enjoy your vacation!

  11. Great video. Wrestle Talk is SUPER COR PLUS!!! Daniel Bryan is THE MAN!! He's lives here ( or he has a house here) in scorching Phoenix, Arizona. check out the Bellas YouTube channel Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella made a video the day before Smackdown, which was last Monday, in which Daniel Bryan was pretty hilarious. Daniel Bryan is also a brilliant Gardener… seriously

  12. Wrestletalk tv is awesome guys 😊 I look forward to each review of one of the two best wrestling reviewers in my opinion Oli Davis ( the other being wrestling with wregrets, Brian zayne.) . My question to you is, Do you think Wwe is holding Austin aries back? Austin aries could easily be one of if not the top stars there,using an underdog story much like Daniel Bryan's. He has been that top star before and his dilevery on the mic is amazing. He reminds me of Bobby roode on the mic, that fued would be epic! or a dirty heels reunion..

    NO!!!!! STILL ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anyone else hate the smackdown women segments because its a bunch of talking over each other and can't figure out what's going on? it really annoys me…. And btw the hart one suck ass I just want her off my screen…. at least carmella makes me want to see her and what she's gonna do.

  15. i subscribe to this channel strictly for the "Amount of Fucks Daniel Bryan has" counter. this shit is HILARIOUS!

  16. i lik braun but the fishy situation joke made me laugh lol and the d bryan counter never gets old it's still 0 !!!!!!!!! lol

  17. We don't need a British fan telling us Americans and a all American organization how to conduct business

  18. I completely agree with Daniel Bryan. The one thing me and all my friends complain about when we see a bad wrestling segment is that the wrestling after is phenomenal but that the characters are so confusingly boring.

  19. I love how every time you check the how many fucks daniel bryant gives counter and it says zero you freak out worst than the last time

  20. oli Davis LOL ,that kind of shouting ''its still zero its still zero'' is the funniest thing i ever heard from you,you pulled a Simon pegg in that Shawn of the dead movie, absolutely hilarious,i always crack up when you get that angry voice,go crazy oli we all love you

  21. I love how Bryan is all happy when smack down is on top and all the marks are loving it but as soon as the ratings go downhill then he says everything needs to change. get fucked daniel Bryan you over rated indie glorifier.

  22. HHH: so Strowman is still injured so reigns vs taker
    Vince: Okay Oka…
    HHH: not again….

  23. Wish daniel bryan would fuck off and shut up no1 cares what he has to say… id love to break his neck or watch someone else do it lol lol lol

  24. I'm glad he took the briefcase from Carmella she is still very sloppy in her wrestling performances an I feel needs a lot more work before getting pushed to a championship theres much more deserving women in that match to win

  25. gotta say new age wrestling is shit and i cant believe people actually watch the same matches over and over again

  26. Seriously Oli, Stop with the "How many fucks Daniel Bryan gives" He's now just a personality that's told to say what he says nothing more and nothing less.

  27. to be fair this personality thing worked for Roderick strong he seemed to benefit after his videos about his family and kid

  28. I can't stand the WWE treating us like morons…like pushing non charismatic unexciting "talent" like jobber Mahal,who previously won 18% of his matches…he can't sell, like Reigns, and please tell me how many moves he DOES do!!! And tell me why you guys aren't pissed off at WWE for pushing such unexciting talent like Corbin, Reigns and Mahal!?!…ortin has the balls to criticize Indy matches being boring, well when has his in ring prowess changed in the last 11 years??? Ortin has become stale as fuck…Olivia you really need to voice the outrage and call bullshit on WWE…just cause the crowd is "reacting" to Reigns doesn't mean it's good, ratings have been at record lows cause me and fans like myself stopped watching cause it's TRASH!!! IT IS REDICULOUS THAT THEY HAVE shit written for Reigns clear up to WM !!! it's lazy and it's not listening to the fans, spinning it like they did Cena that even if it's negative response it's good??? no it means it sucks and myself,and I KNOW for a fact others have stopped thier WWE Network subs.s and stopped watching the show altogether…and big fucking Deal if Cena is coming back it's the same shit!!! who's gonna drop the fucking belt to him this time!?! and then there are the fans that just settle…or actually buy into the WWE's garbage…I challenge them to tell me what it is that gives Roman Reigns the star power that say,stone cold or the rock or yes,undertaker had…please tell me how reigns boring promos stake up!?! or in ring skills!!? convince me!!! WWE is fucking garbage and not even trying right now!!!

  29. can't believe the win for Joe on Raw was still one that protected that boring fuckface Reigns with a damn distraction!!! Please book a match end with someone getting a clean win over this douchebag!!! it's getting old that Vince's little hand-picked bore has to be protected in this boring way EVERY SIGLE FUCKING TIME!!!

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