Danica Patrick Breaks Down Racing Movies | GQ Sports

Danica Patrick Breaks Down Racing Movies | GQ Sports

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  1. Person 1: What color should we make the background?

    Person 2: Let's just wait until she gets here and copy the exact color of her pants.

  2. 00:11 – Rush (2013)
    02:51 – Grand Prix (1966)
    05:08 – Herbie: Full Loaded (2005)
    08:53 – Drive (2011)
    11:54 – The Italian Job (2003)
    14:46 – Le Mans (1971)
    18:04 – Turbo (2013)
    20:44 – Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

  3. This lady talks a lot. Most of the other guests let the video roll for a little bit before they begin to dissect it. This chick pauses it every two seconds and keeps blabbering for thirty seconds.

  4. It's interesting how everyone's saying 'she's so hot' 'she seems cool' but no one has yet to compliment her driving ability.

  5. Didn't she say a while back that she don't know anything about cars as far as working on them? And they are asking her questions about "can you mod any car"?

  6. It's funny she says races start only with a green flag. The F1 races I've seen have a clock and lights in front of the grid. The formation lap starts at specific time and the race doesn't actually start until the lights go out like what was shown in the Le Mans clip.

  7. not much of a breaks down, She just talk about her. And as a racecar driver you should not talk about driving above the law on the street.

  8. Could you crash into the Monaco harbour? Yup! definitely yup, it happened in '65 a year before Grand Prix was released

  9. "There's no point in complaining about what they're doing, even if it is wrong, because it's not going to help me, it's going to distract me. It took a long time for me to learn that."

    I hope you have. There is certainly a lot of footage out there you can look back on if you forget again.

    Good to know you're growing, but aren't you supposed to be commenting on the scenes?

  10. No offense to Danica but why her she maybe won 1 race in her entire career. How bout getting a racecar driver who actually won

  11. The look on her face when Turbo came on was pretty funny. Still wish you'd show one of these drivers the Stallone movie Driven.

  12. why did Danica, a NASCAR driver, breakdown rush while Ricardo, an F1 driver, breakdown Days of thunder? kinda of backwards

  13. Of all the people you could've picked to represent racing. Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson, Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, etc. You choose Danica Patrick one of the worst Nascar Drivers of all time. Has she ever even won a race?

  14. Get a ralley driver.. they would consider this driving lame. 'Never go sideways' … daily business for them.

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