100 Replies to “Danger Zone 2 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. Something seems off i remember the cars having a sort of rag doll physics which was cool to look at as apposed to the vehicle just looking straight with very little movement after a huge explosion smh😐

  2. Burnout ? Mas cadê os modos de roadrage, corrida e campeonato ? Se for bom como Burnout vai ser uma dos melhores jogo arcades de corrida em anos

  3. Well, this my friends, shows the full potential of the PS4 hardware. We just can't make them games any better, it's time to launch PS5 !!

  4. People, if you want a new burnout game then support these developers, they are our only hope for reviving the burnout franchise! Please don't hate on them.

  5. This looks cool, especially throwing in the best part of Burnout 3. Now they need to work on remaking Road Rash.

  6. I hope this comes with steering wheel support. I am sick and tired of simulation and I want more arcadey racing games.

  7. Why it's hard these days to find a real console game it's like there's a lot of games are same of phone games with high graphics 🐸🐸🐸 it should be free

  8. I’m totally down to play this!! Looks just like burnout 3: takedown!! Burnout paradise was boring

  9. Hey, a little note to the 7 guys that made this: when you use the Smashbreaker, you need to add angular velocity to the car's model so the explosion looks more natural. Also, "based on real locations" explains the boring level design and lifeless world.

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