Dan & Angie Roberts Describe Your Path To Sport Clips 1

Dan & Angie Roberts   Describe Your Path To Sport Clips  1

– This is Angie Roberts,
and I’m Dan Roberts and we are Team Leaders, with Sport Clips in Omaha, Nebraska. – We have eight stores open,
working on our ninth store, and we have been team
leaders for 11 years. – I spent about 15 years in
the surgical sales industry, which was great experience, and allowed me a lot of opportunities, and before that, I spent some time in general sales, graduated from Buena Vista University with a bachelor of arts in marketing, and this is where I met
this beautiful lady. (both laugh softly) – I have a degree in marketing also, from Buena Vista University, so, my very first job outta
college was working at a telemarketing firm,
which low and behold, I do believe that has really developed my appreciation for our
team members at all levels, within our organization, we’ll kinda touch about that later but, then I did a couple other marketing jobs, my most recent job was
director of marketing for an office supply company, and then upon the birth
of our first child, I became a stay at home mom, so, I was a stay at home mom, of 2 children, when my husband decided
that we needed a little more for me to do, so therefore
we started Sport Clips. – [Dan] Right.

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