DAIRY FREE Olympic Athlete Kendrick Farris | LIVEKINDLY

DAIRY FREE Olympic Athlete Kendrick Farris | LIVEKINDLY

People they pay attention to what type of fuel they put in their vehicle, but they don’t even think about the fuel they put in their own body. I don’t think dairy’s a part of an Olympic diet. Man, cows milk the reason why we try to avoid, just given, any type of dairy, but dealing with cows milk man, that’s for a cow. That’s for a baby cow. Come on man, get to plant milk. It’s easy! It’s easy. Going for gold shouldn’t leave others behind. My name is Kendrick Farris and my discipline is weightlifting. I’ve been on three straight Olympic teams. My first Olympic team was in 2008, and in 2012, and in 2016. I’ve been competing in the sport of weightlifting for 20 years. I got started at the 1996 Olympic games The sport of U.S. Weightlifting started these satellite programs across the United States; we got one in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. My uncle, Kevin Burns, he took me and my cousins in to kind of learn how to do these movements. You fast forward 20 years from being 11 and you’ve got 3 Olympic teams and, sitting right here. When I was in middle school, and I remember, if we went out to dinner, I would order milk I’d be like I want to get some milk, and if I was at home I would try to drink it. It’s just the, GOT MILK. That’s what they promoted. I don’t drink cows milk because its not going to do anything for my training, it’s not going to do anything for my well being, but be a hindrance. It’s just propaganda, you know, we got sold. Some of the reactions that I would be having and I really just didn’t pay attention to is more so when I’m sleeping. You can’t really breath, and you’re getting the itchy ears. Any young person that has it in them to do some incredible things athletically, and they have an opportunity to make it to the highest stage, I would just say research everything that you’re doing. Each day that we have it’s a lesson, so it’s about trying to elevate. So no going back. I made the switch for good.

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  1. #DitchDairy 👍🙌 cow's milk is for calves, goat milk is for goats, pig's milk is for pigs, etc. Etc.

  2. I'm fine with people choosing not to drink dairy, but this video doesn't prove anything. This guy has only meddled once at an international event at the professional level and it was before he was even vegan. Also, if milk were as bad for sports performance as many people like to believe their would never be a gold medalist that wasn't vegan because their is probably at least one vegan in each event in the Olympics. Also, he got 11th out of 18 lifters at the 2016 Olympics. For sports performance it's more important to eat food with the correct amount of macros (carbs, fat, protein) rather then whether it's plant based diet of not. I mean eat what you want but don't claim it gives super powers. Also he competed in the 94kg weight class not the 85 kg just sayin'.

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