Daddy DongGook scores 200th K-League goal! [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]

(Jeonju World Cup Stadium) It’s the last match to decide the winner of K-League. With the wish of 20,000 fans, (20,000 fans watch on.) Donggook stretches his body. (He transforms into the lion king.) Sian. Sian. Let’s go. Kick. (Kicking) You did a good job. Sian, there is a foreigner. Go and say hello. – Hello. / – Louder. Hello. Hello. Isn’t she pretty? (She is very pretty.) She is shy. Is she younger than me? Is she my age? No, she is younger than you. Is she younger than me? Yes, she is. – She looks like a doll. / – She looks like a doll. He froze up in front of a pretty girl. Sian, you can speak English well. Talk to her in English. – What’s your name? / – My name is Sian. – How old are you? / – I am four. What’s your dad’s name? Donggook. Are you a robot? Let’s go. (It’s time to put his skills to use.) (Falling) (Sian embarrasses himself.) (Luckily, Alice didn’t see him.) Sian, she is wearing a blue hairband. It’s okay. You are a man. (Going through his pocket) (He takes out jelly.) (He lingers in front of Alice.) (Eat it.) (Sian hands over a jelly.) (You should eat this.) (It’s okay. I am happy to give.) Chew well. (Sian is filming a romance movie.) (Sua intrudes.) I gave it to her. (Sua catches the sight of the fishcake bar.) (Give me a bite.) (She gets a bite with body language.) She gave me fishcake bar. Thank you. (This is where it ends.) Hello. – Hello. / – You don’t know me, right? Hello. Sua, you don’t know me, do you? Where is Sian? Sian? Sian! He is Donggook’s close friend who used to play soccer with him. (They are close outside of the field.) Where is Sian? Sian? Sian! (Uncle Namil walks towards Sian.) Hello. You saw me once. (They have met.) Do you know who I am? (Nervous) – Come here. / – Do you know his name? Don’t you know my name? No. Who am I? (He is a scary uncle.) Are you scared? (I am not a bad man.) He is scary, right? Yes, he is. Sian is scared of him. Sian is scared of him. Sian is scared of you. Sian is rejecting me. (He embarrasses himself.) (Let’s be friends next time.) The match finally begins. (It’s a match between Jeonbuk and Jeju.) Dad, Sian is here. Dad, Sua is here. Dad, Seola is here. Dad, Jaesi is here. Dad, Jaea is here. – Dad, cheer up! / – Dad, cheer up! (The five siblings cheer with handmade placards.) Dad, cheer up! Let’s go, Dad. – Dad. / – Let’s do a wave. Do this. Let’s begin. (Let’s begin.) (The five siblings can do the wave.) Okay. Dad, score your 200th goal today. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. It’s Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Sua is on the screen. Dad, cheer up. – Dad, cheer up. / – Dad, let’s go. – Dad, let’s go. / – Sua is on the screen. (Sian prays with all his heart.) (Donggook plays diligently.) Dad, let’s go. – Dad, cheer up. / – Dad. – Dad! Dad! / – Dad! Dad! (Jeonbuk gets a chance to score a goal.) (Donggook) (He moves to the center at the perfect timing.) (He heads the ball.) Donggook heads the ball and scores his 200th goal. (He is the first player with 200 goals in Korea.) (Donggook is rewriting the history of K-League.) His goal made a record in K-League. (Donggook is rewriting the history of K-League.) (The five siblings cheer.) Dad scored a goal! (Dad is the best.) (Sian is on the screen this time.) – Dad! / – Dad! He shows his ceremony to the children. If I score a goal, I will do this. If I score a goal, I will say, “Aloha.” Donggook is happy to keep his promise. Dad! (Thank you for keeping your promise.) Who is the player with 200 goals? – Lee Donggook! / – Lee Donggook! – Lee Donggook! / – Lee Donggook! The match ends with Jeonbuk’s victory. (Jeonbuk gains its fifth victory.) Dad, I love you. Jeonbuk secures the K-League title. (The players lift up the trophy.) Congratulations on the fruitful year. (It’s the fruit of their labor.) Walk slowly. Dad. (That startled me.) (Sian is startled by the fireworks.) (They made it possible with their passion.) There is Dad. (Tearful) (Don’t cry, Dad.) – Please look over here. / – Look over here too. Please look over here. (He gets called over for an interview.) (Someone calls Donggook.) (Will Sian join the interview again?) Hey. Sian joined the interview the last time Jeonbuk won. (Sian touched every microphone.) (Sian wants to stay by his Dad’s side.) He joins the interview this time as well. (Smiling) I want to thank my parents for supporting me to the moment I scored my 200th goal. (Glancing over) I am always thankful for my children. (I am thankful for you too.) (It’s time to say hello to the supporters.) Dad. – Dad. / – Dad. He is the most popular player of K-League. – All right. / – Here we are. – Hands on your belly. / – Hands on your belly. – Hands on your belly. / – Attention. – Bow. / – Hello. (Confused) (They are so cute.) Two years ago, Donggook held Sian. I love you. Sian even showed his cute act. (Sian melted the supporters’ hearts.) (He couldn’t even stand up by himself.) I love you. (I love you too.) Dad, let’s go. Let’s go. (It’s Sian’s turn.) You can do it. (He said, “You can do it.”) Firstly, I am very happy. Jeonbuk won the trophy for the fifth time. Not only that, I scored my 200th goal today. I want to thank the fans for staying with us. Jeonbuk, let’s go. (To children, Dad is the best champion.) It’s a meaningful day. To children, Dad is the best champion.

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