Cyberpunk 2077 – Deep Dive Video

Cyberpunk 2077 – Deep Dive Video

Welcome to the Cyberpunk 2077 – 2019 Deep Dive Video In last year’s gameplay reveal, we showed you our vision for the world of Cyberpunk 2077, its quests and visual design. This year, we’d like to give you a peek at some of the playstyles you’ll be able to adopt as your character progresses through the story. You’re about to see sequences embodying two distinct approaches to playing Cyberpunk. We’ll show you a ‘strong solo’ build, that is, a character who focuses on employing blunt force and taking instant action, and a ‘netrunner build’ and a ‘netrunner build’ — a playstyle taking frequent advantage of stealth tactics, hacking and battlefield control achieved using malicious software. Additionally, you’ll learn more about Pacifica, one of the game’s districts, two gangs – the ‘Animals’ and the ‘VooDoo Boys’, and you’ll see glimpses of Johnny Silverhand the digital construct who haunts our main character, V. A word of caution: Given that the video covers a section of the game deep into the main storyline, we have edited the footage to contain as few spoilers as possible. Be aware that the gameplay as presented does reveal characters and locations you’ll see while playing the game’s main story arc. So watch at your own discretion. In this video, you’ll experience a segment of a quest from the middle of the game. We’re currently in Pacifica, one of Night City’s 6 unique districts. It was designed to be a tourist hotspot within the city. As you can see, this didn’t pan out. When uncertainty struck the global economy, investors pulled their funding, leaving most establishments unfinished. It’s one of those places where expectations and reality collided, resulting in a heap of disappointment. Ongoing gang wars plague this part of the city. Outsiders don’t come here if they don’t have to. Even by Night City’s standards, it’s dangerous to those unfamiliar with it. Taking a casual stroll here would not be a good idea. A fast motorbike or armor-plated car would be the safer option. But places like this have their advantages. If you’re in need of rare goods or illegal cyberware, Pacifica’s bustling local markets are a good place to start your search. The Grand Imperial Mall is a whole other story. It was one of the last developments in Pacifica to lose its funding. Until recently it stood vacant, but now a gang called the Animals has moved in for reasons unknown. And that’s what we need to learn in order to earn the trust of the Voodoo Boys, the Animals’ rivals. Of the many gangs in Cyberpunk 2077, the Voodoo Boys are the most skilled at using the net. This mysterious gang of highly skilled netrunners has close ties to the local Haitian community. Haitians settled in Pacifica in the 2060s after natural disasters struck their island and forced them to emigrate en masse. The Voodoo Boys gang formed around this same time, though on a smaller scale. Now the gang effectively rules Pacifica. The Voodoo Boys don’t usually work with outsiders. Lucky for us, it seems they’re prepared to make an exception this time. Still, to earn their trust, we need to prove our worth. Placide, one of the Voodoo Boys’ higher-ups, has offered us a mission. We need to infiltrate the Grand Imperial Mall, currently occupied by the Voodoo Boys deadlyenemy – a gang called the Animals. The Animals are not your normal gang. Their presence in Pacifica is suspicious. They value might above all else and wear melee-combat implants and wear melee-combat implants to raise their prowess in combat. Their beverage of choice is “Juice,” a potent strength-and-speed enhancing concoction. As sought-after bouncers, they’re usually dispersed throughout town. As skilled street-level business types, they’ve cornered the market in illegal substances and underground, live-or-die prize fights. When they converge in one spot, it’s for something big. It’s then they appoint the fastest and strongest among them as their ad hoc leader. In this case, it’s a woman named Sasquatch. This is the tech Placide was talking about. It seems non-standard for the Animals. And this is where we come in. Getting to the van won’t be easy, but we’re more than qualified for the job, which we can complete in one of many ways. The character creation in Cyberpunk 2077 is the kind you’d expect from a full-fledged RPG. You start by choosing your past, Important because this unlocks special options at important story junctures. You also fully customize your character using a deep customization system that spans not only your look and style, but also your abilities. Cyberpunk 2077 does not feature fixed classes. Instead, it has a fluid class system that allows players to mix and match a wide range of abilities to suit their playstyles. You can create a strong solo character, a skilled netrunner or any other hybrid class you can imagine. Let’s see how a Solo playstyle in Cyberpunk 2077 might work. Solos prefer a direct approach. They use guns and might to get things done. So, let’s wreak some havoc! With our enhanced strength we can strip this turret of its weapon to give the Animals a taste of their own medicine. This is how a player investing in Solo abilities might live out their terminator power fantasy. Enhanced strength lets us force open doors, strip turrets or grab enemies to use as human shields. We also gain access to powerful melee combat cyberware. So even someone as fast and strong as Sasquatch, the leader of this group of Animals, is not impossible to beat for a Solo. But Sasquatch has a different gameplan – she’s out to jack in and hack us. Let’s see how this plays out. It’s our choice if we want to finish her off or spare her. Your Cyberpunk, your rules. If you’d rather sneak around, hide and strike from the shadows, no problem. Just develop your netrunning skills to get around obstacles or hack into enemy tech to have it do the dirty work for you. Netrunning abilities mean hacking skills that let us use our Cyberdeck to breach Access Points. For this we fill the buffer of our Cyberdeck with a string of instructions represented by these letters and numbers. Matching the instructions for basic access grants us control of the devices connected to this network. The more instructions we match, the more control we gain over elements in this network. We can hack our way through in numerous ways. A quick-hack may grant us control of the security camera. Another one should let us to tweak the difficulty of the training-bot to create a distraction. With our nanowire, we can even hack this guy’s implants from a distance. In this world, almost everything is connected to a local network. And that means it can be hacked. Which brings us back to cyberspace. You don’t get to do anything on the net unnoticed. There’s always someone watching. It could be corpos, or even worse, it could be NetWatch. And that is exactly the case here. NetWatch and the Voodoo Boys are like fire and ice. The first of these wants to maintain the old order and protect people from AI anarchy originating from beyond the Blackwall. The Voodoo Boyswant to establish contact with the free AIs. They believe this will enable their boundless expansion in the net And grant them the upper hand over NetWatch. NetWatch sees this as the end of the world.
Both are right. How you deal with the NetWatch agent is entirely up to you. Do we side with the gang? Choosing to be on NetWatch’s bad side is never wise. But can we really trust the Voodoo Boys? As you can see, we have many possible options, but in each case we take a risk. That didn’t work out well. In the world of Cyberpunk, few things go as planned. And that was just a glimpse of how complex the branching storyline in Cyberpunk 2077 can get. Every decision you make will have consequences. Your choices will shape how the world reacts to you and affect your relationships with those around you. One of those relationships is special. Ever heard of Johnny Silverhand? A rebel Rockerboy who will be your companion throughout your adventure in Night City? Like everyone in Cyberpunk 2077, he has his own agenda. You’ll decide if he’ll be your ally… or your enemy. And that chip in your head, the one thanks to which Johnny lives inside your mind? That’s a story for another time…

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  1. At 8:31 (ripping the heavy gun off its turret mount) that industrial atmospheric bass thumping music makes me melt into my seat. Can't get enough of Cyberpunk 2077.

  2. Former corpo netrunner with Stealth tactical training. Corp ditched her after she became expendable on a job she was set up on by them.

    That's my V

  3. Choice is a LIE !!!!!!! If I am Forced to play as a floating camcorder ,WHY are you being lazy and not giving us a choice between 1st and 3rd ? Personaly I've been looking forward to this for what feels like 4ever now sadly youre leaving me and others out whom also prefer 3rd person. Thanx for telling us to fµ£k off 🙁

  4. wish i could get excited about this game, cause 10 years ago this would have been a dream come true, but its not doing anything for me tbh. Looks washed out, clunky and awkward. Hopefully it wont be like that on release!

  5. No 3rd person at all, no choice or option for both for the gamer?
    well… f*** that games direction!…customise your RPG character, whats
    the point now?

  6. I will learn polish to show my appreciation for CDPR! 🔥

    Jem jestem

  7. It’s so refreshing to get a great company with great morals. Bethesda is becoming worse then EA and I’m glad CD Projeckt Red is setting the standard.

  8. 1:17 примерно то же самое видишь, когда смотришь в сечение толстого стекла

  9. Guys this all first person shit is just cause the producers are LASY! Third person games demand way more work by them that is why they're not delivering it. Immersive shit my ass. The point here is that we were expecting too much from them since they gave us The Witcher series. It looks like they're not the same anymore.

  10. What i'm really loving is the characters have life, They talk while having body language, They aren't carboard cutouts who just stand there like a sign. It makes them seem so much more life like, TLOU is one of the only games to do this right. And it's looking like cyberpunk 2077 nailed it as well

  11. That drop at 7:17 when he says "this is where we come in." Maybe wasn't planned, but even if it was, fuck it's so good

  12. Ima buy this on PS4 and Xbox one so when my mum tells me to come off my PS4, I’ll just go on my Xbox and start playing it again

  13. CD Projekt : “This footage contains as few spoilers as possible”
    Me when it came to the map reveal : “🤔 U kidding me ?”

  14. Oh no there's character customization… Looks like I won't be actually get to the game itself until a few days after release rip

  15. CE: ordered..nit-picking..but just hope they fix the hair mechanics..looks still like mass" I've got too much hair wax" flowed in witcher


  17. What are you trying to say CDPR, that mass immigration leads to an increase in gang activity?
    Jk I just wanna play the game.

  18. Hi everyone. How about not just implement something in characters hands or legs etc… but totally replace characters hand to ful metal hand or weapon. Is it possible in Cyberpunk2077? Or everyone will look like a human just with augments in the body. Basically i want to see straight away my mods on to my avatar. Something similar was in Deus Ex – Mankind Divided (NPC characters not the main dude).

  19. Any news on wether or not the new live public 45min gameplay demo being shown at EGX Berlin this weekend will be streamed anywhere ???….

  20. I feel like everyone is gonna befriend Johnny Silverhand…which might make for some similar playthroughs….

    Alright guys, I'll take the bullet, my first play, I'll see what happens if you tell Keanu Reeves to fuck off and take a hike.

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