Cutting the Cord — Best Cable TV Alternatives 2019

Cutting the Cord — Best Cable TV Alternatives 2019

So you’ve decided that you want to save money
by leaving cable TV. I get it. But figuring out the switch is a pain. You’ve got live TV an on-demand streaming
to deal with, not to mention the gear you’re going to have to get. You’re going to need great Wi-Fi if you want
to rely on streaming. Today we’ll cover it all and figure out the
best way for you to leave cable. It’ll be pretty broad, but know that we have
in-depth reviews on a lot of the products and services that I’ll be mentioning. So check those out on our channel and make
sure to like and subscribe to keep up with the latest reviews. Let’s start with live TV services. Good news is that you’ve got a ton of options. DIRECTV NOW has the most channel offerings
and is pretty similar to their cable service. They’re a more expensive option, ranging from
$40 to $75 bucks a month in comparison to other services like Sling TV, which is a solid
value option coming in around $25 to $40 a month. If you’re just not a huge TV watcher but still
want the ability to, then try Philo TV for $16 to $20 bucks. Like most things, you get what you pay for,
but luckily, all of these services are pretty solid and offer free trials. The biggest pro is that none of them are tied
to contracts, so you can leave whenever you want. So if you’re just leaving cable and have some
anxiety around it, then start with DIRECTV NOW for a week and then try out Sling. Or YouTube TV, which is also one of our favorites. Take your time finding a fit and you won’t
go wrong. Once you figure out which live TV service
you want, you’ll want to pair it with and on-demand streaming service. Netflix and Hulu are probably the most popular
ones out there, but you’ve also got Amazon Prime, HBO NOW, and CBS All Access all under
$15 bucks. And like the live TV services, there’s no
contract tying you down. If you want to watch current shows like This
Is US, then Hulu is your best bet. But Netflix takes the cake for original content
like Stranger Things and live comedy specials. Personally, there’s something comforting about
Netflix’s red letters appearing on my screen, but I will be subscribing to Hulu when the
new season of Handmaid’s Tale comes out. I’m currently on the hunt for an HBO NOW login
to watch Insecure. Basically, it’s all about the content to determine
what service you need. And hey, maybe you need all of them, that’s
a pro of their lower prices. Now you can just log in to Netflix or DIRECTV
NOW and watch it on your laptop or phone, but if you want to watch on your TV you’ll
need a streaming media player, which is the device that’s gonna replace your cable box. The main four are the Roku, Amazon’s Fire
TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast, which all basically offer the same function. You get the apps to watch the content. The biggest difference is price and interface. Now the Apple TV is my favorite because I
have an iPhone and a Mac so, I’m used to Apple’s interface. But it also cost me $200 bucks. I would have been fine with a Roku for my
binge watching needs and it’s less than $50 bucks. If none of these sound good to you, you could
always look into getting a Smart TV, which has the apps built in and can run you anywhere
from $120 to $1200 or a lot more than that. To fully replace cable you’ll want an HDTV
antenna. Buy it, stick it to a window, and you’ve got
access to every local channel like ABC, NBC, and Fox. There are a loads of antenna options from
$10 to $80 bucks. We’d recommend something in the $20 to $30
range for a product that you won’t have to fuss with too much. Now I know it might sound like a lot, but
a life without cable is possible. Let’s recap. One, pick a live TV streaming service you
like. Two, pick an on-demand streaming service you
like. Three, get a media player. Four, get an HDTV antenna. And you’ll end up with a mix of services and
devices that fit your needs. Chances are that you’re going to save a lot
of money. But we want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these services or products? Let us know in the comments, be sure to subscribe,
and we’ll see you on the next review.

21 Replies to “Cutting the Cord — Best Cable TV Alternatives 2019”

  1. Have basic AT&T tv & internet costing $270/mo. What direction window must HD antenna face? My 1 story house has 2 story behind it facing south. I’m in Northern California.

  2. Just pay for at most 60mbps internet and pay for w.e you want and then learn about pirating apps people usually upload the latest episodes 1-2 hours after.

  3. I wouldn't recommend getting two services; for On-Demand and one for Live Streaming.

    I would recommend getting one service that does both.

    You are almost certainly going to spend less on this route, and you will not have to buy antenna.

    If one picks a Live Streaming service and an On-Demand service, one is expected to pay the same (or more depending on package options) as if they stayed with cable or satellite.

  4. I really need some help here please. For my Mom..

    Two months back, she purchased a Roku and signed up for Direct TV Now. She is paying $40 per month for Direct TV Now and I believe $80 per month for her Xfinity internet.

    She was so happy because it has been a few years since she has had cable and only recently was able to barely afford it.

    However, yesterday Xfinity called her with bad news. They told her that she is using too much internet and because of this, they will have to charge her extra, accordingly.

    For some background. My teenage brother does online school, so he is online alot. I work from home, so I'm on the internet with my phone or laptop frequently. My other brother is on maybe 2-3 hours per day after work, usually watching movies online. Finally, that leaves my Mom who in her free time would stream off the Roku through Direct TV Now.

    Xfinity told her that for the first 2 months that this happened, they cover the bill. But anything more, she will be liable for. Again, this only became an issue once she got Direct TV Now. They are making it sound like her bill will go up at least $30 per month.

    With that information in mind, does anyone know of a cable service in the Pacific northwest that is solid? Oh, I'm sorry to make this trickier, but she also cannot have anything drilled into the walls where she currently lives.

    I know this is a big mess, but I really need a good direction to go in.

    Thank you all!

  5. I've cut the cord quite some years back and I will honestly say I don't miss cable or satellite. there is one more option aside from all these streaming services and that is something known as free-to-air satellite or FTA it does require a satellite dish and receiver and someone to install it all which you might pay a one-time fee for but after that there are no bills and you get free satellite channels.this option does require a small investment like I said equipment and installation. I've used a lot of the free Roku channels and I might tell you some of them are pretty good they have ads but it's okay. However if you love good original content I would highly recommend Netflix.

  6. I have DIRECTV NOW Just Right Package for $40.00 a month 104+ channels all in 1080p 60fps. It’s a no brainer I’m DIRECTV NOW all the way unless I loose my current package.

  7. Check out I saved 70 dollars a month by dropping the triple play and keeping internet only. I can now stream 1500 channels including every NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB game. It also included the WWE Network. As well as STARZ, SHO, HBO, and cinemax. I also stream every PPV at no extra cost!!! UFC, boxing, WWE AEW etc. ONLY $49.97 a month! Earn $10.00 every single MONTH… per referral!!! So with 5 referrals you basically get Envy TV for FREE! Check out my link! Cut the cord and get MORE for your MONEY! Thank you to anyone who looks into it.

  8. I cut cord and love it! I used antenna I get 45 channels for FREE! I have smart tv. Watch alot of youtube and netflixs. I pay less then $50 on wifi. Saving $1,450 a year no joke. And when I want to watch other tv shows I just connect laptop to my tv HDMI. Now if I can stop my old cable company stop knocking on my door to get me back. You lost a customer with me and future customer. My kids don't mind not having cable.

  9. the fees you talk about are per month or a one time fee? Apple product – 170 a month? Or a one time fee for a streaming box? Does this come with internet or you have to go with a different company to get internet too?

  10. The problem with a lot of cable companies is that they tie Broadband/Internet and TV/Cable together. If you cut cable, your bill is usually reduced by 10-20% if even they "offer" such an arrangement!! Therefore, after doing and paying for the 4 items in the video, your right back up to the same cost!! Also, keep in mind, if you are "live-streaming" it uses a lot of "data" that your Internet service provider (ISP) usually charges for various size/usage packages…Hence, you'll want an UNLIMITED data plan…Once again adding additional cost…

  11. Take into account your internet bill will probably double due to needing a more suitable tier for you and every family member to stream at the same time. Need higher speeds/more bandwidth. Plus uou’re unbundling the cable package. Most cord cutters end up coming back

  12. Pluto TV gives free live TV along with SOME free movies and TV shows such as The Terminator. You don’t have to spend anything.

  13. I subscribe to Cord Cutters Club Newsletter, here’s what I
    have gleaned, it would be nice if your cable provider pledged to you, ‘only pay
    for what you watch’, yeah right, just not in this lifetime…

  14. Well my setup is: a central app (could be netflix/hulu or tubi) a secondary app for anime and a last ultimate page full of ads (and meaby ilegal ) but only using it in case where the central app and the anime app havent a specific show and the last is youtube for indie content


  16. G'day from Australia??

    My 71yo mother just cancelled her Foxtel cable subscription that she had for the last 20 years?, she was paying around $100 a month.

    She loves? Netflix now, at $10 a month, its way, way, cheaper! Saving her $90 a month, that's a saving of just over $1,000 a year ??

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