Curviest Model Ever in Sports Illustrated?

Curviest Model Ever in Sports Illustrated?

(applause) – Professional model,
Hunter McGrady, made history as the curviest model
to ever grace the pages of Sports Illustrated. But before she broke barriers
in the beauty industry, Hunter experienced the
ugly side of modeling. (upbeat music) – I’m Hunter McGrady,
and you might know me as one of the curviest girls in Sports Illustrated magazine issue The Body Diversity Issue. But, it wasn’t always this way. I come from a long line of models. Ever since I was really young, I kinda did the whole posing thing. When I was 16 years old, I was very thin. I would exercise four hours a day. Try not to eat much more
that maybe a little salad. Trying to fit these ideals. I remember booking a job, and when I walked in,
they came up and said You know we have to ask you to leave. Because we didn’t
realize how big you were. I was a size two, and I am 5’11. It was devastating. After that, I just took a step back from modeling all together. As I was growing up my
hips were getting bigger, I was getting taller. And then about four years ago, Vogue Italia came out
with an amazing cover, I saw the word plus-size on it. And I thought is this a
good thing that’s happening? Is a plus-size girl, or a curvier girl, something I could be a part of? So I went into Wilhelmina Models, and they signed me then and there, and I hit the ground running. It was just a constant stream of work. In October, my agent said You booked Sports Illustrated. We’re working on flights
to Anguilla right now. And I was just, tears. Because I knew, not only what
this meant for my career, but what this meant for women everywhere. It’s really a dream come true. (applause) – Please welcome Hunter
McGrady to the show. (applause) Now Hunter, first things first. A lot of people don’t realize, those pictures in S.I. You’re actually naked. – I’m naked, I have
nothing but body paint on. – Girl, I gotta ask you, body paint, naked, down there, how did that go? – There is no secrets in Mississippi, so (laughter) You know they’re getting close to me. I’m bending over,
they’re painting my butt. Like, the whole nine yards. Yeah there it is. And every stroke is just painted on, and it took 12 hours, so yeah, we started about two a.m. And ended at two p.m. – Is it depressing when
you have to wash off the beautiful swimsuit? – It’s very sad, I really
contemplated possibly flying in it (laughter) But I don’t know how that
would have been for my skin, but it would have been fabulous. – What is the biggest message
that you’re sending with this? You know what, I knew
that this was going to be something big for my career. But more than anything I knew that this was going to be something big for women, and men, everywhere. Because they were going to
open Sports Illustrated, which is essentially the sexiest magazine that people wait for every year. And they were going to be
able to resonate with someone. And men were going to
be able to see someone that is a different size. I’m a size 16. Normally you don’t see a
16 in Sports Illustrated. But, I was just excited to share that. And it made me feel connected with women. And I wanted them to
open it and feel sexy, and feel confident in their body. You know, and that’s the kind of response I’ve been getting.
Which has been so surreal.

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  1. She was asked to leave because she was "too big" and she was a size 2??? Bitch. That's beautiful that you could be skinny at a young age.

  2. Thick I'd good as long as they're solid. Can't do sloppy, some women seem to think that fast and thick ate the same. It certainly is not! Her arms need work but everything else is good😘

  3. i am a gay man and all i can say is that she is very beautiful curvy or not, and you know what they say big is beautiful

  4. It's crazy how complacent people are becoming about being fat and flabby. I'm sorry, but blubber is never more attractive than being fit and trim. This chick looked way better at age 16 .

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