Cuomo Gives Trump Amnesia

>>Chris Cuomo received quite a bit of support
after his the video that’s been leaked, obviously. But not everybody was a big fan of him as
a result of it, including one of the biggest babies in the country. Donald Trump tweeted, would Chris Cuomo be
given a red flag for his recent rant? Filthy language and a total loss of control. He shouldn’t be allowed to have any weapon. He’s nuts, and-
>>No, no, no, no, hold on, hold on, hold on. We’ll get to the filthy language in a second. Wait, you’re talking about a guy who’s easily
triggered and shouldn’t have weapons? You almost nuked a country cuz someone called
you a. Remember Kim Jong Un insulted him before they
became lovers? And he was like, yeah, my button’s bigger
than your button. I can press it anytime. You’re talking about a Cuomo’s triggered? You of all people? You could trigger Trump was saying almost
anything. Any famous person can say anything slightly
negative. Hey, your head’s a little out of place. I could do anything. That’s you, you orange clown.>>Okay, and you’re talking about not having
access to weapons? You have access to nuclear weapons, I swear
they 25th Amendment immediately remove you from office. You’re a mentally unstable fool to get even. See, to show you how stupid he is, this is
not the fight you wanna pick if you’re Donald Trump. You wanna fight on your moral high ground. This is your moral low ground, I doubt you
could ever fight it with Trump. But God, this is your particular weakness
out of many big weaknesses. But you get easily triggered, everybody knows
that.>>You wanna see some examples?>>Yes.>>Well, first of all, I would say if anyone
has lost control, in the context of this video, it’s Donald Trump who’s already selling the
T-shirt Fredo Unhinged. You can take a look at this. They’re already selling a T-shirt. And the crazy thing is somebody’s gonna buy
it, even though in three days, nobody is gonna be thinking about this. Who would wear that shirt? You’d look like a mad man, but that’s their
supporters. So, let’s go back. We’re gonna show you some historic examples
of Trump losing, getting triggered, and some recent ones. First of all, he was so bothered by how few
people attended his inauguration that he literally ordered the crowd photos to be edited. And they were edited. In fact, they were cropped to make it look
like the audience was bigger. But he got over it, except that he didn’t
because he still brings it up to these days he brought up the crowd sizes. Not that crowd but a different crowd size
to the people who just survived a terror attack like a week ago.>>In El Paso.>>In El Paso, yes, exactly.>>Child. I mean, look, I’m gonna get to Fredo in a
second, you keep going.>>Yes, at one point, John Oliver criticized
him a couple of years ago, so he tweeted this. John Oliver had his people call me to ask
me to be on his very boring and low rated show. I said, no thanks, waste of time and energy. John Oliver doesn’t even have politicians
on his show. It’s not a guest show, it never happened. But he lost his mind. He lost his mind off over Broadway. He said the cast and producers of Hamilton,
which I hear is highly overrated. No one’s saying that, I think it’s very well-rated. But should immediately apologize to Mike Pence
for their terrible behavior, cuz they were rude to the vice president or whatever. A play triggered him. A play has never triggered anything.>>So you got that, let’s see. He got made fun of on a show that in his defense
doesn’t generally mock politicians. It’s called SNL. Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live
on fake news NBC. Question is, how do the networks get away
with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real collusion. He accused a sketch comedy show of collusion. With who? I don’t know, I honestly don’t know.>>When you get triggered by committees doing
jokes about you when you’re the president of the United States, you don’t get to go
around talking about how other people are triggered. So now, let’s talk about the Fredo comment. So Fredo in the context of the Godfather,
not the slur, okay? People are now saying hey, Don Jr. tweeted
about it. And isn’t that ironic? Although with Eric in the picture, there is
a real battle for the Fredo title.>>Yeah.>>Okay, having said that, you know who the
real Fredo is? Donald Trump. Donald Trump was the dumb sibling, and Fred
Trump knew it. His father was vicious but successful, and
smart, and savvy business person. And Donald Trump couldn’t manage his way out
of a wet paper bag. So his dad had to constantly bail him out,
give him money, rescue him. Six different bankruptcies, but on top of
that, I remember that story where they admitted it. They confessed this, and they had to pay a
fine, where Donald Trump was so broke, his father went out and got millions of dollars
from one of his casinos and then didn’t gamble it. So basically gifted him several million dollars,
which is illegal. You can’t do that, you got to pay taxes on
it, and they paid a fine on it later. But that’s what he had to do. He’s like, my bumbling, stupid son that I
can’t get rid of. What a baby, how sad. That’s why Trump always says sad, baby. Remember when he used to tweet that all the
time? Cuz that’s what his dad called him. His dad thought he was Fredo. And he’s like, he sent his lawyer down. Go down to Atlantic City, bail Fredo out again. That dumb, poor son of a bitch. And so that’s what your dad thought of you,
he thought you were pathetic. That’s why he has such thin skin. That’s why he gets triggered so easily, cuz
he knows he’s Fredo. So that’s why Trump is like, no, no, your
side, you’re the baby. Not me, not like that, he said, not like that,
he said. You’re losing. Your dad gave you $413 million, and you squandered
it. You threw it away, cuz you don’t know anything
cuz you’re a dummy, okay. You’re talking about other people being Fredo? You’re lucky your family didn’t have a lake.>>I get that reference. Okay, so let’s turn to the filthy language,
because that was, I think that was his principle issue with what Chris Cuomo said. Donald Trump doesn’t like dirty language,
so in that tweet, he said it was filthy. Let’s jump ahead to the last video. Jayar Jackson put together a little mashup
of some of our president’s language in recent years.>>Our country’s going to hell, it’s going
to hell. What the hell are we doing? Knock the hell out of them. My tax proposal cuts the hell out of taxes,
I don’t give a damn. He gets the nomination, they’re gonna sue
his off. We’ll beat the out of them. Let them beat the out of ISIS also. They’re ripping the out of the sheep. We’re gonna knock the out of ISIS. We’re gonna knock the out. Whoever the hell brought this mic system go
up to this son of a to put it in, I’ll tell you. He shouldn’t pay the bill, sir. But it’s political bull. She said he’s a. And you can tell them to go themselves. You’re not gonna raise that price, you understand
me?>>Filthy language. Man, look, I don’t care about curses at all
because we’re not hypocrites and we’re not little crybabies like the right-wing. When Donald Trump did it, tough guy curses
and get the limbs. You’re living rent free inside their heads,
right? And anytime anyone, liberal or otherwise,
just everyone they have, anyone who’s not a monster, they have in a liberal category
for the rest of the country. Anytime somebody uses the slightest little
curse words, they’re like, I have the vapors, I have the vapors, they used a curse word. He said hell, okay? Which one is it? Make up your mind. Look, I don’t know how you live with yourselves
being so incredibly stupid all the time. Literally, they will watch a Trump tape of
him cursing, be like, attaboy. They’ll watch a liberal cursing. I mean, even much more Christian, my god. This is why the country’s ruined. Nobody’s listening to the Bible anymore. This is why the country’s going to hell. No, no, no. God, you live with yourself.>>I’ve done it again.>>God, how did they not see them apart? Cuz yeah, I guess that’s what happens
when you’re not that bright.

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