Crystar – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Crystar – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

I’m going now. [MUSIC PLAYING] My power will pierce through! This will end it! Yeah! I’m sorry. Heaven’s justice! Kokoro, are you back home? All right.
I’ll see you in purgatory. Unbelievable! Kokoro, change. Here I go. Tear ’em down. You’re an eyesore. Please switch.
Let’s go. Scatter! Watch your feet. I’m home, Thelima.

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  1. Ola Playstation preciso de ajuda pra recuperar minha. Conta faz tempo que estou tentando só sei o Nick pode ajudar?

  2. I don't get it, why so many dislikes? this game looks amazing and is the same VA for Dana in Ys VIII or am i hearing things?

  3. the gameplay itself are very unique nonetheless, you become powerful with sorrow & torment in

  4. Sony please finish the sly cooper series with sly 5. We are waiting and don’t care about some of these grab cash games

  5. If anyone sees this, this game will be released fully censored on PS4 but will be releasing uncensored on Steam.

  6. "My power will see us through! This will end it!! HYAAAA!!"

    /5 seconds later

    "/sobbing I'm… sorry"

    Can we have a protagonist that is a little less backwards and detached from reality please?

  7. (1:45) Familiar artstyle… is it the one from the Monogatari series?
    EDIT: I wonder if that's Hajime Ueda's art on the thumbnail/that timestamp

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