Cristiano Ronaldo ● Top 10 Unimaginable Goals – Is He Human? |HD|

Cristiano Ronaldo ● Top 10 Unimaginable Goals – Is He Human? |HD|

ash Cristiano’s 10 unimaginable goals 10^th 9^th 8^th 7^th 6^th 5^th Fanstastic skills!!!! 4^th GOALS**! 3^rd 2^nd *1^st*! IS HE A HUMAN? Pls.! (SUBSCRIBE) “SHARE THIS VIDEO”….

100 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo ● Top 10 Unimaginable Goals – Is He Human? |HD|”

  1. Ronaldo shoot but before comentreter say that is goals he also sure that he make a goal the king of football

  2. Yes he is human.
    But .10>>>7
    You can watch messi top 10 goals and can see difference.he is not even close to messi.

  3. I am huge huge Messi fan he is GOAT but Ronaldo is fighter extreamly hard worker his hunger for goal make him one of the best footballer he Connor McGregor said one thing "My success isn’t the result of arrogance, it’s the result of belief.” this line is suitable on Ronaldo. Yes I am Messi fan but I know football and I have never ever seen player who hv a confidence like Ronaldo.
    – from MESSI fan.

  4. CR7 the only lion in the world of football. actually he’s like a nightmare to all goalkeepers & all Defenders ???

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  6. I don't like people differentiating between Messi and Ronaldo both know how hard they worked to reach that place we people are nothing but commenting by sitting in a fan of both and everyone who works hard

  7. The finest and deadliest striker the world has ever seen…. The greatest goal scorer of all the time….. G.O.A.T….

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