Crisanto Grajales takes Triathalons to the next level

Crisanto Grajales takes Triathalons to the next level

In Triathlon,
the body is taken to the limit. It’s three disciplines where
you need speed and resistance. You put your body to the limit and that
is what I want to do in every competition and that is what I try to do
in every workout. For those little details
that make differences, that is why I am what I am
or I will be what we are doing, ¿right? During the Triathlon,
the body comes to a limit where it is held by nothing else but
the objective of reaching the finish line. The sensation of your body with ants, the feeling that every time
you close your eyes, you see like a white tunnel and that you can’t bear your arms, as if they had weights on them. And that you can be ready to do the same or something faster the next day. It is amazing how the body can do
many, many, many things. I saw it and keep seeing it as a game, the
winner is the one that resists the most. Mexican Highway #140:
Veracruz 159, Jalapa 56, Banderilla 46 ♪ (music) ♪ I am Crisanto Grajales,
I practice Triathlon, and I am a Red Bull Athlete.

49 Replies to “Crisanto Grajales takes Triathalons to the next level”

  1. Still unclear how he takes triathlon to the next level? A few comments about hard work and determination? I have a suspicion that has been said and applied before.

  2. I realy love triathlon, but how is this the next level, this is what every single athleat who wants to compete has to do.

  3. Most americans are friendly and nice but people hate them because the 1% is like hey how dare you to show non english video in my contry. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND NO PLACE ELSE!

  4. Muchas felicidades Red Bull y Crisanto Grajales; yo amo el triathalon. Vas venir para Mérida, Yucatán México? Yo voy a competir en ese. Un fuerte abrazo, Crisanto.

  5. Suerte a Crisanto, no dudo que sea muy bueno y tenga un gran futuro, pero el título está mal escogido. ¿lleva el triatlón a otro nivel? No lo veo…

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