#CricketDiaries Ep 1 | Kapil Dev, Madan Lal & Srikkanth | 1983 Lord’s‎ | Viu India

#CricketDiaries Ep 1 | Kapil Dev, Madan Lal & Srikkanth | 1983 Lord’s‎ | Viu India

This man sitting on my left
known as Mr. Kapil Dev Nikhanj… He is one of the greatest all-rounders
the world has ever produced. With his batting he can win matches
single-handedly. With his bowling, he can win matches
single-handedly. With his fielding, he can field from
fine leg to covers to long on to slips. – Message your director…
– Yes. …to pay him Rs. 11,000. [all laughing] [rock music playing] Aparshakti: There are some moments in life that are etched in our hearts forever. In India’s sporting history,
it was in the year 1983. The moment when India’s legendary captain,
Kapil Dev lifted the World Cup trophy in the Lord’s balcony in London. This is one such moment. It’s a tale of triumph. It’s a tale of underdogs becoming the world champions. The tale of the Indian team
totally nailing it at Lord’s. June 25, 1983. This is the day when cricket made way
for a new religion in our country. And today the writers
of that story will tell us how it all happened. So people who are sitting with me definitely need no introduction. And I have with me legends of 1983 World Cup Aparshakti: Kapil Paaji, Madipa and Cheeka. Aparshakti: The more you listen
to the tales of the World Cup the more exciting they are,
the more goosebumps you get the more fun it is. And I’m totally sure you enjoy
narrating them too. Tell me something. Aparshakti: When this team was leaving
for the first time what was running through the mind,
Kapil Paaji. I remember a few things.
We remember the accidents. Everyone will have their own stories. I don’t remember everything. But I do remember that we reached the airport and we were so confused with the passports as to where to go and how. But it was… You know, we reached there with innocence. And no player had even dreamt that we will be back with the trophy. Some things don’t start on a great note – but when they end, you do feel great.
– Aparshakti: Wonderful. Madipa, people were not really expecting much from the Indian cricket team of 83. So, how did it… I mean… Was it a push for you or…
How was the environment? Actually, we weren’t pressurized because the previous two World Cups
went really bad. So, when we got selected, we were happy. There is no doubt in that. And every player wants to give his best. But we never thought
we would reach the finals. Maybe that’s why
we were not under any pressure. So, Cheeka, you’ve been
a total entertainer on and off the field. What are you saying? Hey! So, tell me something.
The entertainment that was going on… What? Do you want it in Hindi, English
or Hinglish? – The way you like it…
– Srikkanth: Okay. – …just hit it out of the park.
– No problem. Okay. First, let me tell you what happened
before the 83 World Cup. See, these people reached England because Kapil Dev was playing
Nottinghamshire County. Even he was playing county. I had no idea about county cricket. It was my first trip to England. – I got married on March 30.
– Aparshakti: Okay. – And my wife, Vidya, is from Delhi.
– Yes. Tamilian living in Delhi married
to a boy from Madras. – That’s a different story. Okay?
– Aparshakti: Okay. I got a phone call in May. Sunny… Sunny told me,
“Cheeka, you got married?” I said, “Yeah, Sunny”.
“Hey, congrats.” “Cheeka, you got selected for World Cup.” “Do you want to go to the US?” I said, “Why, Sunny? Why not?” “Now what is the plan?” He said, “Cheeka, do this.
Do you want to bring your wife?” I said, “Okay. We are newly married”. It will be a honeymoon in London
and then to America. The first plan was… We will go to London
and play the World Cup. We will see the Lord’s.
We will watch the semi-finals and finals and then go to America. So, he said, “You book your tickets
like this for Vidya”. I asked Sunny for a suggestion. – The ticket cost was Rs. 10,000.
– Madan: Okay. The ticket fare on Air India. Excursion fare. – Rs. 10,000 in 1983. Wow.
– Srikkanth: Yeah. The flight number was AI-101. I remember. Mumbai to New York.
Stopover in London to play the World Cup. I said, “Fantastic”. My wife will be happy. She is a Tamilian living in Delhi. – Honeymoon in…
– Honeymoon in the US. – No…
– Yes. – Aparshakti: To the US after London. Yeah.
– World Cup and honeymoon in London… – World Cup and honeymoon.
– Aparshakti: Yes – During the World Cup?
– Yeah. World Cup…
We were going to watch the World Cup. Nothing. We had no idea if we will win or if we
will play the semi-finals. But what happened? Rest is history.
We had a crazy captain. He used to say, “We will win.
We will win against West Indies”. The captain has gone mad. But that is the spirit of Kapil Dev. Srikkanth: Frankly,
the spirit of Kapil Dev won it for us. His positive energy, his will to win the self-belief in the team. Man, we should give it to Kapil Dev. Kapil Paaji, when he said
you were a crazy captain I got goosebumps and I felt that you have to be insane
in order to achieve something great. That’s not the case. I was young too. And was also passionate about the game. Honestly, if Srikkanth was the captain,
he would have thought the same. Because they make you a captain
only when your thinking is right. And I thought we shouldn’t
underestimate our own ability. And if you lose hope,
you won’t be able to win. And as we started playing good,
we became confident. He said, I was the captain… Halfway through,
the entire team was crazy and the entire team was mad because they felt that they can do it. Wonderful. And this is all
without any support staff. – There was no one to research…
– Support staff and all this… All this is nonsense. Today we have a squad of 12 players
with a support staff of 20. – Yes, but…
– How does it matter? How many… Excuse me. How many times was Kapil Dev unfit? Tell me. Not even once. How many times was Madan Lal unfit? Not even once was Srikkanth unfit. Even Sunil Gavaskar wasn’t unfit. Did we exercise? There was nothing.
No training, nothing at all. No… We used to exercise.
Maybe he didn’t. Srikkanth: This isn’t true. Listen to me. The support staff… I don’t know anything
about the support staff. I really don’t know.
Do you have any idea? Okay. You finish talking. Madan: Finish it first. What is the matter about the support staff? – Okay. Can we speak now?
– Please. You’re trying to say something. Kapil… – You can speak later.
– No, I’ll speak first. No. Kapil goes first.
Then it will be you. What is the matter about the support staff? Since we didn’t have any,
we don’t know its value. – Okay.
– Kapil: Right? And we would maintain accounts
even when there was no calculator. – Right…
– When we didn’t have it Cheeka would do it for us. We would be our own doctors, physios and if I am hurt,
a player would come and help me. When there are 15 people…
I agree with Srikkanth. If there are 15 people around you,
I’d get confused even if I am the manager. – Yeah…
– And we have no idea as we haven’t played cricket in this manner. It all feels weird to us. How many members were there in the squad
including the players? – We were 15…
– No, 12. 14. – Srikkanth: 14.
– Kapil: No, 15. – You didn’t count the manager.
– There was a manager too. – I was talking about team members.
– He is forgetting the manager. Manager couldn’t see anything. “Cheeka, what’s the score?” He couldn’t see anything beyond two feet.
But he was a brilliant manager. What would you discuss
in the team meeting? In the team meeting,
we would discuss the basic things. – Everyone has to be there at 5.
– Aparshakti: Yes. If you are late even by a second – you have to pay the fine.
– Fine… – The meeting would go for 15 minutes.
– Fine… – Aparshakti: What would be the fine?
– No dollars. We would decide the fine. If someone comes late,
he had to buy us a drink or he had to pay.
There used to be team meeting. It would usually go for one and a half hours. But we would talk about cricket
only for 10 minutes till they hadn’t served us tea or coffee. Because the boys would order
from their room before coming. – Either the manager would be in trouble…
– Aparshakti: Yeah. – Or the captain.
– The one who used to host the meeting. They would come at 5 for tea,
after ordering it. So, basically we would discuss
the strengths of the other teams and then our strengths. And who are the important players
in their team. We would discuss these things. But I don’t think we could do it
for one and a half hours. Discussions related to cricket were short. The fun part used to be longer. We would ask him.
“Where do we place him?” “The batsman bats this way.
Where do we place him?” We would take tips on batting from Sunil or Mohinder Amarnath.
We would discuss it with them. Also, at times the viewers
would also come and say that a particular player looked weak. So, you value your colleagues’ opinion and you listen to them. I have never witnessed
anyone in the Indian team saying, “This is Sunil Gavaskar”. Kapil: “We can’t advise him.” Anyone could’ve walked up to him and said,
“Mr. Sunil, you are moving really fast”. I think this was a strong thing… We could call it a strong passion
in the team. Srikkanth: In the meetings,
Kapil Dev and Gavaskar… They were the two senior most players
as far as I’m concerned. I played under Kapil Dev
and Sunil Gavaskar. And they would ask me,
“Cheeka, what are your views?” And my views… They would let me
express my views freely. “Cap, see,
this is what we should be doing.” “Sunny, we should do this.” It’s up to the captain
to act upon the advice. – But they were open to my views.
– Yeah. That’s the thing.
They both allowed me to play freely. “You can bat the way you want.
We don’t care.” And we never stopped him from speaking too. “Say whatever you want to.” [all laughing] He used to talk a lot.
And he is still the same. You know, these are the things
we learn from each other. It’s simple.
And the World Cup 1983, I remember that. – Opening spell by Joel Garner.
– Aparshakti: Yeah. His height is 6 feet 8 inches. And from that height, when he jumps – the ball comes from a height of 10 feet.
– Second floor. – Second floor.
– It would pass over the sight screen. Correct… Kapil Dev is right. – The ball would be bowled from such height.
– Second floor. The pitch was damp.
And the ball would go… Here and there.
I go right and the ball just passes. I go the other way and the ball just passes.
I said, six overs… Five overs, five balls
and my score was zero in the World Cup finals. I thought Jimmy will take over
in the fifth over. I asked Jimmy to play
and told him that I’ll go to the other side. I asked Jimmy to play. And he says,
“Why do you worry? Just go and play”. I was happy that my senior partner
encouraged me. So, sixth ball, last over was a square cut. A fantastic top edge. Where is the ball?
I was wondering if I am out. It went over Clive Lloyd’s head,
for a boundary. I was relaxed after that. – Srikkanth: So, that’s what is important.
– Yes. How important was the toss on that day? You had lost the toss.
But what was your planning before that? Had you won the toss,
would you have opted to bat or bowl first? If you ask me, I was very unhappy. It was a green pitch and knowing their fast bowlers
and our batsmen I said, “This is unfair”. – Their bowlers were genuinely…
– Aparshakti: Quick. – A nightmare. Nightmare.
– Yeah. Today, I can say that we won.
But the thought of facing such bowlers gave us sleepless nights. And after losing the toss,
I was disappointed. – Because it’s the World Cup final…
– Hmm. We wanted to win the toss. But we didn’t have to say anything because we were already disappointed
with the toss and we knew the pitch. We said,
“Okay. Let’s give our best as a team”. And that’s how it happened. Then again, it was destiny. Today, when I look back after 30 years I would say that the pitch helped us win. Because it was a great pitch
for our bowlers… All the bowlers. Madan, Roger Binny Balwinder Singh Sandhu
and I used to swing the ball. And on top of that Mohinder Amarnath… The five of us could swing the ball. It would make things difficult
for anyone on that pitch. – Aparshakti: Yes.
– And that’s what happened. So, 183 runs that you scored
in between the innings… What was the situation back then? The stories of your respective wives who left the ground in between
anticipating a defeat. My wife and Kapil’s wife, you know both of them were sitting there,
watching the game. They thought we are going to lose the match
when the opposite team started hammering us. Madan: They thought of leaving. When they were leaving from the gate,
the gatekeeper asked them “Ma’am, are you sure
you don’t want to come back?” “No… We’re not going to come back.” Then they went to the hotel and they watched the entire match
on television. They didn’t go out of the hotel room. They were jumping on the bed
whenever we took a wicket. So they enjoyed inside the room. – They must have considered it to be lucky.
– Madan: Of course. The problem was that five wives
went to see the match. – Anu, his wife. Romi, his wife.
– Aparshakti: Yes. Pammi, Sunil Gavaskar’s wife.
Bikku, Jimmy Amarnath’s wife. And my wife Vidya. And Vidya was the youngest.
She was just 18 years, by the way. – Aparshakti: Yeah.
– He got married to a young girl. – Just 18 years.
– Cheeka was young too. – I was just 23.
– Aparshakti: Of course. – Just five years of difference.
– Aparshakti: Perfect. Should I get married to someone
25 years old? No… These three missed it. Just like what Madi said
and they won’t let them come back. Only two lucky people
to watch the World Cup final India winning 1983,
the two wives were Sunil Gavaskar’s wife Pammi
and my wife Vidya. And imagine, the junior most
player in the team, Srikkanth and junior most wife
in the team, Mrs. Vidya Srikkanth. Your wife was not sure
that we would win the match. Look. When the total is 183,
a person’s thoughts do change. When Vivian Richard got out,
Gordon Greenidge got out… And then it was Desmond.
Three of them got out. At that point, the confidence
in the team started growing. – Correct.
– You get that passion that now we are in the game. Suddenly we realized, after Clive Lloyd… – Continuing to what Kapil Dev said.
– Yeah. Then Clive Lloyd got out
at covers by Kapil, of Roger Binny. I didn’t know how
but suddenly the pressure was on us. “Will we win this match?” “Now we are winning the game.” So, imagine. From no pressure… – Madan: To build a…
– …frankly build a pressure. Because that time,
four down, five down… You cannot even drop a catch you cannot let go a boundary because the total is just 183. So, then the pressure actually
started building on us. – In my opinion at least.
– Aparshakti: Yeah. When I was fielding at the point… “We have to win this.” Kapil shouted,
“Cheeka, go to deep mid-wicket”. I got tense thinking
that I might have a chance to catch. Roger Binny and I were worried. Roger Binny was at the covers
and I fielding on cover point. He saw me and I turned my face. Then he saw me.
I didn’t look at his face. I didn’t want to look at his face. If I look at his face,
he would ask me to go to deep mid-wicket. So I didn’t want to look at Kapil. So, I said… I was ignoring Kapil. Then he saw Roger.
He was looking at Kapil. “Roger, go to deep mid-wicket.” I was so relaxed. I was a good fielder
and wouldn’t drop catches. But that day and the last wicket I prayed to God that ball shouldn’t come to me for a catch. That’s what I was referring to… I thought, if I dropped the catch the whole of India will be after my life. On one hand, you were praying
that you shouldn’t get the catch… – No, last wicket…
– You shouldn’t get the catch. And on the other, you requested
Kapil Paaji that you want to bowl. I can tell you that every ball
I bowled was being hit badly. They smashed me. Twenty one runs were on me. We both were deliberating over it together. Kapil was thinking… Whom to give the ball
to bowl those three overs. So, Kapil was standing there… He was looking at the bowlers. Suddenly, I saw his hand… and he said… I don’t know what happened to Kapil he told me “Go and bowl”. So, after that,
the rest is history, you know. – But that ball and that catch, I think…
– Madan: Yes. I knew that Kapil is going to catch it because the world’s best fielder
will never drop a catch. – Correct. One thing.
– There was no doubt. This man, sitting on my left
known as Mr. Kapil Dev Nikhanj the mad captain of the 1983
World Cup winning team… Boss, he is one of the greatest all-rounders
the world has ever produced. – Wonderful.
– And this man can bat… – Sir.
– …win matches single-handedly. – I…
– With his batting he can win matches single-handedly. With his bowling he can win matches
single-handedly. With his fielding, he can field from
fine leg to covers to long on to slips. Man! Message your director to pay him Rs. 11,000. Pay him Rs. 11,000. – I can’t ask… Yes.
– For honeymoon tickets? – He doesn’t drink, he is a vegetarian.
– I don’t drink, I’m a vegetarian. So, I have to say. Otherwise, I would have asked
for a champagne. Let’s drink. He doesn’t drink. That’s why I asked you
to whisper to the director to put Rs. 11,000 in an envelope
and give it to him. The audience, the spectators
in the stadium at that moment… How did the vibes change there? Because their vibes would’ve been low
after seeing a total of 183. But when they suddenly saw
wickets falling the vibes would have changed
among the spectators. I want to know that the audience… Aparshakti: We saw that moment
when everyone came on to the ground. The thing is that when Vivian Richards
was playing and we were bowling you could see only West Indians
in the cricket stadium. – Wonderful.
– Three wickets down and then all the Indians
who were suffering the whole day… It’s a humiliation for a fan
if your team is not playing well. So, in the next one and a half hours… For one and a half hours we couldn’t see
anyone in the ground apart from the Indian fans. Wonderful. Where did they come from? What happened was… Indians managed somehow.
They managed over the gate. – We somehow manage.
– Aparshakti: Yes. – We somehow manage.
– Yes, we do. – Jugaadu.
– On one side… Jugaadu. You did some jugaad and got people inside. Do you know what happened? You know like
after the practice in the lawn… I know about it. I gave the cricket sweater to two boys. I told them if you can get in
wearing this then do come. This is the only solution I know of. – What this World Cup did for India?
– Aparshakti: Yeah. Not just for India. I mean it changed the phase
of Indian cricket which is one aspect. – Yeah.
– But actually the other aspect… The important aspect is – the Indians especially in London…
– Aparshakti: Yeah. …could walk on the streets and say – Aparshakti: With their heads held high.
– “We are Indians.” – With heads held high. Yeah.
– Because we are the World Champions. And we beat and became
the World Champions where? – In England.
– Aparshakti: In England. Wow! That was very big for us. Cheeka told us that the body language
of the localites there changed. I want to know if you met any spectator
at that moment who said something during the match. No. Nothing much. Because when you win
you want to be within your group. – Aparshakti: Yeah.
– You’ll be with your friends. You won’t get a chance to go out. We reached the hotel lobby after winning. The celebration started with drinks. There were back to back drinks. I am repeating this again I don’t know till date
as to who paid the bill. – There was…
– I heard that you paid it. I… I had… It was the last day,
the shopping was done and we had to leave the next day. So, no one had any money. Every player was borrowing
few pounds secretly from friends. A few were borrowing dollars. Shopping was done
and there was no money. I knew that no one had money.
And I for sure had no money. Then we received the hotel bill and I felt that we need to stay back
for a few more days because we’ll have to do the dishes. Because there was no money to pay the bill. But till date I don’t know who paid the bill. But it was a grand celebration. Let’s forget the bill
and let’s talk about the feelings. I think there were a lot of emotions Aparshakti: which definitely,
you know, were vented. The emotions of the team
and those of the supporters. Mid-way into the match when everyone had the confusion that there is a possibility of losing… What was the pep talk that you gave
at that moment? I don’t remember much
because we used to just close the door and talk for two minutes
before going on to the ground. We scored 183 runs
and they had to outscore us. The only difference was
that one team had done it and now it was about how difficult
we can make it for them. I said, that’s what we are. We have reached here.
Now no one can stop us if we are disciplined and dedicated. Was there any superstition
that someone followed? Did anyone talk about it in the dressing room or outside in the ground? I used to wear my left pad first and I used to put line on that crease. And I used to keep my head down so that I don’t look at the crowd. Because it caused distraction. – Cheeka, any superstition?
– There were many. Kapil just told you. Whenever the ball… Even now… I look at the sun. – I look at the sun 100 times in a day.
– Aparshakti: Wonderful. I would do funny things,
drop my bat two to three times. They had given me a name. What was it? – Dadpadango.
– Dadpadango? He can’t walk straight. He walks next to you
and his hand keeps touching you. The person sitting next to him
would fall down. – Kapil: That’s the case.
– Madan: You would have guessed it by now. Look at the cap’s confidence.
“The person will fall down.” Kapil: Yes. That’s the case. You know what they did… – The Adelaide Stadium in Australia.
– Australia. So, what happened was… Once you go to the dressing room, you have
to go downwards in three steep steps. – The steps are really narrow.
– Aparshakti: Okay. – And after getting into…
– It is narrow for him. There are three narrow steps. I don’t know what happened. I fell a few times. I would walk and fall down. – It happened three to four times.
– The mic came out. What’s the big deal?
Just keep it in the pocket. Not a big deal. Suddenly, the fourth and fifth time everybody in the dressing room went… [Srikkanth laughing] I didn’t know what happened. I asked why they are laughing at me. These people had placed a bet “How many times will Cheeka
fall down today?” I challenged the team that
if Cheeka doesn’t fall in the next two days I will treat the entire team. His problem was just one. Whenever it was a cloudy day – it would be a problem.
– He wouldn’t be able to see the sun. How am I at fault? But then, frankly,
cricket was great fun for me. And I think these guys were amazing. Kapil Dev, Gavaskar, Madan Lal, Roger Binny. No… He himself was great too. – It’s nothing… Yeah.
– Srikkanth: But it was fun. See, basically you have
to understand one thing. We played cricket with great passion.
There was no money. Because there were no expectations from us. – Aparshakti: Yeah.
– There were no expectations. So, this mixture of about
five percent of superstition and then maybe 50-60 percent
of hard work Aparshakti: some percentage of talent… You know passion,
a little bit of, you know, timing. Being at the right place at the right time. Performing at the right time. So, this combination
that the 83 World Cup got and when you reached to get the trophy… That big moment. I want to know,
when you got the trophy… I’m sure it felt like a baby. There used to be a lot of formalities
at that time. Nowadays, it is quite casual. They handed it over
and the one did it was a foreigner. He was speaking English
and I couldn’t understand anything. And I just wanted to take the cup
and go to the team. – Aparshakti: Yes.
– And he was congratulating and praising. And at that moment you
just want to take the cup and be with your family. – Family is a team.
– Of course. I think, as far as I remember I wanted to be with my team
and not listen to what he was saying – so that we can feel proud about that.
– Aparshakti: Yeah. I guess that was the moment
when we want to… Even though formalities are to be done… You take the trophy, you take the medal and you thank everybody.
You go to the media. But we wanted to go to the dressing room and celebrate the moment. So that was important too. But the more it got delayed,
the expressions kept changing. So, when did this feeling started to sink in that you have won
and this is the World Cup? – It hasn’t sinked in yet.
– Yes. I am telling the truth.
Sometimes, you have to pinch yourself. “Hey, are we really
the World Cup champions of 1983?” So, honestly. It took us a long time as Kapil Dev said. I don’t know whether I am
permitted to say this here. You won’t believe but I probably smoked
back to back 20 cigarettes. One after another.
Because I couldn’t believe it. – In the dressing room?
– I think I was the only guy who had the pleasure of smoking
in the balcony of Lord’s. Wow! I remember that… First of all, the plane,
Air India was special. And we left and reached
around 9 or 10 in the morning. From the airport to the Wankhede stadium… It was a journey of five to six hours. We have played a lot of cricket but we never had such an experience wherein that journey
from the airport to the stadium we see people on the terraces,
window sills and roadside. We never saw something like that. I still remember that view. People showered us with so much of love.
It’s very difficult to express it in words. I’m sure. So, when you reached home the first reaction of your neighbor
or a family member… A good-for-nothing guy like me
who would always keep playing – was being invited for lunch everywhere.
– Wow! That was the biggest compliment. – Madipa.
– No, when I landed in Delhi… I see a band ready at the airport. – And I used to work for a company.
– Aparshakti: Yeah. So, around 40,000
who used to work at that place were present there… I was shocked. I never expected a grand reception. – Aparshakti: Okay.
– As Kapil Dev said these feelings cannot be expressed. They can only be experienced. – That happiness and sense of achievement…
– Aparshakti: True. – Sense of whatever you call it.
– Aparshakti: Yeah. – You can only experience it.
– Aparshakti: Absolutely. This brings me to a segment called LBW. It is called Let’s Be Wicket. All the cricket generations after you… You have to choose three cricketers among those who came after you. Okay? The three who you think
you could’ve taken along with you in the 83 squad. And all the names should be different. I think as a… Virat Kohli. Without any doubt. Dhoni and Bumrah. – I think these are the three.
– Wow! Madipa, your pick. I would be with the winning combination. I don’t want the captain to drop me. I choose Rohit Sharma and… Hardik Pandya and Mohammed Shami. – Mohammed Shami.
– Yeah. I think, as he said… I would go for Virat Kohli. – Okay.
– Obviously. – He already took his name.
– So, I can’t take his name. You can say anything. I would go for Virat Kohli,
Hardik Pandya at number two and number three,
I would go with Kapil Dev’s choice. Bumrah, Boom…
Because his action, I like it. It just comes in like that. It is so quick. So, I will give you one bat each. You have to write who do you think is going to play the finals this year in the World Cup. Here are the bats on which you will write… – Throw it.
– …who will play the World Cup finals. Aparshakti: What is your prediction? LBW. India is definitely going to play it.
I didn’t write the name. I wrote England. Aparshakti: Okay. India, England. India and Australia. India and West Indies. Oh! You want a recap. It’s going to be India-West Indies. – The repeat of 1983 finals.
– Woah! Fantastic… So be it. It will be fun. Thank you so much Kapil Paaji thank you so much, Madipa thank you so much, Cheeka
for taking out time. It’s always a pleasure meeting you three. [rock music playing]

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    And India is going to be world champion again….

  5. srikanth sir was really a full package of enthusiasm spontanity and all other words from dictionary which describe energy…..mind blowing interview it was,i felt dat me myself in this 2019 had a live tour of 1983 worldcup ?????

  6. All are legendary players 1983. I convey my profound respect for them
    Proud moment for india. Kapil sir may deserve for " Bharat ratna award" . Hon' ble govt. Of india see it for consideration for greatest all rounder .

  7. Ayushmaan khurana ka bhai aparshakti khurana dangal movie mei mahaveer phogat yaani Aamir khan ka bhateeja

  8. Hamare 2019 ke Chutiya selection panel n Darubaz Shastri n Bandar ki awlaad Bangar ne aur Kohli ne aap Legends ka Sapna Tod Diya.

  9. Such amazing bonding even after all these years. This band of guys deserved to win back in 83. What a team

  10. I could listen to Kapil Sir for hours. Such a calm and soothing way of speaking. Love this legend. Respect from Pakistan ! <3

  11. These guys are legends who made us proud in 1983 at lord's in england these guys won india our very first World cup they deserve more kapil dev deserve Bharat ratna..????

  12. Krish is Amazing human being man??, of course Kapil in formal way. I think Chiku should be in a team to be energetic.?

  13. इन तीनों को एक साथ देकर बहुत अच्छा लगता है।

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