Craziest food fights: WWE Top 10, June 2, 2018

Craziest food fights: WWE Top 10, June 2, 2018

[MUSIC] Okay, okay. You guys all agree,
we don’t deserve a title shot? You all agree?
>>No.>>Really?>>No.>>Fine, fine then we’re taking our food back.
>>Take it back. No more food. You gonna take that? [SOUND]
>>No.>>You want some food? You want some food?
>>Those are good baked beans.>>What is that?>>That’s the potato salad.>>Food fight! Food fight!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>The barbecue is breaking down.>>I can’t say that I’m the least bit surprised.
>>[SOUND] And then, I have a match with Kelly Kelly next week,
and I’ll beat her, again.
>>Layla. Dear.
>>That’s festive. What’s that, coconut custards? Well, Kelly’s laughing away. I don’t think she was-
>>Like to say, I don’t think Layla thinks it was funny.
>>That’s cranberry sauce.>>Kinda reminds me of my house on Thanksgiving when I was a kid growing up. [SOUND]
>>Let me get you a drink. Can I get you a drink?
>>It’s about time somebody got me a drink here, I’ve been waiting all night for
a drink and this is->>You’re just so>>[NOISE] You think that’s funny? You think that’s funny? I’ll show you something that’s funny. How about that? That’s funny. [NOISE] [SOUND]>>Stop it.>>No.>>Aah! [SOUND] No.>>[INAUDIBLE] to a table. Food fight.
>>Wow! It’s a food fight!
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>They’re throwing food. King it’s become a Thanksgiving
tradition here in the WWE! A major Food fight!
>>My gosh Mick, I think we should just get going.
>>Things could be a lot worse Deborah.>>Yeah, yeah they can be. Happy Thanksgiving.
>>Happy Thanksgiving [LAUGH].>>It taste good. [SOUND]
>>Festivities continue here [INAUDIBLE]. Hey, wait a minute, just a second. Hey guys.
>>Wait, throws a pie.
>>A pie,>>Wait, that’s my turkey.>>Took a bone out of a drumstick and then hit with it! What the hell is going on here?
>>Run for cover!
>>It’s a food fight!>>Man, a food fight at SmackDown! There’s potatoes going! My God!
>>Wait a minute, that’s my dinner.>>Food fight.>>This is without a doubt the greatest Thanksgiving I have ever seen in my life.
>>[SOUND]>>Not the produce section.>>You want some oranges? You [INAUDIBLE].
>>Get up, Booker. We ain’t done.
>>[INAUDIBLE] ketchup. You want some ketchup
with that ass-whooping? Wussy! Wussy! Look at you pretty princess! Look at the pretty flowers. Take the flowers. [SOUND]
>>Today is not about food fights. Today is [NOISE] [CROSSTALK] [NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] [SOUND]

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  1. इतना सारा खाना बर्बाद कर दिया सिर्फ अपने मजे के लिए

  2. God, you people love to whine sooo much in the comments.

    WE GET IT!!

    We know people are starving around the country, and I feel really bad for them and wish it'll end. But quit draining the fun in the videos

  3. The Wwe management need to strictly tell their players not to waste food and many people r craving for a small piece of bread please do not waste food

  4. I think this video must be ban from youtube.. Wasting food is totally not acceptable.. A big thumb down..

  5. rather dan wasting food…atleast donate or many people cant afford 1 time meal and here they are wasting food as if its water…pathetic

  6. WOULD BE FREAKING HILARIOUS TO SEE UNDERTAKER and Kane having a food fight then triple h and Shawn Michaels gets involved and participates in the food fight along side Kane and undertaker

  7. To all complaining about this video
    1) Usually the food is expired anyway.

    2) Stop being so boring.

    3) How often do you donate food to your local food bank?

    4) How often do you throw out items because they are a day past their sell by date? You are just as hypocritical.

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