Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Review

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Review

– [Janet] 20 years ago, Crash Team Racing made a name for itself as
the other good kart racer. But, to this day, its dynamic
courses, flavorful lore, challenging power sliding mechanic and lack of catch up items make it a game that deserves better than living in Mario Kart’s shadow. And that shines through
in the remade version, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. Sure, it has a few seriously frustrating adventure mode races, but this is a thrilling ride that keeps the original strengths in tact while adding some welcome
quality of life updates. (wacky, intense music) (vehicle booming and crashing) This remake is visually stunning, adding vivid detail and extra personality to its familiar cartoonishly
bright characters and tracks. There are some great
optional cosmetic items. I adored just about every
single one of the 31 courses which are taken from both the
original Crash Team Racing, and the sequel, Crash Nitro Kart. Learning to master each of them proved to be a real challenge because of their frequent tight turns and competent competition from the AI. But from sewers that
encourage major power sliding, to tunnels completely
lined with turbo boosts, the tracks are all fast,
playful, and memorable. And, believe me, this
kart racer is wicked fast. Significantly faster
than Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. That was jarring at first, but it became a real joyride
once I got a feel for it. CTR’s unique approach to power sliding takes that speed to another level too, because you need to
precisely time button presses to earn up to three boosts. The amount of feedback the
turbo meter’s new look gives you makes power sliding easy
enough to understand, but still satisfyingly hard to master. You know exactly when and why you fail, and when you succeed, you can feel proud as
you slide to victory. It’s not a kart racer without items, and all 11 CTR favorites are back. Most of these are pretty straightforward, but I’ve always loved how
much the Crash racing series draws from the story and
world of the main games. In one of the cleverer touches, the Aku Aku mask that generally
provides invincibility turns into the Uka Uka mask
when Cortex picks it up. (upbeat tribal music) (vehicles clashing) (enemy screaming) CTR’s fast pace and general
lack of catch up items make it the most exhilarating
kart racer I’ve played. But also one that’s harder to casually jump into with friends. Local split screen multiplayer was fun when my
competitors knew the ropes, but I often found myself
just explaining how to play. CTR is harsher than other kart racers, because, if you’re bad at it, items will almost never save you. The ones that might
don’t appear often enough to stop someone from creating a gigantic lead like a blue
shell does in Mario Kart. So far, online multiplayer
has been stable enough ahead of launch, and offers
public and private matchmaking, as well as the option to play with friends in races or battles. (silly, upbeat music) – [Coco] Pass it on! (projectile booming) – [Janet] While kart racers are
primarily about multiplayer, CTR has a fully built out
single player campaign across five hub worlds. Nitro Fueled mode lets
you switch characters to take advantage of the different stats and enjoy all the cosmetic options. This is my preferred mode, but those craving that old school feel can play in classic mode that strips out those modern updates. By the end of the campaign,
you’ll probably be great at CTR, but you may also hate CTR, because it’s undermined
by some design choices that make a few bits
obnoxiously difficult. Besides some challenging tracks, all the bosses are rubber banded, which means it’s essentially impossible to get ahead of them for all three laps. No matter how much distance
you put between you, they will eventually make
a miraculous comeback, so the end of the race is the
only part that really counts. At first, this was just a little annoying, with some painful and cheap losses, but towards the end of the
campaign, it became laughable. A good boss should challenge you to put your knowledge
and skills to the test, and designs like this should
have been left in the 90s. (Cortex screaming) (flames roaring) Extra challenge modes include the decent but
ultimately uninteresting Time Trials and Crystal Challenge options, as well as the excellent Relic
Race and CTR Challenge modes. Relic Race is like a time trial, but with the added
twist of numbered crates that pause the timer, while CTR Challenge Mode requires you to collect
letters on the track while also finishing in first place. Both of these modes add a new layer of excitement and strategy to otherwise familiar
tracks, and the CTR Challenge in particular feels a lot
closer to the main game because it’s the only
one with CPU players. As you’d expect, on a TV, the Switch version of Crash
Team Racing: Nitro Fueled looks a bit more jagged than the PS4 version I mostly played on, but in handheld mode, the
difference is mostly negligible. This fast kart racer still runs well, it’s just not as good looking. (frantic, metallic music) (flames popping) – [Coco] Ow! – [Janet] Crash Team Racing:
Nitro Fueled’s difficulty, memorable track design, and addictive power slide mechanic make it a kart racer worth playing, especially competitively. In single player, it’s richer than what the
genre normally provides, but at the expense of a cheap
and unforgiving adventure mode that can become overly frustrating. But, a new HUD, cosmetic options, and the ability to swap characters during the campaign means
there’s simply no contest between playing this
and the 1999 original. Be sure to head over to
to read our full review, and for more Crash Team
Racing: Nitro Fueled, watch some gameplay, or check out a graphics comparison of the Mystery Caves level,
and for everything else, keep it right here on IGN. (bouncy, low-key music)

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  1. Awwww, is IGN complaining about difficulty in a Crash Bandicoot game again, does IGN need their nappy changed?

  2. After watching this twice; and reconsidering my thoughts. I've came with the conclution this is a meme review on purpose for the laughs. They cannot be this misleading; spreading false information and complaining about something without even trying it; right? it's only a joke you guys…. only a joke.

  3. This game deserves a 9.5/10 in my book.
    It’s one of the few times where a complete overhaul with a couple of additional features really do make the game shine again.

  4. So much false statements in this review it's insulting to the actual game. Also the comment about the CTR token races feel at home with the original shows how little she knows as it was taken right from the original, same as every race mode she called boring and didn't think fit well lol

  5. Honestly this game is pretty great.

    My favorite kart racer is still mario kart 64 but this is better than 8.

  6. i think sonic racing transformed is da best but ive played all of the racing games except this 1 cause it just came out not long ago

  7. WHY THE F DIDN'T THEY JUST MAKE A NEW DAMN GAME?? Why the lazy (albeit nice) remake? Is it really so much work to make an actual new game that doesn't just recycle the tracks>

  8. I am still thinking if I should buy this game as it brought to my attention the similarities to diddy kong racing and that was one of my favourite kart racers. Could someone recommend if I should get this or not as I hav a PS4 with no racing games on it.

  9. these comments from the girl
    if she reads them up, oke
    if she aint, drop her…
    damn, she to young to know the original probably

  10. I have a question. When playing 2 player single race, changing controls from standard to alternative, only changes one controller. We tried everything to get both controllers on the one page, but no luck. Using 2 wireless controllers and have tried changing player 1 and player 2 around, still only 1st controller accepts changes. Any suggestions?

  11. I believe everything shes saying I play kartings games for years everyone and crash when i was younger and this game is completely cheap tactics. its not better then Mario kart its in fact more difficult it does not require skill.

  12. This review was sooo bad, she should rate herself cuz she really need some work on her racing, really bad

  13. I just bought the game the other day and started playing it here and there when I have my free time and not working I know it may sound silly but I wanted to know how to get the other CNK characters that you get ?????

  14. We are in the era where if a game is design to give you a real challenge to become better at the game it is marked as unfair and way too difficult. What a bunch of crybabys that will never beat n. oxides ghost in the time trials or even unlock n. trophy

  15. So your criticising a game for having difficult bosses? They aren’t unfair, they just take a lot of skill to beat.

  16. Obligatory “It’s the Dark Souls of Kart Racers” comment; seriously this game is a lot easier once you learn how to chain power slides and jump boosts

  17. It's too bad you can't adjust the difficulty on classic. Other then that minor problem it's as fun as when I played the original.

  18. Wait what the Switch when docked looks inferior to the PS4 version but in handheld mode it negligible I’m confused ??‍♂️

  19. The AI is insane on this game; I'm an adult with like 15 years experience on the previous title I cant even imagine how a kid would react to this difficulty! They straight you nonstop even with boosts, drifts, & max wumpa, & they go 2x as fast as you and drive perfectly….

    They made the AI unbelievable. I dont expect people to beat this game without exploiting it.

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  21. Any review of this game that even mentions the word "rubberbanding" does not understand the mechanics of this game. This ain't mario kart, rubberbanding dont exsit

  22. Picked it up thinking it would be nice casual fun racing but damn it tough and i dont see the need for offline racing to be this though. Online is sufficient enough for people looking for chalenges.

  23. ⚠️⚠️ FOR PARENTS CONSIDERING BUYING THIS FOR THEIR CHILDREN⚠️⚠️ Potentially addictive in game purchases recently added! P.s. Ign please re review!

  24. only problem I have, is how f*cking long it takes to find a race online! plus everyone "signs out" at the same time? give me a break. 4/10 for the online at most

  25. There is no rubber banding you just need to get gud and you need to learn the mechanics and why the hell did this get less than team sonic racing

  26. Yes by now if you been playing the game since launch you SHOULD be competitively capable at the game. With that said, there is STILL no denying that this game is very unforgiving to newcomers! Ain't no hand holding in CTR!

  27. Oh damn reviewer's playing style is horrible. She doesn't even know the basics. IGN please allow someone who really can review. Because these cheap reviews are letting the game down. Pathetic review.

  28. Never buy…. Microtransactions. Shame on Activision….. Will not buy another of their games until they officially stop doing it. Hope government sorts this out asap and fines them!

  29. Only way it will stop is via people not buying their games (won't happen) or our governments banning them (could and should happen). Microtransactions is gambling and sets the seeds for addiction in people….. Worrying most of all…. Our kids.
    I don't buy microtransaction style games, but I do buy games that come fully loaded or with free DLC etc. Will always support those games.

  30. they should do reviews after 2 months into the game… to eliminate bitchin about bugs n glitches, and to better incorporate extra points for DLC and updates/new content… better than mk

  31. I finished the campaign only to discover that there are courses from CTR sequel hidden away in the arcade mode. I'm surprised these reviewers didn't mention it.

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