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  1. The game is beautiful, but man just put the original "3 2 1 GO" sound! I don't know if there are copyright reasons, but I bet you can recreate some sound effects, it's very important to maintain the essence from the original CTR, I beg you

  2. ??? awwwww nostalgia a mil, ese siempre fue y sera mi juego favorito de la infancia, siempre de los siempre escogía a pura y me encanta su maullido todo tierno uvu , ojala hayan nuevas pistas
    Así saquen deluxe edición yo lo compro porque lo compró , deberíamos juntarnos los que hablamos español y echar reta cuando salga jejej, es que veo puro comentario en ingles

  3. hope these things will be added into the CTR remake:
    -all shortcuts are included
    -no microtransactions
    -cheats enabled, precisely like the ps1 version
    -characters can be unlocked by either completing the adventure or winning the time trial

  4. Ugh I really wish it was twinsanity getting remade with all the deleted content instead of this deal i hate all of you for asking for this game it had its time twinsanity was rushed it has potential of being the best crash game ever but yet you want a rehash of a racing game sigh

  5. From the Few comments I read.
    Why do people keep being up Mario kart? There is no need talk about Mario kart when it is a CTR video.

  6. ATTENTION BEENOX you have an issue in your current build of the game atm ! The fire on the kart does not stack when doing more than 3 slide boosts, it just resets your kart and return back to normal speed after the last successful 3rd boost, in the original it kept stacking and the fire on the kart kept growing, thus showing you that you are maintaining fast speed until you hit a wall or keep stacking. this is a major issue to pro players. PLEASE UP VOTE ME SO BEENOX IS AWARE OF THIS BECAUSE MAJOR AND THIS IS WHAT MADE CTR WHAT IT WAS, THE INTENSE SPEED !

  7. I mean most remasters you nostalgia make you buy them and then you get a bit disappointed but with this I mean it's just a simple racing game not much is really gonna be different to ruin this one

  8. I liked this game better than Mario Cart 64. It wasn't as flat-chested as the severely malnourished and underpowered N64 with its measly 50 kB VRAM.

  9. I hope all the classic comments from the characters are included! Like N.Gin’s «why you!» and «That’s for your road» ? Nice to hear Coco, Cortex and Dingodile though ? Can’t freaking wait! Only reason I’m getting a PS4 xD

  10. Odd…what happened to the sound of the lights at the beginning? Were they replaced? On the reveal trailer they sounded like the classic game…

  11. Playstation! Longtime CTR fan here! I love everything that you're doing with this remaster! From what I've seen, the only real issues are the differences in the starting light sounds and the kart sounds. I'm not a game dev, so I dont know how big of an issue that is to fix (most likely easier said than done). Either way, I'm buying this game on launch, so if its tweaked, fantastic! If not, I'm still gonna tear up when Crash gets gut punched by the letters.

  12. If this game, and the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy game would came out for the PS Vita, probably they could save the PS Vita from bankruptcy, but noooo! Sony wants us to play just anime’s games on PS Vita ????? The only games worth it for the Vita was: Monster Hunter, Call of Duty, Uncharted and maybe Fire Emblem… I’m glad I have my New 3DS at least ?

  13. It's the Playstation party so all the characters deserve to be, add N-Trance, the scientist of future levels, penta pinguin, Koala Kong, Nitrus Brio, Tawna Bandicoot, N-Tropy, baby T, Rilla roo , Nina Cortex, Rusty, Zam, Zem, Emperor Velo XXVll, Krunk, Norm Brothers, Nash the Shark, Geary, Evil Crash anf Evil Coco, Madame-A, Spyro, Yaya Panda, Viscount, Chick and Stew, Ebenezer Von Clutch, Evil Twins, Pasadena O'Possum, Willie Wumpa Cheeks, Mega Mix and the elementals, maybe some of these characters in a DLC and the others in its sequel would be great and epic to see it back.

  14. Will we be able to choose the original soundtracks or sound effects ???

  15. This is what I've been awaiting for definitely better than the new sonic racing game if sonics so fast why can't he just run

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