Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Dragon Mines & Retro Stadium Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Dragon Mines & Retro Stadium Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

KRISTEN: Oh, it’s so cute,
with his little raincoat. TIM: I think I’m gonna fall in
love with Pura here in a Jeep. That’s absolutely the winner. KRISTEN: Yep. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] TIM: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another episode
of PlayStation Underground. You got Tim and Kristen here. And we’re joined
by Thomas Wilson who is the
co-studio head of Beenox and the creative director of
Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. Welcome, Thomas. THOMAS: Thank you very much. TIM: So we’re taking a first
look at Dragon Mines in Crash Team Racing, which I’m
super excited to visit. Tell us a little bit about what
we’re checking out here today. THOMAS: So Dragon Mines is
one of the original tracks from Crash Team Racing. And like all the other
tracks, our goal was to sort of reimagine what the track
would look like today. KRISTEN: So what are
some of the biggest differences that folks will be seeing? THOMAS: So it was
called Dragon Mines because it’s Komodo Joe’s
track, so it’s his home turf. It’s a track you’d
be racing him on, but at the same time,
there were no dragons. To a certain extent it was a
reference to the character, but we told ourselves what if
there was a mining community who would have stumbled
upon an old dragon’s treasure. So here what we have,
you can see on the side, we have a full
community with little houses and carts going around. KRISTEN: I was going to say,
it’s this detailed ecosystem happening around you
while you’re racing. TIM: Yes. It seems like what,
you know, the power of, you know, this version of the
game has allowed you to is it seems like there are stories
to tell within these tracks now that weren’t
really there before. THOMAS: And, really, our
goal was to animate the world. It was fairly static at the time because of the
technological constraints. But when, you know — today we can have fun
with animating the world. So what you’ll see
as you’re racing, although it’s not where
you’re paying attention first, we’ll have miners
digging at the same time as the music beat. We’ll add rats walking around
doing funny stuff, you know. To the left here as
you’re coming by, there’s a whack-a-mole to the
left there and a dragon paying attention to what’s
going on on the track, trying to breathe fire, but he’s
so old that he’s unsuccessful. KRISTEN: Oh, buddy. THOMAS: So, yeah. These are the
things that we’re doing. And now we can add
piles of gold everywhere. You got crushed there. TIM: My bad.
KRISTEN: All right. THOMAS: And so these are some of
the things we’re thinking about when we’re
redesigning the track. We’re not
redesigning the layout. The layout is exactly the
same, same with controls. But what’s going on in the
world we can have fun with. TIM: That’s incredible. So the muscle memory of
shortcuts and different techniques, techniques that
players who played the original in 1999 had, those
are still valid here. But then there’s
just new set dressing and amazing
new things to check out. There’s so much to checkout
that since we have you here, let’s hop back in and maybe you can give us a bit
of a tour of Dragon Mines. THOMAS: Absolutely. TIM: So we’re back at
Dragon Mines here again. And let’s take our time. We’ve gone into time trial, so we have the
whole place to ourselves. THOMAS: Yes. TIM: And, Thomas, I would love
your developer’s insight into some of the things people might
not notice as they’re whizzing by lap after lap. THOMAS: Yep. So we’re taking this time to
give you a quick tour of some the attentions to detail that
we like to put into every track. So the first thing you notice
is that we’ve customized every starting gate with a track — KRISTEN: Little animation. THOMAS: Yes. So in this case, you have
the beginning of the track, you see these bats flying away. And now we have this miner
trying to grab the last bat. TIM: I guess he
doesn’t like bats. That’s fine. THOMAS: So as you’re racing,
sometimes you’ll see animations evolve over time as
you’re completing laps. KRISTEN: Nice. THOMAS: So, of course, we filed
the caves with gold nuggets and stuff. TIM: And just
waterfalls and grinding gears. THOMAS: And so here’s an example
of a little bit of humor here, whack-a-mole right there, with the moles always
ducking at the last minute. And you have the moles
kind of watching it. TIM: Poor family. THOMAS: Yeah.
Poor family of moles. We have the little
Ferris wheel right here, probably working some kind
of mechanism around the mine. TIM: Yeah.
Hard at work. KRISTEN: There’s our dragon. THOMAS: And then our dragon. So dragon here.
And we open up the cave area. He’s actually trying
to be threatening, right, trying to breathe fire
as the racers are going by, but the no avail. He’s too old. TIM: I’m deeply intimidated.
It’s a good effort. Good old boy. THOMAS: So this is one
thing we’ll be trying to do. Like right here to you’re right
you have a rat getting stuck in a wooden pole here. TIM: Very helpful friends too. KRISTEN: Pulling by his ear. THOMAS: Laughing it off as
they’re trying to pull him. So these are — this is the
kind of humor we’re putting. We’ve added piles of
gold in the distance, carts on rails,
and stuff like that. KRISTEN: Are there any
shortcuts we could highlight? THOMAS: Yes, but it
can be very difficult. You have one right here. So as you see the carts
are sort of rolling by, so I suggest you have a
Boost to pick that shortcut. TIM: Because there’s
probably one on your heels here. THOMAS: Otherwise I’m probably
just gonna get crushed by it as it’s coming. TIM: You can dump out on track. THOMAS: And so — but
if you have a Boost, you can use that
shortcut to your advantage and skip the entire section. But as you can see, I
got squished twice, so definitely need to
have some kind of Boost or the Aku Aku
Mask I recommend. TIM: That was a very selfless
act for you to show everybody and getting squished like that. THOMAS: And so talking
about the mining community, that’s an example of an area
that was empty in the original game so we really wanted
to fill it up with life. So now we have little houses, basically located
right behind the stone pillars. TIM: Where all the miners
live in their off time. THOMAS: And you see them all
moving and dancing at the same time as the music goes on,
so these are the things. You even have my point
there in the background, a little Beenox logo
right in the distance. TIM: You sneaky devil. THOMAS: So these are
things that we do. So it’s the kind
of humor and life we wanted to
add to every track. TIM: It’s amazing. There’s so much
going on here to digest. Thanks for
walking us through it. We’re actually going to jump
into a another exciting track in just a second. Before we jump
into the next track, I want to take a quick look at
the retro skin for Crash which is incredible. KRISTEN: So Polygonal. TIM: Glorious, chunky polygons. KRISTEN: Love it. THOMAS: So that’s
exclusive to PlayStation. So we have Retro
Crash, Retro Coco, and Retro Cortex, along with
this brand-new Retro cart set. TIM: Awesome. And I think we’re
gonna check out even more Retro content here. All right. We’re here taking a first
deep look at Retro Stadium, the PlayStation exclusive track. And, gosh, you
know what, Thomas, I gotta say, I love what
you’ve done with the place. THOMAS: Thank you. KRISTEN: This is a
PlayStation exclusive? I had no idea with
all those logos. THOMAS: That’s
what I was gonna say. KRISTEN: I love it. THOMAS: So brand-new
Retro reinterpretation of Turbo Track Retro stadium. And, you know, it’s
full of twists and turns, but it’s also made of low polys. KRISTEN: I was gonna say, even
just looking at this track right below you, it
really brings you back. But it still looks crisper and
cleaner than it probably did back in 1999. THOMAS: Well, yeah. We had a lot of fun actually
retrofitting this track. Our studio art director, who
I’ve been working with for about 20 years back to the time when
we were developing PlayStation 1 games, was actually having
fun playing with 32×32 pixels textures and would go as far as
picking 64×64 pixel textures. But this is where
we’re pushing it. KRISTEN: I was gonna say it,
is incredibly challenging going back after spending the majority
of this game sort of cleaning things up and now we’re
sort of stripping it back? THOMAS: Yeah. The difficult part is removing
stuff because we’ve added so much with the
brand-new remastered version. But in this case what we did is
we turn the texture filtering off, and this is how we can
achieve the pixilated look of the ground even in the crowd. So it was really a
matter of, you know, less is more, right? So it was being faithful to the
original arena model from Turbo Track and then making sure that
the corners or even the flying banner right here — we’d
be tempted to add poles, but that wouldn’t be
fair to the original game. TIM: It’s super authentic. And what I love about it is
it’s got a new look to it, but yet like the other
stages, like Dragon Mines even, the track layout itself is
familiar so you’ll remember the shortcuts and the muscle
memory will come back to you. THOMAS: It’s
definitely a technical course; you know, a lot of tight
turns, a lot of Turbo pads. TIM: I’ve been really
grappling with these. I’ve yet to perfect them. KRISTEN: You’re doing all right.
TIM: Thanks. KRISTEN: Just I
avoided that one. TIM: Almost took him with me. Maybe I should ease
off the gas a little bit. THOMAS: Here you have this
opportunity to finish first. KRISTEN: Tim,
Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim! THOMAS: You might get it. TIM: Oh, please, no one
have a missile behind me. KRISTEN: Yeah. TIM: Okay.
KRISTEN: Awesome. THOMAS: Great job. KRISTEN: You know what? I think I’m ready to
jump in here as well. TIM: You want to? All right. Let’s jump let’s do some
split screen multiplayer. What do you guys think? THOMAS: Of course. TIM: Before we jump into
some split screen multiplayer, let’s play around with the
randomization option a little bit to see what’s going on here. THOMAS: Yes. KRISTEN: We’ve all clearly been
mixing and matching all these different skins and carts. I love this though because it can bring up a
combo you never considered. TIM: Oh, yeah. THOMAS: It’s a
very powerful button, that’s why we created it. It’s one of the things I like
the most when we’re playing this game now is to randomize
just for the fun of it. KRISTEN: It’s so cute
with his little raincoat. TIM: I think I’ll fall in
love with Pura here in a Jeep. That’s absolutely the winner. KRISTEN: Yep. THOMAS: So let’s see.
Why not? I guess so I’ll be playing
as Sam with the bulldog look. TIM: Excellent. And for those
following along at home, Player 1 is gonna be Thomas. I am Player 2,
Kristen is Player 3, and Scott over
there is Player 4. So let’s jump on in. All right. So we’re
jumping into Polar Pass. KRISTEN: Stay frosty. TIM: Yeah.
Stay frosty, guys. May the best racer win. THOMAS: Thank you. TIM: Gotta try to get that — I’m not consistent
in getting that Boost. Thomas, what’s your tip for
getting that starting Boost? THOMAS: So you have to wait for
the final green light to hit it. So you have to pay
attention to the sound bite, and then you hit it as soon as
the last green light turns red. TIM: I think that muscle
memory will come back to me. I just wanted to say personally,
thank you so much for including split screen multiplayer in
Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. It’s something I don’t
take for granted anymore. I’m really appreciative when
developers decide to put this into the game, which is
also faithful to the original. THOMAS: Yes, it had to be. They’re so much fun playing
together in split screen, it had to be there. TIM: Definitely. KRISTEN: Now I’m noticing if
I do a hop over any of these jumps, it sort of gives me
a little bit of a boost. THOMAS: Yes, it does. As a matter fact, you need to
understand when it’s time to hit the HUD button on top of any
slope to get a little bit of momentum and you get
a little extra boost, especially the higher the jump, the higher the boost
when you land. TIM: It seems like between
tracks with jumps like that and getting the Power Boost as well,
it’s pivotal for winning a race, especially when you’re
playing against other players. THOMAS: Absolutely. You might notice, if I’m
pressing the triangle button, now I’m switching to the
classic HUD, top left corner. And so if you like
the old version, you can use that, or if
you prefer the new version, the Nitro Fueled HUD we created,
you get a little bit more — you get a little bit information
about how you can master the Boost when you’re Power Sliding. TIM: Yeah. It’s been a while for me since
I was trying to master these Boosts, and so having that extra
information is super handy. But then if folks are
used to the classic look, that’s available too. Dang it.
Into the drink. KRISTEN: I know.
Every time. TIM: I should have Crash’s
scuba skin for how much time I’m spending in the water here. THOMAS: By the way, I
think I’m killing it. Just saying. TIM: Have you spent some time
with this game before, Thomas? KRISTEN: I think
he played before. THOMAS: I just started
playing this morning. TIM: One day I’ll get that
shortcut that’s at the top of that tunnel. THOMAS: Yeah. You need to hop at the
right time in order to hit it. TIM: That’s a tricky one. KRISTEN: I just
slammed into the wall. Oh dang it. That was a close one. TIM: Do you have a
favorite power-up, Thomas? THOMAS: The missiles, the
tracking missiles of course. That’s the most
satisfying to fire away. Although, I kind of like
throwing a rolling bomb back behind me when I know I’m being
chased and when I know I have an opponent on my tail. TIM: It is, yeah. KRISTEN: When everything
goes according to plan. THOMAS: And, of course, in this
game it’s important to remind everybody the more
Wampa fruits you collect, as soon as you have ten, you get
a little faster but also you’re power-ups become more potent. TIM: Oh, they do? THOMAS: They do. The Green Beaker
turns into a Red Beaker, and now you have a
little cloud, a rainy cloud, on top of your head
if you get hit by it. Rolling Bombs will last longer. TNT Crates will turn into Nitro Crates instead which
will explode on impact. And I shouldn’t be
talking while I’m racing. I’m still in first place. TIM: Maybe that would
even the odds a little bit. KRISTEN: Distract him more. Get over here. TIM: I just — was
that you, Kristen? KRISTEN: It was. And then I hit a wall,
so don’t worry about it. TIM: I just went out. Oh, man.
It’s so much more intense. THOMAS: How you guys doing? KRISTEN: Listen. THOMAS: I see you’re
having a good time. TIM: It’s great back here.
Thanks, Thomas. THOMAS: I’m gonna
get myself a drink. Do you want anything? TIM: Okay. Thanks. No ice though. KRISTEN: Oh, oh, oh. TIM: It’s a race for second now. For third actually.
It’s just Kristen and I. KRISTEN: Yeah! TIM: Hey.
I finished. That’s what matters. Thomas, thank you so much for
stopping by and showing off Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. THOMAS: My pleasure. TIM: Not long to wait to visit
Dragon Mines and Retro Stadium and play some multiplier. It’s coming out June 21st. THOMAS: Yeah. I can’t wait for people
top get their hands on it. TIM: Thanks for
watching, everybody. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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