Covet Fashion Hack ✅ Unlimited Diamonds + Cash ? iOS/Android Mod APK TUTORIAL (Gameplay 2019)

Covet Fashion Hack ✅ Unlimited Diamonds + Cash ? iOS/Android Mod APK TUTORIAL (Gameplay 2019)

Covet Fashion Hack ✅ Unlimited Diamonds + Cash 🔥 iOS/Android Mod APK TUTORIAL (Gameplay 2019)
yo guys today I’m going to show you how
to hack covet fashion so this is going to get you unlimited diamonds in covet
fashion guys it’s super simple I’m going to show you how to do this now this
works on both iOS and Android and it’s pretty much the same for both devices so
just open up your web browser in the search bar type in up tweaks dot IO just
like that I’m press GO so now be taken to a page like this so just type in
covert version and there it is right there at the top guys – just tap this
I’m press third injection I know the modded version of covert fashion will be
done with it right to your device so just give it a minute guys while it
downloads it’s usually pretty fast but it just depends on your internet speed
so you know if you’re in the sticks and you have dial-up it might not be that
fast but you know most people aren’t allowed type of situation so he’ll be
fine okay so almost done maybe taking that page it looks like
this all you have to do is done two free apps from the list and run them for 30
seconds this just bypass co-signing guys it’s
super simple I’ll walk you through right now so just go through start the install
on app number one go back start the in slot number two now you might not have
these exact apps it’s who I have it just depends on your country which apps
you’re gonna have so just don’t worry about it if you want the same apps but
yeah just pretty much follow this procedure and yeah that’s all there is
to it so now we’re just gonna wait for these to download it looks like this one
is down the road so we’re just gonna open this all you have to do here is
kind under 30 in your head I’m not gonna wait the full 30 seconds but just wait
on the app so the files can unpack ante the same without number to you when it’s
ready okay so it’s done so open this and again just with 30 seconds on the app
once you’ve done that for both apps you will see the cover fashion hack icon on
your home screen so you can go ahead and delete these because you no longer need
them and that’s pretty much it guys no cover fashion a modern edition for life
so I mean you can just go ahead and sign in to your account here I’m basically
out sick guys I don’t have a client because you know I’m not a girl but
hopefully this helps you all right if it did leave a like comment and subscribe
and I will see you in the next one

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