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KRISTEN: Don’t you love when
you start a new job and you’re not really sure of
all your new responsibilities? You just gotta dive right in. TIM: It’s just a
sink-or-swim situation. KRISTEN: Start
throwing things around. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN: Hey, guys. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen and Tim here. We are checking out Control which is gonna be out
on August 27th on PS4. We’re playing on a PS4 Pro. And we’re joined today by
Shant Boyatzian from 505 Games. SHANT: Hi, guys. TIM: Hey, thanks for joining us. KRISTEN: How is it going? Are you excited to show us
the crazy world of Control? SHANT: I’m so excited to show
this game off right now. KRISTEN: All right.
So set the scene for us. Who is this?
Where are we? What’s going on? SHANT: So this is Jesse. She’s working at
The Oldest House. She’s trying to
uncover a mystery. And in this mission right now
we’re just trying to bring power back to the building or
this section of the building, and we’re gonna
get some information by finding the janitor. KRISTEN: I see. So Jesse is the new Director
of The Bureau of Control. TIM: Kind of a an exciting and
thrilling start to a new career for her. This new job starts
with a bang here. KRISTEN: I know. Don’t you love when
you start a new job, you’re not really sure of
all your responsibilities. You just gotta dive right in. TIM: It’s just a
sink-or-swim situation. KRISTEN: Start
throwing things around. So Jesse has a pretty
wide range of abilities you can see already. She has this Service
Weapon that she’s using, this gun. She has telekinetic powers. Did she know that she had
these powers coming into this? Or what’s her entire situation? SHANT: Her background
will get uncovered as you play it through. But she’s aware of some
powers that she’s had from an event that took place. KRISTEN: Ooh, an event. TIM: So maybe
The Oldest House is bringing out some of these abilities. And then she can
change the environment. KRISTEN: She can fix it, yeah. SHANT: She
cleanses these sectors, and the environment slowly
starts to get cleaned up. TIM: One cool thing I’ve seen
with Control in general is just like the same the environment
just changed when she used that control point, it’s similar
to the way her Service Weapon shifts because it’s what — the Pistol mode is
sort of the Grip mode, and there’s
different abilities, but it’s all the
same weapon that shifts which is really cool. SHANT: Yes. As you continue to
kind of upgrade it, as you play through, you will unlock different kinds
of shapes for the weapon. Some will be kind of a
shotgun ability and so forth. It’ll just kind of adapt
and give you more shapes. KRISTEN: Nice. So, Tim, you actually had a
chance to get your hands on Control while we were
at E3 earlier this year. What were your
thoughts initially? TIM: I was really
excited about it. I’ve been a fan of
Remedy’s work for a long time, and there’s a tightness and a
responsiveness to the control where when you get in a
situation and you’re surrounded by enemies, like in Control here,
your mind starts overflowing with possibilities of
how you approach it. In this situation, I’m
walking into a room, I’m noting that there was,
you know — in front of us here there’s these heavy
objects on the shelf, and you just take mental notes
so that if you do get attacked, you have so many
tools at your disposal. It felt great. Jesse is a total badass and was
immediately clicking into it. SHANT: As you progress through,
you’ll find little boxes like that will unlock some kind of
different upgrades for your weapons or mods or
your personal mods. And you’ll see, you can
just add them and change it. They slightly
tweak your recovery, speed, or the speed at which
you pick up different energies. TIM: Okay. I wasn’t aware there
was that level of customization. SHANT: Head shot boosts
and things like that. TIM: Do you have any
personal favorites? SHANT: I’m a health guy, so
anything that helps me survive. KRISTEN: I thought
that there was a window. I like that
there’s just a poster. TIM: I love that, a poster of the same pose on the
door to the janitor’s office. KRISTEN: We’ll
give them a second to hear this conversation. KRISTEN: You don’t say? SHANT: She paraphrases there. KRISTEN: Excuse me. TIM: So I love Ahti. KRISTEN: “There’s a
dog buried in this.” I’ve never heard that before. TIM: I learned a lot of
expressions from that. SHANT: So now Ahti gave
us the experience level to get through here. TIM: He’s a great shortcut
to that trademark Remedy quirkiness, and he feels — KRISTEN: Fits right in. TIM: Yeah.
Absolutely. KRISTEN: Oh.
TIM: Oh. KRISTEN: What is this
Trench voice that we’re hearing? Is it an official sort of just
telling her what she needs to do, or is it
something more ominous? SHANT: Yes.
She’s having a vision there. KRISTEN: Interesting. Man, a lot going
on for Jesse today, new day at work… TIM: Meeting new coworkers. KRISTEN: Visions. SHANT: So at these control
points, after you cleanse them, you can also upgrade
your character here. KRISTEN: Fast travel.
That’s nice. SHANT: So you’ll see
there’s various trees, and you unlock
more trees down the line. So there’s the Health
tree, the Energy tree, the Melee Tree,
and the Launch tree. As you carry on in the game,
more columns will unlock with different powers, and these all obviously get
stronger as you upgrade them. KRISTEN: I see. So, yeah. Currently we’ve been able to
see her telekinetic powers. So she will be unlocking more
powers throughout the game? SHANT: So right now we
have these two missions, the Coolant Pumps and
the Energy Convertor. Let’s go fix the Cooling Pumps. TIM: Building off what
Kristen is talking about, have I seen gameplay footage of
her almost levitating in some situations and flying? SHANT: Absolutely. TIM: It sounds really exciting. I imagine that’s something
players will have to earn later in the game. SHANT: Most definitely. KRISTEN: So it’s interesting
to see when the ammo’s low, you have to stop because you
can’t find ammo in this game. You have to let it regenerate. TIM: And that’s what —
we saw the upgrades. Is that what the
Energy pertains to? SHANT: No. So the way the
Health in this game works, you have to kill to
get your health back. TIM: Okay. SHANT: That’s the rate at which
you’ll get that Energy back. So right now I approach
their bodies after they die. And my Health’s fine. These little blue
— see those things. TIM: The particle
effects are just incredible. The way the enemies have this
mist about them and the pop and explosion and vapor that
lingers in the air afterwards. It’s just spot on. KRISTEN: I really — they
know how to set the scene. The atmosphere is very spooky. TIM: Some fun with
batteries here I think. KRISTEN: We got some floaters.
It’s just really chilling. I remember when the first
screencaps were coming out for this game and just
showing the floating bodies of her coworkers. It gives you chills and makes
me so excited to dive in here. TIM: And even going in from —
another chilling thing that’s so subtle, you’re walking into
what looks like a fairly mundane industrial corridor into this
room which is now red-lit and has all these crazy almost like
brutalist architecture angles to them and stuff. KRISTEN: I think that’s
my favorite part too, when she cleanses the area,
you sort of see everything re-amalgamating
into the correct way. It’s a really cool
environmental design. TIM: How do you find
your balance between using telekinesis and throwing around
objects and using your weapon. How do you find a
good combat flow? SHANT: So between your
telekinesis power and your Service Weapon, there’s
cooldowns for both of them. So while one is cooling down,
I alternate to the other one, and it’s a balance between them. And as the game progresses, it
gets more and more difficult. This level, too,
is not that easy. But I’m just familiar with it. TIM: Okay. Yeah. That’s also a good mechanic I
feel like to encourage players not to lean on a weapon
or telekinesis too much and really find ways to mix it
up, so that’s really clever. KRISTEN: It is cool too to
see the possessed coworkers and these sort of
tentacle-looking, gibbering ghouls
as our coworker said. TIM: Gibbering ghouls. I did work up to this area, but
I didn’t quite make it through, so I’m excited to
see more of it. I found some fun detours of sort
of like a bonus — SHANT: Side missions. TIM: Yeah, like a platforming
section where I had to navigate over to a merry-go-round horse. As bizarre as that sounds, I guess it makes sense
in the context of the game. It seems like there’s also
some side areas you can get distracted and find
some bonuses on the side? SHANT: Yeah. All the side missions — and
hopefully we’ll encounter one shortly — they will provide
you with a special ability. So some might give
you a Dash power, some might give
you a Shield, and, you know, and so forth. TIM: Awesome. KRISTEN: Nice. So it’s worth
it to take that side track. SHANT: Yeah, take your time
and investigate all areas. TIM: Cool. KRISTEN: So close, one more. TIM: I’d like to see how Ahti
would have tackled these giant, heavy batteries. KRISTEN: How was he
planning he to do it? Good thing he
found an assistant. TIM: Indeed. KRISTEN: It’s almost like
he knew you were coming. SHANT: And so for the
telekinesis powers, you’ll see the highlight, the
items that you can pick up. If you don’t have
anything in sight, it will just grab a random
piece of debris from a wall or what have you. KRISTEN: That’s good to know. SHANT: I like to see whatever
I can get that’s the biggest. TIM: Most satisfying option. Have you noticed that the size
of the object effects how much damage you’re doing. SHANT: Oh, yeah.
Most definitely. TIM: Okay.
Very satisfying. KRISTEN: I was about
to say exactly that. I was gonna say, do you also
feel that in the DualShock as well, that sort
of reverberation? SHANT: Uh-huh. KRISTEN: Love it. Love it. TIM: It’s got that
right weightiness. KRISTEN: That’s what
makes it so satisfying. It feels like you’re the
one whipping things around. SHANT: Tim, that was a good use. The weight of it you
really, really feel. TIM: One of my
favorite elements, you start just grabbing things
sometimes randomly especially when it’s a frantic firefight
or combat encounter and accidentally grab something
that’s an explosive and how any battle can just
erupt unexpectedly and send things flying. The physics are
really incredible, spared no expense. SHANT: So here
the pipe’s blocked, so we gotta go
address this issue. KRISTEN:
(Imitating Ahti) The clog. TIM: That’s great. KRISTEN: Oh my goodness.
That is a clog. TIM: That’s right. KRISTEN: Oh no. TIM: Now she’s plumbing. KRISTEN: Excuse me? TIM: I feel like
those nodes are — okay. I got it.
Little pustules. SHANT: Or else he’s
gonna kind of poop on you. TIM: You don’t want
that to happen generally, at least not on the
first day on the job. KRISTEN: Maybe day two. TIM: You know, ease
the coworkers in. Okay.
So that recedes a little. SHANT: Yeah. TIM: Gross.
I don’t like it. KRISTEN: I would
say call the janitor, but he clearly didn’t want
to deal with this himself. TIM: That stuff looks like you
don’t want to get caught in that torrent I don’t think. Another hidden one there. KRISTEN: Get out of here. SHANT: Ahti wanted
no part of this. TIM: He’s ready for vacation.
I don’t blame him. Is Ahti a Finnish man? I feel like
there’s this mystery, and I want to get
to know him more, so I hope that his
vacation doesn’t start too soon. KRISTEN: So I imagine you’ll
meet all sorts of interesting characters just like
him throughout the game. SHANT: Yes. Definitely put a lot of hard
work into all the characters and their development. KRISTEN: Love it. SHANT: Okay. So we can go
to the convertor is over there. Or first we can go Central
Maintenance which has one of those missions you
were talking about. TIM: Oh, like a
sort of side mission. KRISTEN: Let’s check out a
side mission while we’re here. SHANT: So we want to go
in there to the Field Training but it’s blocked
by some corruption. TIM: Okay.
It’s all connected. KRISTEN: These
like, I just love it. TIM: I’m such a
sucker for it too. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: So can you encourage the
recharge a little bit by — SHANT: No.
It will just go at its own pace. TIM: Okay.
Here it goes. SHANT: Oh, man this is gonna be
tough because I don’t have the other power right now. Let’s see if we can
get through this. Because there’s a
Dash power I missed. TIM: Oh, okay. I guess they
decided to ship that. KRISTEN: Yeah.
Go, go, go. TIM: I believe in you. So a Dash could be helpful here, but it looks like a
marksmanship challenge. KRISTEN: Oh my gosh. TIM: You’re doing great.
There it is. KRISTEN: Go, go, go, go. TIM: Is there another one? Oh, okay. Nice recovery. That’s optional.
Okay. Cool. KRISTEN: You got this.
You got this. TIM: Yes. KRISTEN: Oh my gosh. TIM: Uh-oh.
More to do. You got it. KRISTEN: You got this.
So close. TIM: There it is. KRISTEN: Yes. TIM: Oh nice. KRISTEN: 5, 4, 3… TIM: You got it.
Come on. KRISTEN: Oh. SHANT: I got it.
KRISTEN: Yes! TIM: That was a roller coaster. SHANT: We got through it.
We got through it. TIM: Has that ever
been that close for you? SHANT: I think it has been. TIM: Okay.
Gotcha. That was intense. There is no wiggle room there.
You earned that. This so cool. KRISTEN: I would have
panicked and just went no, no, no, no, no. Oh, nice.
Just break into this safe. TIM: No problem.
A floating safe. Go ahead. KRISTEN: As one does. SHANT: So these are the
kind of mini missions you get to unlock
the different abilities. In this one we’re
getting the Shield. TIM: Oh, excellent. Oh, cool. So you can bring up debris
from wherever you’re standing? Okay. KRISTEN: Dang. TIM: That’s so cool. KRISTEN: Yeah. So it’s almost
like this is, like, a fully-formed dimension of
whatever is sort of corrupting The Oldest House. TIM: Yeah. But it also functions as a handy
dandy training area as well. But just like you were saying, the variety of
environments is just nuts. I love video games where it’s
like here’s your ice level, here’s your fire level; I love all those classic
video game areas. But everything
here is so different, from the industrial area to these sort of geometric
amalgamation of shapes. KRISTEN: So close. So close. TIM: Nice.
So now you’ve earned it. SHANT: You familiarized with it and familiarized
yourself with it. KRISTEN: Just in time. SHANT: Now you’re
ready to put it to use. TIM: All right. KRISTEN: Good time
to have a Shield. TIM: Get that
sweet, sweet Health, those little nuggets. Ooh. KRISTEN: Oh wow, because your
health is still low from the training section. Nice. TIM: So that seems
like a handy one. So these side objectives — is this where you came in? Oh, cool. You could theoretically — I’m
gathering that you could opt to skip these if you wanted
and it’s not critical, but you’re really rewarded by
finding them because you’ll have more tools in your
arsenal and all that stuff. SHANT: Absolutely. TIM: If you want to make it
extra challenging for yourself, you could try to do a run
without these I suppose. I’m gonna have to
collect all these. KRISTEN: Start throwing. Oh, nice. TIM: That was a
good how-do-you-do. SHANT: These guys are
really easy. They’re fodder. TIM: Nice. Good opportunity
to get some Health back. So there’s a few final
batteries that need to go in. KRISTEN: Nice.
TIM: Nice work. KRISTEN: I suspect lifting the
lock down might not be as easy as it seems. SHANT: No. All right.
Where are we going now? I hear rockets. TIM: Oh boy, just
what we needed. SHANT: I hear rockets.
Where was it? TIM: Below maybe. Oh, hello.
There he is. Or that’s someone anyway. SHANT: One of these. TIM: Yeah. Why not?
Some to spare. SHANT: Okay.
KRISTEN: Okay. SHANT: Get to the
control room here. KRISTEN: All right. We
have fixed the clog. We have fixed the plugs. We have fixed the convertor. TIM: Very productive day. KRISTEN: I cant wait to go home. TIM: Got a new
office chair here. KRISTEN: Is it lunch time yet? TIM: Yeah.
Where’s the cafeteria? KRISTEN: Oh, I love that all
the paper just — TIM: Just
flutters. And it’s pointed,
ready to impale. That’s a great touch. KRISTEN: I feel like HR
is gonna have a problem. TIM: Yeah, what’s left of them. KRISTEN: While your
assisting the janitor, you’re also making a
lot of work for him. TIM: That’s true.
That’s true. Cleaning up one mess
and creating another. KRISTEN: I love this.
This is so satisfying. TIM: I don’t think this will
get old throughout the course of playing the full game ever. This is awesome. KRISTEN: Well.
I am intrigued. I am ready to know more. TIM: Learn some
more about Jesse? KRISTEN: I was about to say, there’s a lot going on
here at The Oldest House. Thanks you so much for
stopping in and playing with us. SHANT: Of course, my pleasure. KRISTEN: Yeah. We are very excited
to see Control when it drops on
PS4 on August 27th. We will see you guys next time. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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