Concrete Genie – Gameplay Walkthrough | PlayStation Underground

Concrete Genie – Gameplay Walkthrough | PlayStation Underground

KRISTEN: All right. Who are we
bringing to life here? DOMINIC: Let’s see. KRISTEN: Ooh. I love that he’s
like, yeah, this looks great. Feeling that, feeling
those plant antlers. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN: Hey, guys. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen here. We’re checking
out Concrete Genie which is gonna
be out October 8th. We’re playing on a PS4 Pro. And I’m joined by
the team at PixelOpus. Hey, guys, introduce yourselves. DOMINIC: Hey, Kristen.
I’m Dominic. I’m the creative
director for Concrete Genie. JEFF: Hi, I’m Jeff.
I’m the art director. KRISTEN: I’m so excited
to be able to see this. I’ve been waiting
a very long time. This game just looks so
beautiful and so much fun. You know, these kids
just throwing cans around, the cutest thing. What’s the scene that
we’re setting here? DOMINIC: So this a
section from the first level, and we just thought we would
revisit and show you some of the new things we put in here. And I’ve already started
painting and started bringing this area back to life which is the main
objective in each of the levels. KRISTEN: It looks
so nice already. DOMINIC: Oh, thank you. KRISTEN: I was
gonna say, especially, you’ve just hopped
over that one section that hasn’t had any paint on it. You can see the big
difference it makes. DOMINIC: So let’s
try some of that now. So even though bullies
are right near there, let’s see if I can paint
without alerting them. Because they’re not only the
kind of narrative threat in the game, they’re very much the
gameplay pressure as well. So you have to
keep out of their way. Let’s see if I just — KRISTEN: But Ash is an artist.
He’s not here to bully anybody. He just wants to create. DOMINIC: Exactly. KRISTEN: So tell us
about these different packs. So we have some that
highlight landscapes, some that are more
object-based — you have a sun;
you have an apple — how do they
sort of work together? DOMINIC: Right. In each level we
have a pack that you can find. And so here’s the first one. You can see some of
the others are locked. This is the set you
get on the first level, and these pages need to be
collected because at the beginning of the game, the
bullies rip up your sketchbook. And one of the things we’ve done
is themed them together so as you go through
each of the levels, they reflect the mental
state that Ash is going through. So as the story progresses and
his treatment at the hands of the bullies get worse, the things that he ends
up painting through these pages that he finds
gets darker and darker as well. KRISTEN: So I see the
string of lights though. So as he paints, is it going to
sort of light the city back up? DOMINIC: Exactly. And one of the other things, you
can see it literally bring the life back into the
plant life here as well. And we’ve really tried hard to
make sure that anybody can paint and feel like an artist
in this game as well. KRISTEN: I was gonna say,
Jeff, tell us a little bit about how you decided
on the different packs. JEFF: Yeah. Well, we put a lot of time
into making sure that the color palettes reflect sort of what’s
going on emotionally with Ash during this storyline,
what Dom just mentioned. We also put a lot of effort into
previsualization for the — in that each brushstroke should
feel like it’s almost like hand-animated or coming to life. So we wanted to make it very
easy for people who may not have an art background to be able to
create something beautiful very, very quickly. KRISTEN: I like
these butterflies. I was gonna say, I
looked over for a second, and you’ve transformed this
entire side of the building. DOMINIC: You know what?
I’m gonna undo all of this. So one of the other things
is, just to help with the experimentation, we let
you undo really easily. Just hold down L2
and undo everything, and it will speed up. KRISTEN: Could you walk us
through — I know it has it here
in the lower left hand — but walk us through these
controls of how simple it is. DOMINIC: Yeah. So if I use the
motion controls — there is a right control, right
stick control option as well, but we really feel like the
motion controls is the best way to do it — and you just use these very
simple, small gestures. Hold down R2 to paint, and that’s an
analog control as well. So many of the brushes respond
to how much you’ve depressed the trigger as well. So I can do very
small blades of grass. KRISTEN: Subtle blades of grass. DOMINIC: Bigger trigger, I can put down even
bigger blades of grass. And then L2 is undo. And actually the other thing
that we were looking forward to talking about is this Pond Biome
pack that we’ve put together. This is something that we’ve
especially put together for the digital deluxe, and
it’s very different. KRISTEN: It’s so cool to see. It’s, like, alive even
after you’ve drawn it. It continues to exist.
It continues to flow. DOMINIC: And it’s all
persistent as well. So it stays there
the whole time. JEFF: And it’s really fun to see
how your Genies react to these environments too. Actually, in the Pond Biome, if they come in contact with the
water, they actually swim. And they interact with each
environment differently in that they’ll hide behind things
or pull different plants out. KRISTEN: In certain parts of
the game is it beneficial to be using a specific kind —
like is it useful like, “Oh, they’re gonna need water. Let me try to draw
something with water.” Or, “Oh, they’re gonna need
a tree to climb or a plant.” DOMINIC: They do offer certain
things because we have this interaction system
with the Genies. In their minds, you’re just
making a nice home for them. And so sometimes they’ll
have specific requests, but it’s usually just
for their esthetics taste, and they’re just
having fun with it. JEFF: And you can really use
these brushes on a wide variety of different ways. Like that Pond tree
that Dominic just painted, you can continue to paint
that and make it into a really massive tree that consists
of multiple brush strokes. You could paint it upside down
and make it look like roots. There’s a certain amount of
visual abstraction you can create, and people can create
their own unique environments that way. KRISTEN: It really leaves it
to you how you want to explore. DOMINIC: And you can mix
and match everything as well. So as you progress through
the game and get more and more brushes, they’ve all been
designed to sit well together as well which is kind of fun. KRISTEN: I love it. DOMINIC: Yeah. KRISTEN: What’s your guy’s
favorite landscape to draw? DOMINIC: I think, Jeff, you’re
pretty partial to the Pond, aren’t you? JEFF: What’s really fun for me
is when somebody finds a space in the game, maybe up in the
rooftops or sort of a unique environment that’s
kind of personal to them, and then they add details
to that and create their own environment that they
can hang out in and enjoy using their imagination. KRISTEN: Who are we
bringing to life here? DOMINIC: Let’s see. ASH: Ooh.
KRISTEN: Ooh. I love that he’s like,
yeah, that looks great. Feeling that, feeling
those antler — plant antlers. DOMINIC: So you find these
attachments pages as you go through the game. And depending on
how you paint him, he has different
personality traits as well which is kind of fun. KRISTEN: Do the
different attachments give different personalities? DOMINIC: They do.
KRISTEN: I see. DOMINIC: All right.
Let’s see how he looks. KRISTEN: Oh, I love it. DOMINIC: He’s a feisty one.
He’s off. JEFF: Even how you
paint your Genie effects the animation they run. So we were able to achieve different personalities
from that. KRISTEN: He can move even
where you haven’t painted. DOMINIC: Yes. They can move across all the
connected walls basically. They can’t skip land masses,
but they can move freely. KRISTEN: I like that
he’s sort of prompting you, here you go, make
something right here. You’re making his day
just spinning around. DOMINIC: Now he wants to play. Okay.
Let’s see. So every now and then you’ll
come across these moments where they’ll want to have a
playtime moment with you, and you have to look around
for a thing to interact with. Spotlight’s on him. KRISTEN: Oh.
Oh my. DOMINIC: He’s singing. ASH: Bravo. KRISTEN: Bravo, indeed. Karaoke Night, I love that. JEFF: There’s quite a bit of
tech that we have sort of under the hood for the
in-the-wall painting. They not only have the secondary
action that you’re seeing, but they have physics on
the creatures for all the attachments, they
have ballistic tracking, they run AI, and they interact
with each other also when you have more than one Genie. So it’s really fun even for me
at this stage in development to see what people paint and
how the Genies are reacting to the
environments and each other. KRISTEN: Now, I noticed
this wall before sort of had, maybe not
graffiti, but darkness. DOMINIC: Darkness. Yeah. That’s part of this affliction
that’s ruining this town. And when you interact with
Genies and make them happy, they give you Super Paint, and
that’s what you need to clean off the darkness from the walls. So that’s one of the ways that
we kind of add value to your painting and also the
interactions with the Genies. And the other fun thing
about Super Paint is it kind of overpowers all of your painting
as well so you get giant versions of all your brushes,
and things are a bit brighter and all that kind
of stuff as well. KRISTEN: So we can
make a second buddy here. ASH: I wonder who this could be. DOMINIC: Yeah, I wonder. Okay. So he’s looks like he
wants a buddy to hang out with. So let’s try this as well. KRISTEN: I’m curious to watch
his reaction as you’re building the next Genie. DOMINIC: He’s watching. KRISTEN: He’s like, “I like it,
I like it. Keep going.” So he’ll even give suggestions
as you’re building a new one. DOMINIC: Hang on a sec.
Let’s just do this guy. JEFF: And you can see that
Dom is painting more of, like, a quadruped creature. So when he brings that to life,
it runs a completely unique set of animation that’s more
indicative of a quadruped, so they act more like
some of our animator’s dogs. KRISTEN: Oh.
What will they do? Hey, buddy. I love it.
That’s awesome. DOMINIC: And this is one
of the puzzles we’ve got at the beginning. So the red Genies can interact
with the red shiny objects that you find in the world. But in this case, I need to find a way to get
this up against the wall. So let’s look around. KRISTEN: There’s some
darkness over here. DOMINIC: So what do we
do to get rid of that? So what happens as you’re
painting the level and turning all the lights back on and
charging them up with this magical living paint energy, it
starts building up enough power to clean the darkness
off, this 3D darkness, this darkness that’s
actually in the world. These vines need that
extra power to get rid of it. If I use my Super Paint
and do a bunch of suns. KRISTEN: That’s one way
to clear the darkness with just endless sunlight. It connects back to all the
work you’ve done earlier. DOMINIC: Yep. ASH: I’m out of Super Paint. DOMINIC: Need to
get more Super Paint. And if I use my map, I can
always find out where the missing bulbs are
that I need to get. So I can see
they’re just down there. The last bit, right
where these guys are. So I’m gonna use my Pond Biome. JEFF: And if you look in
the right-hand corner, when Dom starts to paint, it actually is even effecting
the 3D world. You can see all the
plants in the world start to come
back to life too. KRISTEN: Yeah. Oh.
And look at them swimming. ASH: You’ve got
really good taste. KRISTEN: You do
have great taste, Dom. There they are. ASH: I’ll try to
get it closer to you. DOMINIC: There you go. KRISTEN: Look at that. What a beautiful
collection of creations. DOMINIC: Why, thank you. KRISTEN: I think
that’s the best thing too, everybody’s city
will look unique. Everyone’s town will be
completely whatever they wanted to do. DOMINIC: That’s been so
important to us from the beginning of this game to give
you that agency and freedom how you want to paint. So now we’ve built up
enough energy to trigger the Masterpiece Beacon and clean off
all of the remaining darkness, which is this stronger type
of darkness that you find throughout the different levels. And now I just need to
figure out how I can get this up against the wall. And with the vines cleared… KRISTEN: You can
push this right over. DOMINIC: Oh, we’re off. KRISTEN: Nice. DOMINIC: So let’s get
them to give me a hand here. Come on, you guys. KRISTEN: I like that it’s
like a beacon of “come here.” DOMINIC: Yeah. One of the other things that’s
great is when you’re playing through the levels, you start
building up this collection of buddies that will
follow you around. And you feel like the Pied Piper
with all your crazy creations. KRISTEN: All right. So we’ve
jumped ahead a little bit, a little farther in the story. So now we’re gonna see a
little bit of a gameplay twist. DOMINIC: Yeah. So this is something that we’ve
been kind of saving up a little bit now that we’re
closer to launch. But it’s actually been a really
meaningful part of the game since the first prototype. And as we were developing
the story and also the kind of gameplay threads that
we’ve put in there, as a player there’s a lot of
tension that builds up through the game. You’re being pushed
around by the bullies. And we wanted to make sure the
finale was as exciting from a gameplay perspective and allowed
players to let off some of that pressure and steam. And then also the story has to
have a really carefully handled kind of ending and climax to it
as well because one of the most important messages that we hope
people take from it is it’s not about taking revenge on
the kids that are giving you this hard time. It’s really important that
it’s about breaking that cycle. We don’t want this to be
a message about — KRISTEN: You want to fight that
darkness in a different way. DOMINIC: Exactly. We need to let you take
that on more directly. So this is about personifying
that darkness more physically and allowing Ash to tackle it
more head on and also give you this explosive finish
to the gameplay as well. KRISTEN: Can we real quick talk
about the skating that you’re doing, the Paint Skating? DOMINIC: This was also one of
our very early prototypes for where we wanted to take some
of the navigation mechanics and give you this real — KRISTEN: It’s very cool. It’s like a smooth transition
as you go through the world. DOMINIC: We want it to feel like
an hour of recess at the end of the game in a way that you’ve
kind of earned and built up to. And we’ve always imagined
that Ash’s personality and his abilities as a creative person
and the imagination that he has and his self-expression are
these really powerful elements to him in the gameplay. And this is almost like
another side to that. So we take some of the elemental
colors that you use early on in the game and — KRISTEN: You sort of
come back here. DOMINIC: And powerful things
that you can literally use to burn off the darkness
off these Dark Genies. KRISTEN: Nice. Trying to bring some
light back into the world. DOMINIC: Yeah. KRISTEN: I love
everything about this. The animations look amazing.
I love the butterflies. “It’s okay.
Gotta help you.” He means so well. DOMINIC: They’re kind of
like wild animals as well. That’s another thing we
tried to make it feel like. So you use some of the new
navigation abilities to chase them down. KRISTEN: They have these shields
and you have to break that down. You got your little
buddy there trying to help. You can do it.
Skate back. Will he get him? DOMINIC: And as these
kind of sequences progress, you get more moves that
get unlocked as well, and they have
different kinds of attributes. KRISTEN: Man, he’s on the move. He’s like.
No, keep your paintbrush away. DOMINIC: The other cool thing
is once you’ve unlocked these abilities, once you finish the
game — this is another thing that
we’re talking about now — there is a continue mode. KRISTEN: You can sort
of go back in the world. DOMINIC: Exactly. You get to go back in and you
have the Paint Skating there so you can move
around the entire kind of map, all of the levels
stitched together. And you can move freely,
paint to your heart’s content. So you do get to go back to the
painting mechanics as well and find the pages you may
have missed or solve puzzles, the secret Genie moments,
all those types of things. KRISTEN: Nice.
All right. Well, thank you, guys, so much for giving us this
in-depth look. I’m super excited for
the game to be out. It’s gonna be out
on PS4 October 8th. DOMINIC: Great. KRISTEN: See you guys next time. DOMINIC: Thank you.

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