CONAN EXILES (NEW SEASON) – EP01 – Starting Fresh! (Gameplay Video)

CONAN EXILES (NEW SEASON) – EP01 – Starting Fresh! (Gameplay Video)

hey guys welcome to a brand new series a brand new season of Conan exiles I’m back I’m back the game has had a couple updates I’ve been hearing a whole lot of stuff a whole lot of positive stuff about the updates and honestly I’ve loved this game from the beginning I’ve played it a long long time ago I put out a video about a year ago Ashley over a year ago now of the very first time it was released and I’ve loved it ever since but I was waiting I was waiting for some updates it’s gonna be releasing on console and like I think like around 2 weeks from today so it’s kind of pretty exciting I’ve got my character all planned out he’s got long hair and a beard I’m still not sure about the long hair I’m not sure about the long hair but I am sure about the beard can I hear let’s go to his face again his head options check this out look at this beard this godly beard him ah oh that’s beautiful what about the hair religion face voice head options is their own facial hair what about regular hair oh we want to be like hip hipster hipster Nords maybe we want to be ball oh oh I like this I like that all the bolts completely bald with just a beard that’s kind of cool that to look that I wouldn’t mind having in in real life you guys see that redness it’s every time yeah that’s kind of weird anyway um I think I’m gonna go with this one right here he looks intimidating looks like he could kick some butt other than that I guess the important thing is the religion I’m gonna try out the frost or sorry the AMIA Muir is a frost giant thing the e mirror is the lord of warren storms frost giants are said to be the male children of Emir and his singular daughter Attali oh the male children of him and his singular daughter yeah okay he takes the form of a frost giant wielding an enormous axe leaving a trail of frosted his wake I like that the voice I haven’t picked yet the gods death is coming cut me down the gods like this one watching me don’t please oh yeah I like that so I picked like his race is Sumerian he’s barbaric and warlike his his body options he’s the tallest you could be with ripped physique a giant boobage and yeah so yeah I think we’re ready to go let’s finalize our character I’m excited to get started here here hangs the Cimmerian edit can i edit the Cimmerian here hanks beef no we’re just gonna go with our regular name vintage beef the Cimmerian condemned to death and exile for crimes including banditry mutilation of a guardsman villainy and rascality that sounds like me any who removed this body living or dead from the Cross will be flayed alive along with all members of their family yikes confirm he looked upset he literally didn’t want to yes of the cobra a prisoner captured by unknown means was transported into the exiled land he sure was crucified and left to die of a crime this is a new intro to by the way I’ve committed death come swiftly on black wings I don’t remember this you fate intervenes sky thing happening but it’s been a long time since I played so who knows ooh let’s get that mouse pointer out of the way the vulture is circling him hi birdie hi pretty bird oh you’re such a pretty bird you’re such a pretty bad is he gonna start pecking at me don’t do that don’t you you shut up oh I think somebody just chopped the bird’s head off [Music] Hey Dude thirsty dead men and their am parched and parlours cut you down from that corpse tree yes that would be very nice by the way I’m playing on a server with mr. John Bane and a bunch of other people’s racks fabulous crusty lapis lorry dolls mass inators boss Robbo flop is in this one too I have to get revenge on him for what he did when I when I on the last server on the last surfer he uh he did some terrible things so I’m gonna murder him when I see him where I come from we kill our enemies in battle we don’t leave them in the desert to die like dogs I like this guy [Music] what’s your name sir so you live again dead man thanks can I call you Stephen feel like you’re a Steven this land is not love women [Music] marked come across the ghost fence wearing that the ghost fence oh so that’s how they explained the walls might have been kinder to leave you on the cross man I’m ripped Live Love burn with life slay and survive oh this guy’s my favorite my favorite man [Music] got a remember guy with the scar on his face whoa look at that sandstorm coming did you did it I did it I did it I’ve an idiot adapt lay again it’s been a long time I really do love this game I got super super into it but then you know it kind of just felt like the same old story but now with all these new additions new combat by the way that’s gonna take some getting used to I’m hoping it’s not too difficult to learn how my pork is blacked out you gotta get up and get yourself some food get some grub let’s kill some turtles on the beach let’s eat their eggs all that wonderful stuff hello hi oh oh there we go oh yeah oh that’s awesome get out of here he attack left mouse button special attack right mouse button off hand thumb mouse button oh the kick the kick dodged Oh sprint jump hold space interact-as eat climb is hold spacebar that I knew already okay let’s uh oh this is this feels good like this feels smoother I’ve gained a level already I’m killing it okay alright let’s be smart about this I know this game hopefully it hasn’t changed too much but we’re gonna need some fire we’re gonna need some rocks we’re gonna need some sticks right off the bat out of stamina okay journey J oh I see climb drink eat if I think I could probably eat right now done journey step completed eat one if I can climb whoa those vultures up there okay climb drink use a bed or bedroom can I can’t Clint or I can’t eat anything or drink anything right now I could probably climb some stuff though huh there we go gain the level by climate okay we don’t have a whole lot of stamina right now to deal with so the the bar over to the left that’s all new interact-as II wonder if that goes away at some point I can’t getting all these stones is Iman is a tab is it I it’s I okay cool oh this brings back so many memories okay so there’s feet attributes unspent points three strength agility vitality accuracy creating covered survival I think we’re gonna go with survival for now and we’re gonna bump in strength and vitality for now feet okay apprentice Mason journeyman Mason I guess we’ll do a Prentiss Mason I gained another level just standing here I can now make stone tool stats spend knowledge points effects nothing stamina tenth this is different journey okay climb eat kick got it my clan I don’t have a clan just yet oh the map oh look at that that’s all new I never ended up going whoa whoa whoa my screen oh is it because there’s like a menu behind there’s probably a menu behind or something okay all right we’re doing great grab some more sticks forgot how to make stuff how do you make stuff have to change that key feet’s attributes unspent points inventory crafting there it is okay I think I’m gonna make one of these take one of these those one of those look and double click these there we go no I can’t double click it okay we’re doing okay though can’t make those just yet got some insects as soon as we get those tools we will we’ll put them on our hot bar continue to pick up some sticks all right he automatically put on the pants that’s convenient now I think oh there’s that stupid yep I didn’t think I was gonna get that close nice job putting on your your stuff automatically here gods curse this sandstorm we were forced to take refuge before the winds scoured the skin from our faces there is something in the storm beasts we hear the skittering of their paws outside the ruins and their house Bingle with the screaming winds the men are scared I put them to work crafting rudimentary weapons and torches from the loose stones and rough plants that dot this place I’ve yet to meet a piece that like fire okay so we’ve got some tools now what else can I build right now that I’ll need I don’t need to repair hammer just yet a bedroll will be great but we need some hide for that improvised torch is actually not a bad idea in case it gets dark altar I will need some stuff um I’m really kind of excited about this where the torch go oh right here I wanted that on the last bar let’s get some more stone here let’s pick it up I’m still not anywhere near the starting area I could see the trees though so I’m going towards that I wonder who built what is that what is this by the way when I move my where was that oh here we go look at that what is that about I feel like there’s something going on there I’m sure there’s still some bug’s to work out the game again it has not been officially released I’m pretty sure it’s still beta or a pre-release or something yeah I think it’s officially released in a couple of weeks I might be wrong about that though but I think that’s what I saw or maybe it’s just released in a couple weeks on the on the PC I have no idea okay we have finally gotten to the oasis-c part of the map now what do we do first first thing we do is attack one of these guys all they have health bars now that’s cool do we get his his disgusting flesh I think that’s all we got I’m hoping to get some leather here so I can make a bed a bed roll and and sleep somewhere around here is there anything else I can kill oh here we go the turtles now I remember the first time I played this game the turtles were actually pretty tough to deal with get out of here get out of here oh he’s he’s hurting me a little bit it’s not that bad though more more feral flesh I gained another level that is good where are the tert oh I could kill the babies but the babies I think this is a bad idea other parents didn’t care I’m over encumbered with what oh I have some hide whoa Jesus oh oh drop drop drop this is not good is he gonna change me forever now this is pretty much what happened in the first the first time I played this game I don’t know if I should like I don’t think he has any other attacks other than this right now stick and move stick and move I can get probably got so many levels just beating this guy right now ouch I’d hurt oh we hit me again I keeps hitting me let’s go the other way suck it suck it yeah hi you suck I’m gonna get a couple shots on you here ouch that hurt I’m gonna die no okay I think maybe I should just run away I’m just gonna run away just gonna run far far away I’m out of stamina I’m out of stamina back I go yep this is getting off to a great start hmm oh there’s there’s there’s thralls over there oh sweet ha they gave up or it gave up hi thrall ease how are you doing oh no no don’t want to deal with them is eat no come on guy just go back to your campfire everything’s fine speaking of campfires can I make something like that no speech whoa I heard something my throat feels dry okay let’s go to the water over there oh boy starting all over again this is crazy it’s kind of cool though I do miss this game there’s more thralls why does everything you want to kill me gods eat some bugs I need a bunch of bugs here to fill up my hunger bar a little bit I’m regenerating this guys are gonna be trouble aren’t they oh there’s a house over there I drank some water look at me backstroking you guys can’t get me now can’t you let’s go and check out that house yikes there’s a gator chasing me or it was I think it lost interest all right whose house is this does it say Jocelyn I’m just gonna go ahead and climb your building here Jocelyn never mind me just a man on your roof how about here let’s can I stand please don’t fall off the roof guy can you stand on the roof there you go ah look at me this is a nice little place she’s got here oh there’s somebody else’s house right over there careful okay not a big deal I can’t hold it for more options interact or cancel I can’t do or I can interact so I guess I’m canceling careful okay good whose house is this I don’t remember if I liked playing in first person I think I did like playing in first first person lesser wheel of pain Hrothgar okay oh nice little already you got a panther head dude Barry oh look at all these little houses here huh we’re in boats the map is this I think I want to move into this little area here I’m gonna keep walking along the the shore now that I have some water I have a little bit of food oh I can make a campfire now by the way I researched it I also researched the stone mace I think I’m gonna use a stone mason season usually I’m like a sword but I think this season I want I want to make I want to be a mace guy can i crap this I need rope okay can i craft rope where’s the rope back the rope is here crap 41 and now I can probably yeah craft one of these water skins we don’t have we don’t have anything to cook right now I don’t think I’ve some volatile glands already though that’s pretty good uh-huh it looks like this is where the border is to I can actually swim past it but I think I’ll follow whoa whoa whoa did I die Oh No bed bed roll aah I actually died well that part of the game hasn’t changed so this is interesting who the heck is this random dude just walking around I don’t think this is a player this never used to happen before what is he doing he’s going hunting master is he gonna attack me now are we friendly they’re still fighting okay you know what I’m just gonna go ahead and head towards where I died so I could pick up my stuff there’s a croc in my way that could be a problem it’s right over here where I tied I know it was right by the border here okay here’s the border and now swimming is different too I don’t think there was a dive button before there’s a dive button now oh this guy’s on me okay there’s a dive button do you guys see anything of mine okay let’s watch our breath here do a little bit of rising okay we are pretty close pretty close let’s not get too close to the border though is it even worth it I could probably just make those things again in no time let’s see we are it looks like it’s just over this way but I don’t see it well oh here he is hey let’s let’s get up ah beautiful beautiful air oh let’s get back down there grab our stuff and let’s try to find a safe place well that looks like a rock nose King so this is probably yeah he’s huge alright so I’m a little confused it looks like this part of the map is not accessible yet maybe that’s what’s coming in the new update so we’ll have to we’ll have to maybe stay close to this border here everything’s fine here but I’m gonna go over here Oh what the heck that’s four that’s four of them I don’t want to deal with four of them if I get up here four of them this would be kind of a cool spot to build our first little house right little overlook of the of the water here don’t after all their fighting oh yeah you go Rock knows King I think that’s a rock knows King hey they’re not really he’s kind of just like petting them or something okay I think right here is a good spot for our first house good spot as any let me get my tools back on my bar here this mace or this yeah what is it Mountain Mall oh that is cool oh if you hold it interesting so can I do this and then you can combine all the kinds of attacks together that is awesome let’s try it out I missed them here we go come on bang oh yeah that’s nothing that’s nothing okay here’s something oh no no no oh okay wait gotta aim at them we got this guy oh we got this guy come on speed meat for days nice oh ok so they carry nothing now the axe should provide me oh yes delicious meat and I’ve already made one of these let’s make the campfire or put down the campfire right over here and we will open the camp by your ass I think we have to do this to burn it and now I think we have to do this to make some steak yeah it’s making some steak guys okay I’m gonna start collecting materials can I even make a foundation yeah I can I can make it crap three of them I think just a little 4×4 or sorry a 2×2 house just to start this is not permanent residence here it might be for a bit determinant residents but for now we’re just gonna protect ourselves from the elements that I gained another level uh use a better bed roll find shelter can I make a bed or a better roll right now fibers bed roll I can make good stuff perform a heavy finisher with a weapon how do you perform a heavy finisher I gotta learn about the combat this is gonna be exciting okay let me grab a bunch of stuff here look at this little house you know that’s one thing I always loved about this game the building was awesome in it I mean there weren’t a lot of options and they’ve since added some so I’m excited about it I’m excited about that but uh but I’m really really happy with how this this whole building system works in this game let’s go ahead and destroy this dismantle that look at a little tiny house it looks great already we need a door we need a door okay door boom we need some ceilings boom boom can I make another ceiling yes I can okay let’s put the ceilings here good I just want to have a little just want to have a little something something you gotta have a little bit of style with our new house here perfect perfect do we have some pillars can I can I can make pillar who any more stone Wow are you the king dude oh oh he oh he just took half my health of one shot this is not good okay King dude is gonna be a problem he is gonna be a major problem uh is he gonna just chase me all around the map this is not good here’s what I’ll do I’ll eat him down here hey he stopped chasing me holy crap that guy took half my help of one shot I am regenerating health but man he’s still gonna be mad at me I need a bow and some arrows I wanted to come down here yike and uh where’s he at he’s down there okay I’m just gonna walk all the way around again and hopefully he doesn’t bother me much to make flinthead arrows you need feathers where the heck does one get a feather you know what I should probably upgrade a little bit my strength up one my vitality up one my grit establish your stamina pool yes that’s important you know what let’s bump up that tooth encumbrance up one I have 16 unspent points Wow okay mine come brings up another one survival let’s go with uh strength again what’s agility more in different different effect on armor oh okay I’m looking at these things they’re kind of cool too so let’s focus on for now strength vitality grit and encumbrance strength vitality up to five grit encumbrance up to five and we’ll do a couple under agility yes okay good stuff I feel faster already so got our door we’ve got a little got a little thingy here I should find some feathers I don’t even know where does one find feathers in this game I can t remember there being Birds unless it’s like an ostrich or something I can make a bow right I can make a bow there’s different types Oh there’s bones and plant fiber to make bone arrows okay so let’s crack some skulls here and get some bones I don’t know if you can get bones from these animals is this thing gonna like run away from me oh he didn’t seem fazed by it oh wow oh okay okay that’s good stop stop right there thank you very much almost I sit at the meter we get horn from that and then some leather I didn’t get any bones from it though you know there’s a Thrall camp up there I wonder how hard it would be to get in there get out and and steal some stuff I’m gonna try fighting one of these lizards things again this time I think I can beat them well I beat the other one last time I’m pretty sure did I I can’t remember now is this one of them this is a baby I don’t want to fight the babies here you hear you’re the first oh I’m like half health at altitude oh yeah it sucks for you holy crap oh he knocked me down yeah I think there’s a yeah kickback oh this is cool the new health is awesome or the new the new battling system is awesome can I get some bones from him how does one get bones you just use the axe man I keep trying to make that oh there’s some bones okay okay now we can make more of these seven more okay get ahead did I get ahead I did I’m a little bit low I’m a little over encumbered here let’s go it I got three more points let’s go with encumbrance and agility okay all right this is going well oh yeah just going around getting some stone because I’m gonna make almost said blacksmith I mean a furnace I can also make an Armorer’s bench who wouldn’t artisans work table heck yeah make one of those here comes the fernika I left a little space underneath there just for my furnace amount of stamina here we go this is what I wanted right over here facing me Oh things are happening this thing is kind of in the bat in a bad place right now but that’s okay I didn’t really I didn’t really like pick a spot with a lot of trees did I and I think this one can you get wood from this you get fines huh get wood from that one okay so let’s make the apprentice furniture or sorry artisans work table there we go do I have enough to make headwraps yet I need to make leather armor and I don’t know if I can do that armor is workbench that’s what I need okay next up is that let’s get this one going we’ll put it you know what let’s put that one inside I think we have enough room inside to work with that in this tiny tiny house yeah we probably do like right there can I go first person now that’s probably good boom yeah it’s a little sideways yeah dismantled cancel I still can’t pick up stuff huh it’s a little sideways that’s okay you figure a house like this he’s not gonna take the time to really like you can make this stuff to really nail the the angles so let’s work that sounded like something everything’s fine everything’s fine let’s work on the armor is bed 20 to 40 stone 160 wood and 20 twine okay I think I am ready to build this thing let’s put this thing on the side of the house here this is all very very exact not really that looks good armor is workbench can I’m oh what is this entwine a small length of twine why would you need this though probably to make some of this stuff maybe interesting and then there’s in twine again recipe in twine recipe you can use this for that or this for that so I think it’s just why that noise that I keep hearing is a little bit disconcerting I would still like to find feathers so I can make some actual arrows Flint arrows but I don’t know where to find feathers I might have to go in there and take a look but anyway I also made the campfire where’s the campfire right here and we’ll put that in the back and then eventually if we choose this as our spot then we will make this look really nice and stuff but for now for now this is a temporary workshop for us they still haven’t gotten rid of the bug where the grass comes through the things that you build so that’s a little bit annoying but that’s okay well what the heck is that noise that that was in real life I think this time anyway that’s where we’re gonna end the episode guys I hope you enjoyed it we did the whole lot of work already today but everything is looking great we got a nice spot we only died once and it was due to my own fault because I passed the invisible barrier it wasn’t even invisible I passed the obviously visible barrier hope you enjoyed this episode I’ll see you in the next one thumbs up for more cone and exiles I’m really excited to get back into this and we got a great group of people on this server especially clop I can’t wait to kill them

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  1. Saw a Loverfella vid and he said you knew your stuff. Within the 1st few mins you thought Conan was Steve and you ran passed the water skin…turns out you know less than most lol cya

  2. Quick question is this a multiplayer only game or is there single player seprate from multiplayer and is getting this game worth ive been playing ark survival evolved and really like it but i only play online is it like ark?

  3. Lost in Time
    24/7 pvp
    Brand new … No alphas yet
    Server is PvP with added events including pvp arena
    Admins DO NOT RAID or retaliate!
    Come have a permanent base and claim your territory!!!

  4. I need ppl 2 join my clan. i have good stuff. I need ppl who r trust worthy and will work. I have a main base right next to a city surrounded by walls And archers u will need to build ur own house inside the wall. 3×3 only but the hight can be however high u want it. Do nit mess with other ppls houses. Gamertag is "NoFearFlash"

  5. Boy this looks kinda good, but they messed up the skill progression. SLice and dice should be first for strength, not 3rd. *smfh * Common sense just isnt common anymore. Oh well, stilll looks neat.

  6. So I literally had the same face and head design but I didn’t name my character VintageBeef I named mine Jesus

  7. This is where I built my very firt base back in early access. A little further North and to the right of the Executioners Entrance is the absolute best starting spot in game. Identified by the one tree. That spot has Iron, Brimstone, Coal, water, stripped hyenas, and walking path to Black Galleon. Good for levels 1 to 50. Only have to leave for thick leather and star metal. Fyi, a 5×5 shack can fit ever crafting station, then add a 5×6 for wheels of pain.

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