CONAN EXILES (NEW SEASON) – EP01 – Starting Fresh! (Gameplay Video)

CONAN EXILES (NEW SEASON) – EP01 – Starting Fresh! (Gameplay Video)

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  1. Saw a Loverfella vid and he said you knew your stuff. Within the 1st few mins you thought Conan was Steve and you ran passed the water skin…turns out you know less than most lol cya

  2. Quick question is this a multiplayer only game or is there single player seprate from multiplayer and is getting this game worth ive been playing ark survival evolved and really like it but i only play online is it like ark?

  3. Lost in Time
    24/7 pvp
    Brand new … No alphas yet
    Server is PvP with added events including pvp arena
    Admins DO NOT RAID or retaliate!
    Come have a permanent base and claim your territory!!!

  4. I need ppl 2 join my clan. i have good stuff. I need ppl who r trust worthy and will work. I have a main base right next to a city surrounded by walls And archers u will need to build ur own house inside the wall. 3×3 only but the hight can be however high u want it. Do nit mess with other ppls houses. Gamertag is "NoFearFlash"

  5. Boy this looks kinda good, but they messed up the skill progression. SLice and dice should be first for strength, not 3rd. *smfh * Common sense just isnt common anymore. Oh well, stilll looks neat.

  6. So I literally had the same face and head design but I didn’t name my character VintageBeef I named mine Jesus

  7. This is where I built my very firt base back in early access. A little further North and to the right of the Executioners Entrance is the absolute best starting spot in game. Identified by the one tree. That spot has Iron, Brimstone, Coal, water, stripped hyenas, and walking path to Black Galleon. Good for levels 1 to 50. Only have to leave for thick leather and star metal. Fyi, a 5×5 shack can fit ever crafting station, then add a 5×6 for wheels of pain.

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