Conan Exiles Beginner’s Guide #1 – First 30 Minutes of Gameplay

Conan Exiles Beginner’s Guide #1 – First 30 Minutes of Gameplay

Ahoy People Vaniverse with the Vaniverse Gaming Channel here with another video on Conan exiles this is the first video on
Conan exiles in the live version I’ve been playing Conan exiles for the last
fifteen months through early access and I’m super excited for the final release
no more wipes and I wanted to give people a quick
guide if you’ve never played Conan exiles hopefully it’s helpful little
tips on what to do when you first get in the game and for pretty much the first
30 minutes to an hour of playing so let’s get started here first thing
you’re gonna do is gonna pick a character male or female character
customization you don’t have to worry about which race you pick there’s no
like benefits like pluses to anything or – minuses to anything by picking a certain race
it’s just mainly for the lore of it so once you pick your race and everything
you’re good to go the one thing I will note is the religion tab so there are
six religions in the game Crom mitra set yog Ymir and derketo and so if you
pick these religions or first thing and you’re when you first log into the game
you’ll be able to make the altar for that right away if you don’t pick this
religion it’s gonna require fifty attribute points
I’m sorry fifty feats in order fifty feat points in order to unlock the religion
unless you find a trainer so if you know where all the trainers are and you go
talk to them it lets you unlock the religion for free so what I do is I
always take Ymir because the trainer for Ymir is way up in the frozen north
so I take him just because that way I don’t have to run to the frozen north so
then the other gods you can just Google where their trainers are find them down
in this in the desert area and then learn that that way derketo is gonna be
in the jungle area she might be a little bit harder to find I’m not really sure
so you’ll go through this wonderful new cut screen beginning
trailer and then you’ll get into the game so when you come into the game
you’re gonna notice a couple things you’re gonna notice that you have a bar
below that’s your hot bar that’s where all your weapons and stuff go on the top
left you’re gonna have three bars you’re gonna see
little yellowish bar up at top a red bar and then a big yellow bar that is gonna
be the top one that you can see moving that’s your experience the red one is
your health yellow is your stamina this whole game
is based on stamina usage so as you do things you will run through stamina and
then once your stamina runs out you will not be able to do anything until it goes
all the way back to yellow so managing your stamina is a very important part of
this game now you’ll see four circles also the first circle is how much water
you currently have obviously if it’s green that’s good as it gets less and
less it’ll go yellow and red once you get thirsty if you don’t drink you will
slowly die same with food which is the next one third one is your encumbrance
it’s how much you can carry and the fourth one is your temperature the
higher your temperature is in the red that means you’re getting hotter and
you’re overheating you’ll consume more water and then if it’s in the blue
you’re gonna be cold you’re gonna get hypothermia and you’re gonna freeze to
death and you’re gonna burn through more food so you want to keep the white bar
across the circle you want to keep it right in the middle of the red and blue
and that means you’re doing pretty good so you’ll notice that it’s a little raised
to the red that’s because I’m in the desert with no clothes on and because
I’m in the desert with no clothes on I am suffering from some heat so I need to
make some armor you also know in the top right hand corner you have a journey the
journey is kind of designed to give new players a direction of what to do there
are no quest in this game it is a survival game but this kind of helps you
you know you can sense it blah almost any vertical surface can be climbed walk
up hold jump so then you can come up here and you go whoop and you learn how
to climb so the journey kind of teaches you things about the game and I believe
you get experience points for doing things on the journey as well so just
keep that in mind so when you get into the inventory you’re gonna notice that
you have what you can craft over here you have your bag space here and then
what can wear than up here you have your
health your stamina etc if you want a more in-depth guide of this you just go
to stats it’ll tell you more detail what’s your offense your defense your
temperature resistance your movement and then any effects you have so there’s
buffs in the game etc and then you have the last thing is as you level up in
this game you can level up to 60 you gain attribute and feat points so
attribute points will go to one two three four five six seven different
attributes and each one has a certain effect so strength if you put all of
your points and strength you’re gonna be able to do more melee damage agility
measures the ability to move by wearing clothing so it allows you to dodge roll
better and you know not run out of stamina as much vitality is your health
accuracy is how good you are with a bow grit determines the size of your stamina
pool which is kind of important this game it seems how stamina is pretty much
used all the time encumbrance measures how much you can carry encumbrance is
extremely important early on and that’s where I’m gonna put my points solely
because early on in the game you’re gonna be doing a lot of gathering a lot
of farming so that you can build your structure and make all your little your
little crafting tables in order to proceed through the game so that is that
and then feats are basically what you can unlock as you level up you can pick
and choose what you can unlock in the game to be able to make just note that
you will not be able to unlock everything if you have if your level 60
you will only be able to unlock about 50% of what’s here the good news is you
can respec there’s an ability to respect so you can kind of unlock
certain things build them respec change it around so that’s always something so
don’t be worried that you made a mistake because pretty early on if you know what
you’re doing you can actually respec your character so in this case there’s
really nothing that I care to spec into at this point so now it’s what are we
gonna do here so our goal is to get out of this desert get into the exiled lands
here and to build shelter craft weapons and pretty much dominate it’s a survival
game but it runs like an MMO where there are three tiers of buildings
each tier is a certain strength against a certain type of creature etc Tier
three being the strongest Tier one being the newbie so you’ll start out making
tier one and then as you build your benches you can then upgrade tier 1 to
tier two and then eventually tier 2 to tier 3 the same with goes with the area
so everything in this middle area here above this giant water area is gonna be
tier two and then if you go past this rock section here into the screen and
brown and up into the white and the volcano that’s all gonna be tier 3 stuff
so if you’re new you probably want to hang out down here in the newbie land so
now we know where we’re going we’re going to the water we need to find a
place for shelter we need to find water we need to find food and we need to
start you know gathering to make weapons and etc etc so now I’m gonna click on
this stupid thing boom and it’s gonna read this is another way to kind of
guide you through what to do and why that’s talking you’ll notice that I’m
just clicking interact and I’m picking up stones and I’m picking up branches
etc so early on the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re going to try and head
in to the water and you’re gonna pick up anything you see you’re always gonna
find when you first start on the server you’re gonna find one water skin and
then another note which is we can let lead so the
water skin is important because now I’m thirsty from lands I’ve never heard of some
we will Listen to this guy for a second “scrabbling in the rocks and same for
their own place I cannot go on the life that I left behind haunts me
the Sun over the glittering spires belverus forever tonight me smell of my
daughter’s hair I will pass the ghost fence and this cursed land will finally
end me to whoever reads this note I leave the last of my water and this
message stranger you have my pity you do not know how cursed you truly are”
alright well that was inspiring so basically the guy there’s still a border
wall that goes around that if you you can’t go out of there’s a green little
wall there you have this little bracelet on your arm if you go past that green
little wall you pretty much die so that’s what he’s saying he basically
just went and died in the wall and then left you as water and note so there you
go so now you notice that I drank my water
out of my water skin it is currently empty the little white bar is not under
it but now I’m full on water I’m nice and green and you would have also
noticed that my my temperature went down for a split second because I was cooling
off from drinking cold water so the same thing happens if you’re in cold
if you drink warm beverages like teas and coffees which you can make alcohol
then basically you warm up instead of cool down but the only way I’m really
gonna solve my overheating issue is to make some clothes and so that’s what I’m
gonna do now you also notice that I need food and as I loot these little plants
here I get these stupid little insects and they will help feed me so when I eat
one you’ll see that I get this little regeneration that regenerates your
health back as well so all healing in Conan Exiles is based on regeneration
so basically it’s a regen overtime food regens you the better the food the more
healthy regen and then there’s also healing potions and bandages in the game
as well that are meant more for healing permanently where food is not really
meant to be used as healing but it’ll sustain you as you go
through the game alright so with that being said let’s loot up a couple of these
now like I said I’m gonna eat all these stupid little handfuls until I can get
some better food and then I am going to go to my attributes and I’m gonna put my
points in encumbrance because I want to carry stuff and then for my feats I can
choose these I’m gonna do a building feat I’m gonna do a campfire eventually
I will unlock a sword but until then we’re gonna make some clothes so we stop
overheating this is a bed so basically how this works is in the game you put
down a bed if you were to die you respawn at the bed if you don’t have a
bed down that you are bound to in this case a bed roll there’s also real beds
but this case of bed roll you respawn back in the desert so if you make it all
the way in and you’re doing great then something kills you and you didn’t lay a
bed roll nearby you go all the way back to the newbie desert so always always
always lay these down especially if you’re new to the game because you never
know when something’s gonna come kill you so we’ll make one of these to be
able to cook meat once we get it and then we should have a hatchet and a pick
so that’s what we’ll do next I think I cancelled stuff instead of because I’m
silly alright so what are we what did we cancel that that’s what we cancelled all right so
we’re gonna grab some more sticks here and some more stone so that we can make
our first pick and so we can make our first hatchet and then we’ll kind of
show you what we’re gonna do with those things so thanks to the handfuls of bugs
and the water I’m doing pretty good if you come here this guy has a book you
can read it tells you more of a story “forced to take refuge before the winds
scoured the skin from our faces there is something in the storm beasts we hear
the skittering of their paws outside the ruins and their howls mingled with the
screaming winds the men are scared I’ve put them to work crafting rudimentary
weapons and torches from the loose stones and rough plants that dot this
place I have yet to meet a beast that like fire or the bite of the axe there
you go so rudimentary weapons is basically telling you that you need to
craft this stuff and we’ll eventually get a water skin cause that’s really
important if we lose this one it’s always good to have another water skin
in case and then we’re going to make our bedroll so we’re pretty much
good to go until we level again we’re getting real close once we level again
we’re basically oh we did level I didn’t see that
so encumbrance feats and weapons so now I can make myself a sword and life is
good so I need more stone in this so now that I have a pick I hit stone I get way
more stone than picking it up off the ground and then for wood trees I can hit
with a hatchet now in this game if you hit a tree with a hatchet you will get
branches and then you will get wood if you hit it with a pick you will get wood
and you will get bark bark is used in one of your crafting benches and so
hitting it with a pick is a good idea but early on you don’t get a lot for
hitting it with a pick you get way more wood from hitting it with a axe than you
do a pick so we’re gonna head over these trees we’re gonna build our sword we’re
gonna lay down our our bed roll and then we’re gonna figure out where it is we’re
gonna start building our location so when building your location there’s a
couple tips I want to give you we’re gonna learn a wooden we’re gonna learn a
wooden box here let’s do this so when you’re new and you’re a solo player in
this game and you’re afraid of losing all your stuff there’s a nifty little
trick that you can do in order to hide your loot and so what I want to show you
is we’re gonna learn boxes here and we are going to put a box and then we’re
gonna build foundations around it so at this point I have this I have my my
tools I’m good to go and so what I’m probably gonna do now is
I’m gonna kill some animals get some meat so that I can eat some food that is
hearty you can take the survival attribute and if you get enough in it
you can actually you’ll see you can actually eat raw food and you don’t have
to cook it which is pretty cool but kind of gross at the same time so
let’s go kill this imp and then we can harvest him he’s gonna give us these
cool little fire glands fire glands then you’ll see he gave us some feral flesh
that’s what we’re gonna cook on our little campfire so in order to make a
foundation is what we’re gonna need you need mostly stone in a couple wood so
we’re gonna farm up some stone and we’re gonna build our basic structure so where
you build is completely up to you you want to be near food you want to be near
water you want to be near iron resources I can do another video on this if you
guys want on how to find iron and where to go but this is mainly meant just for
new players but I can tell you that all the iron is gonna be up in this area up
in here so if you build down here you’re gonna have a bit of a run to get to the
iron but you build down here you’re gonna be much safer a couple things to
know they did add in a jungle area and a volcano so over on the right here’s the
jungle here’s the volcano up here this jungle areas you know tier two levels so
20s and 30s I’m guessing and then this is like 30s 40s 50s and 60s up here so
just keep that in mind if you’re gonna go build all right so let’s go fill our
water skin down to water let’s farm some more stuff you can see
that that third little icon is starting to get yellow which means I’m starting
to get overweight but that’s okay so I ran out of stamina cause I’m silly
and now I have to wait for it to come back which is a bad thing so chop those
bad boys up get some hide alright we’re almost ready almost ready to start
building our location hatchet up a wood here so I’ll show you here if I hit it
with a stone pick you’ll see I gain bark so bark is important especially early on
but we’ll figure that out here in a second alright so because my encumbrance
is high I can actually farm a lot of stuff if I didn’t put points into
encumbrance I would have a hard time doing all this all right if you want you
can craft while you’re running around it’s always good to do that that way you
can just get it all crafted and then it also saves you on weight stone weighs a
lot so let’s see here I want one two three four and one two three four and one two opps too much and then I want twine so i can make a door and we’ll keep
moving so that way your crafting is you’re moving you’re getting extra stuff
done cause the goal is you want to build a base as fast as you possibly can
good news is is depending on what server you play on obviously not on private
servers people can only raid your base between 5 and 11 p.m. server time so if
you build in certain areas you’re not gonna have your base raided die oh crap see how he has a shield he’s
blocking me if I had a mace he wouldn’t be able to do that but I don’t so now
I’m getting jacked up pretty good crippled so you see how he’s blocking
that is not a good thing you have to wait until he’s not blocking
so that you can attack him or you can kick him watch boom kick knocks the block
off so in this case my kick is my F just so slow but if he’s gonna keep
blocking just keep kicking him till he dies so then you can loot these guys
they have some pretty cool stuff on them if you took damage you can eat to get
the regen like we talked about you can even hack these guys up I wouldn’t
really eat it but if you want to you can I just hack them up with a hide I think
if you eat it you get sick even if you cook it I don’t think it’s good for you
alright so what are we at here we came down here for some water so we’ll click
four and we’ll fill our water skin and now we’re going to find a place to build
build our shelter lay our bed and make our cooking fire you’ll notice that all
my stuff is getting kind of damaged it’s very simple you just click on it and hit
repair and it’ll tell you it took three stone to repair you’ll see this little
gear which means you just can’t use it while it’s repairing not a big deal and
you have to have enough stuff in your inventory in order to do the repair if
you don’t it won’t repair or it won’t repair fully all right so we’re gonna just keep on
hitting some stone here all right so we got a Kappa who hopefully is not attacking us almost done let’s get involved in this
whoa let’s not get involved in this oh hello okay and chop chop chop chop and
drop and drop and move on so it’s cool cause the NPC’s will fight each other and
gonna fight the Kappas and get destroyed and then we can benefit from this so I
didn’t lay my bedroll down which is not necessarily a good thing because if one of these Kappas attacks me and kills me I’m in deep trouble and I would respond back in the desert but I
feel confident that I can beat this guy so I’m not too worried about it but I am
overconfident I guess Kappas are hard at level 1 well early on all right kill
this stupid thing these guys are fodder all right so I
think we’re good now we got we need to eat soon
so let’s get our foundations up let’s lay down our food let’s lay down our bed
roll and let’s build a little thing so let me show you the trick I was talking
about so foundations can snap into a certain wall so if you want you can do
this you can say okay I need a wood box so I need a hundred wood and twelve
twine so let’s do a wood box quick chop choppty chop and choppty chop all right so we’ll make
our wood box and what we’ll do is we’ll put our wood
box excuse me down here like this now
we can put all of our stuff in it now here’s the cool part so what I do is I
take my foundation I put it here and I put it right about there and then I’ll
put this one right there there there and so now you can see nobody’s gonna get to
that chest so if at any time I need to get to that chest I can easily just
break one of these foundations and then just jump down in and get to the chest I
must not have done it a hundred percent or the rock is causing me issues I think
it is there we go so now you come in and now you could say we could give all and
there you go so that’s what I would suggest especially if you’re early on or
your new player is hide your chest down below in your foundations and then
basically just you can destroy foundations and redo them to make sure
that your stuff is safe so that’s what we’re gonna do and then we’re gonna lay
our bed roll we’re gonna lay our food thing and we’re gonna end it for today
so this is just a basic guide I wanted to give you guys just to get started
please please please leave any comments below if you have any questions or
you’re not sure about anything by all means I will be playing this game rather
often and so I’ll do my best to provide you guys some extra tips and what not
I do have a lot of older videos on Conan some of them are still valid some are
not that just solely depends which videos you watch but I hope to update
that here soon so let me finish this up and then we’ll end the video I
appreciate you guys watching I hope you guys enjoy Conan Exiles as much as I do
it’s been a long time coming and so hopefully it stays being as good as it
as it is now it had a rough start in the beginning Alright Boom so now if we want we can say okay let’s put our
wall boom boom there we go there we go build another wall and then we want a doorway in a
door so we need twine for a door and we need a doorway put that bad boy right there
we have our roof you can see how the building pieces just kind of snap into
place really really nice we need one two three
more so put that one right there and that one there one there all right so
now all we need left is we need to make a door and so I think for a door we just
need some more wood and then we can put our door on and everything’s happy now
you notice that I’m gonna start dying here if I don’t eat so you always have
to keep an eye on your food and your water cause right now your see I’m
starving you watch my health my health will go
down extremely quickly when I’m starving so in order to save ourselves what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna come in here I’m gonna lay down our bed roll where’s our
oh it’s in the chest silly silly we’re gonna die no get out
all this stuff okay where’s the bedroll where’s the
bedroll we’re gonna lay it down right there and now if we die we’re gonna
respawn at the bedroll we’re also gonna lay down this bad boy
want to put on our meat and you notice I will die so luckily because I wasn’t
paying attention I died to the starving but luckily I put down my bed roll and
you see I can spawn on my bed roll bed or desert and so now I’m gonna spawn right
here and then I don’t lose all my stuff if I did not put down that bed roll I
would add the spawn way out yonder and that would have been terrible all right so we’ll hack up my body get
it out of the way okay and where were we we were gonna do this and get some nice
food I’m gonna put this back here and now all we need is a door and we needed
twine so we need to loot some plants and convert some plants into twine and then
we are good to go twine craft 10 how do I need for a door 25 and 5 easy-peasy and then I can keep eating food once
it’s cooked it’ll help regen my health as well as
give me food back so now make a door and voila we are done okay so that’s pretty
much it one thing I will note is that you do
need to lock your chest in this game if you don’t lock your chest you will
basically anyone can just open it if you lock your chest then they cannot so
let’s make another foundation and I’ll show you what I mean we’re going to
basically say okay everything we have is on us destroy the foundation jump down
here open the chest give all and so now you
know you can keep what you want to save you don’t you know what I mean and now
you just say okay so you can see how it says open but it says open anyone can
come loot this so you hold E and then you say lock and now they would have to
actually destroy it in order to open it put your foundation back no one even
knows you have a chest there it’s good to put a wood box somewhere in here and
leave it open and then that way people will think that you’re a noob and you
don’t have a hidden wood box saving all your stuff so that’s it that’s pretty
much the beginner’s guide for Conan exiles hopefully you guys liked this
video give it a like sub to the channel bottom right hand corner and leave any
comments you have below and we’ll get more videos on Conan Exiles this is
currently my new game of choice I’ll be playing it a ton so stay tuned for more
episodes this is Vaniverse from Vaniverse Gaming gaming Cheers
and peace out

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  27. Lord I need help on the Xbox one im New to survival games just got it bc I'm a huge Conan fan but I am just lost on how to play I keep getting killed online and it's to boring offline any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

  28. i got the game when it first came out in early access and i refunded it on steam but i got it for free on psn so im gonna try it again

  29. Thanks for the Beginner's Guide. I'm really loving playing with my boyfriend, but we have been hopeless Noobs! Thank goodness that you are here to help us.

  30. I just want to say THANK YOU for making this. I just bought the game yesterday and really needed something like this to get started.

  31. Rage quit on Dayz cause of PS4 lag crashed my car and now I’m downloading this so I’m glad this videos out lol

  32. I've heard this game is really good, so I'm watching your video before buying it on Steam or PS4 (maybe both). I've played Minecraft for years, so this looks to me like Minecraft with photorealistic graphics. Do monsters come out at night? Is is multiplayer or single player? If multiplayer, is there PVP?

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