Comebacks | MX Nation S3 E6

Comebacks | MX Nation S3 E6

previously on MX nation 450 freshman Cooper Webb and privateer turns factory racer Dean Wilson have been navigating their way through the 2017 Outdoor Nationals for the often injured Wilson simply finishing the 12 round series healthy would be considered a victory but for Webb the hype of a 250 championship and a lucrative contract from factory Yamaha have created eminent expectations for the 21 year old rookie someone goes flying where is Cooper Webb all sorts of carnage here in moto number one over our 450 class right now I’m tenth in points for me the points isn’t where I want to be by any means but I feel like I’ve been overall top five guy all year but I’ll have bad races to have such a kicking ass this year I learned more than I ever would have I think even if I would have been doing good Cooper’s best opportunity and an overall podium came at Southwick but a small tip over in moto 2 opened the door for Dean Wilson who has not finished a race in the top three in the outdoors since 2011 congratulations Dean Wilson first ever 450 podium one thing I feel like I’ve really learned is that you just never give up do you really want to race and write for factory team again or do you want to struggle on the back of a van and not make any money you just have to come to reality and know what you want in life that vision becomes a lot more clear Wilson podium twice this summer and astonishingly is poised to finish the season fourth overall in points an act of vindication for a racer that no team wanted less than a year ago it was good to see the hard work paying off and showing myself that I can still be on the podium you know I’m hoping that this is just the beginning of good things to come it is the final days of preparation before the last round of the season and Marvin moose can will practice solo under Alden Baker’s guidance missing is 450 championship contender Jason Anderson who’s crashed the week before Southwick wit ultimately end his season when Jason crashed thank God he didn’t break anything but it was a hard enough impact just in an area where that’s the connection from the upper part of the body to the lower and yeah it’s swelling in his back I mean he couldn’t even move properly I think in the sport you always look for you know what it could have been worse you know you have to the brutal nature of the outdoors has had little effect on Marvin loose can the last half of the season since overcoming a meniscus tear Marvin has raced to perfection at Millville Washougal and Unadilla I remember you know when I look at my contract and I look at the bonuses and you know I was looking at me till I said can you imagine if one day I can get one third-place bonus and now I’m like winning races and being the number-one rider on the team it’s pretty unreal I think he deserves everything he gets right now and I think that’s exciting so now to do it like six times in a row right it’s huge I do think he’s amazing what he’s doing is amazing just say amazing about riding their bikes that’s it you’re an amazing man yeah it’s just so romantic that’s his French side gaining points Marvins results this year has solidified his position as KTMs future star and has boosted his confidence to new levels but the current task of the 2017 Outdoor Championship is in jeopardy and the fear is that as heroics in the last several rounds may have come too late Marvin I mean I think everyone knows since dunge retired he has stepped up I mean I think he’s taken that spot unbelievably well he’s been doing phenomenal and yep unfortunately you know an injury and a mechanical and I do believe the crash at Southwick that was his fault that set us back so you do look back you think our what-ifs what it but that’s the sport it also shows how hard it is to keep it together till the end you’ve got to give respect to the guys and that’s why he lies in the number one spot now leading the championship all credit to him we’re in a situation now where we’ve got nothing to lose it has been since 2014 that the championship will be decided the last round of the series and three racers have the opportunity to win the title points leader Eli Tomac the surging Marvin moose kin and Blake Baggett who has not been on the podium the last four rounds due to a thumb injury he suffered at Red Bud the ligament is completely off the bone and detached and I have no grip strength in that hand I mean I’ve done velcro on the grip now we’re doing spray glue adhesive motocross you know you just got to tough it out a side story to the final showdown was the appearance of multi time European champion Jeffrey Herlings his presence was alarming from the start as he laid down the fastest lap time in practice time wise he’s a little bit off Jeffrey Marvin doesn’t want anyone to be faster than him so I think it motivates him at this stage in the series the only way Eli Tomac can lose the title is if something unfortunate were to happen and Tomac was surrounded by KTMs with Herlings loose cam and Baggett basically got to get a pair of tensed and the championship will be his house he lights up Tomac looking for the hole shot here he pushes back at what and Tomac does it that is the first hole shot in the air for Tomac in the 23rd photo of the season ready Early’s crazy speed here as he takes the lead from Tomac who’s can third bag in fourth if Tomac beats those two riders in this moto the championship is and that’s exactly what he didn’t want to have happen he challenged Herlings he crashed and the two riders he could not afford to let beat him in this moto I’ve gotten by you could tell that the heart rate this sword Tomac finds himself back in six moose can he wants every fighting to get he’s trying to get her legs but this is gonna be the checkers right there Jeffrey Herlings does it purling shocked those in attendance at Ironman and annihilated the field in moto 1 loose cannon baguette finished second and third and after going down in the middle of the race Tomac came back and was able to secure fifth place we did what we had to do first moto and we got a chance so we’re gonna go try to win the Moto that’s all we can do remember what I told you about the Boston Red Sox there’s always great comebacks buddy it’s a bit of a stretch from Eli for sure he’s got the advantage but I’m gonna fight till the bitter end until they throw the final checkered flag for Moto 2 Eli would only need to finish the race in 20th place or better and he would become the 2017 450 outdoor champion Marvin has to win the Moto 2 of any chance of the title he knows he has to go for it back it’s gonna try to go the long way around kid Marvin Musquin get the pass made Jesse does Herlings what a charge from down to the first lap he made it all the way up to second but he’s 10 second fine moose can Oh cannot believe this Jeffrey Herlings would win again in spectacular fashion Eli Tomac chose not to battle with Herlings in moto 2 and played it safe finishing 6th which was more than enough to be crowned with this first-ever 450 titled is your new Lucas Oil cross champion although moose kin has won the same number of overalls as Tomac this year injuries and mechanicals would only allow a runner-up position in 2017 he got second in the series you know if he didn’t have the knee injury what if what if but he’ll never give up and keep fighting and today the win wasn’t in our cards Blake Baggett would fall two points short of Marvin which pushed him back to third in the championship he sees this as a fail but it’s not a fail for him to have a thumb missing basically and still make it through the season to me that’s not a fail at all [Music] for the last eight months the 2016 outdoor champion has been attempting to overcome the odds and return to racing by any means necessary a seemingly impossible challenge due to the dramatic injury Ken Roczen suffered during the Supercross season but in a small understated gym in Clermont Florida not a single day has gone by without Ken suffering obsessed on lining up for the 2018 season you know after 11 surgeries I didn’t give myself an another option then keep trying and be positive about it you know my elbow has been in this position for months and months and months without moving in I live for this suffering stuff you know and I’m sure as hell gonna try everything I can to get that elbow straight kenny is one of the best riders in the world and I truly believe he’s gonna be back he has the will to do whatever it takes to succeed you

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  1. I'm sorry to say that Herlings got me excited again to watch AMA andI dont even know him until recently lol. I hope he stays in AMA

  2. Eli Tomac: 5 of 6 moto wins in the GP's. Jeffrey Herlings: 2 for 2 in the AMA Nationals. We have ourselves a nice little rivalry brewing between these two guys. Great for the sport.

  3. Marve and Matilde are definitely couple goals. He's the first French rider I've actually liked. DV and JMB were soooooo cocky and annoying.

  4. Red Bull please keep this series going for years to come. I feel like im speaking on behalf of everyone watching when I say I love how all the film, editing and narration comes together to make us feel the true emotion behind the scenes of what we see on race day. Makes me love the sport even more and I didnt know that was possible.

  5. Thank You Red Bull for giving me a great show to watch at work when things are slow. I watch them over and over. Please keep them coming.

  6. When Bagget's girlfriend says he's missing a thumb basically… Try being Jessy Nelson before the big crash! Oh and #GetWell13

  7. Eli also had mechanical and downs and was beating everyone when they were healthy too you can't take it away from him or discredit him

  8. Disrespectful and ignorant to call Jeffrey Herlings a European Champion!!!!!!  The European Championship is a different race series!!!! He is a WORLD CHAMPION!Why is America still in denial! Moto GP, AMA Supercross, '''''MXGP'''''' all F.I.M sanctioned world championships! AMA ''''''''NATIONALS'''''''

  9. “Remember what I told you about the Boston Red Sox.. there’s always great comebacks, buddy!”
    Priceless 😂

  10. I just went and bought a case of Red Bull because I like this series so much. Thank you for producing this. My favorite series on YouTube.

  11. I personally think Webb and Baker will not get along!! Webb has a bad temper, and Baker is gonna just continue to set him off.

  12. Hey just so you know baggets girl loves him doubt.. She will leave with a. Big check … Think she wont think yours wont …guess again prenuptial agreement only way. After 40 you don't want em anyway they turn into dudes … My qualifications are available

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