COLD Weather – How to Stay Olympics Warm!!!

COLD Weather – How to Stay Olympics Warm!!!

Hi! This is Amy Moncure and today we’re the Hwacheon ice fishing festival and the Gangwon-do province, which is the same province of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics will be held. Hwacheon is about 60 miles or 100 kilometers away from Pyeongchang. And so the weather and conditions will be quite similar. Today it is 7 degrees Fahrenheit or
negative 14 degrees Celsius. So really, this gives us a great opportunity to do a trial run of our Olympic gear. Some of the things that were wins: Definitely we need a hat and a scarf or something for your face so that you can keep your face covered because especially if you are in the Alpine events and the evening and like we are for snowboarding, you want to make sure that most of your face is covered. Personally I like to wear two coats, because what I have found is that the restaurants and buses and train stations are incredibly warm. And so I just start peeling off layers. But as soon as you get up outside, it’s quite cold and you’ll want to zip all that up. Also I like to have my fleece line leggings underneath my corduroys and my snow boots along with my smart wool socks. I always make sure I have hand warmers and one of the things I would have changed, I also would have brought feet warmers. now if you’re in the Gangneung area for the coastal cluster, because it’s right next to the coast, the temperature is a little bit more moderate. So you won’t need to have all the gear, but if you’re prepared for the Alpensia Mountain Cluster events, you’ll certainly be prepared for Gangneung as well. See you 18 days! Cheers! I was prepared for ice fishing except my feet were frozen. I will share my layers, and…. what I will do differently to prevent frozen feet. Light Core Layers for indoors. Uniqlo Thermal Undershirt. Spring Sweater. Light Core Layers for indoors. Outer Wear. Ultra Lightweight Packable down jacket. Northface 550 fill down insulated jacket. Foot Wear and Warmers. Sorel Boots. Smart Wool Thick Trekking Socks. Improvements to prevent frozen feet Include: Hand warmers. Sorel Boots. Thick Wool Trekking Socks. Lightweight wool socks. Thin wicking sock liners. Hot hands insole foot warmers. Technology Touch Screen Gloves. Links to gear in description below.

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  1. You have become the Olympics expert!! lol I never consider these things because I grew up freezing to death in Canada hahaha I'm not even phased XD

  2. New subscriber here. Looking forward to watching your videos and being a part of your You Tube journey! We hope you will connect on our channel as well 🙂 We started after our (then) 5 year old begged to create a You Tube channel and we quickly realized how much making videos helped his speech and confidence to develop. Now, the whole family is joining in as well… it would be wonderful to have you on the Brothers & Best Friends Team, sharing in our journey, too! We love being a part of the You Tube community and provide ourselves on providing mutual support to channels. We believe this reciprocity is part of what makes the YT community so amazing! Look forward to connecting more… have a spectacular day!

  3. Sadly, I won't be able to attend any of the Olympic games, but you just gave me some great tips for staying warm period when I arrive to Korea in Feb. Thank you!

  4. Haha it certainly is cold out there. Hope you enjoy the Olympics! I'll be watching from the comfort of my warm home. hehe

  5. I should have listened to your vlog before I went there 😀 I catched a really nasty cold.. took two weeks to get fine again.. cough cough

  6. For more Seoul, South Korea travel videos, visit . Thank you for watching!

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