*Intro music* welcome ladies and gentlemen i have early call of duty world war two here on a channel with a load of videos for you guys today kicking it off with my two best multiplayer game plays So far on the full release version of call of duty world war two we’ve got, new guns we got new maps everything is unlocked and it is looking amazing i’m currently hanging out right now in the Headquarters which is the social space you spend most your time in between games there’ll be a video showing you all around this later today so make sure you’re subscribing for that but for one of you guys watching this early multiplayer video i’m gonna be giving away Five copies of COD world war two already go do to enter is let me know down below in the comment section which platform you want .Do you want it on pc playstation or xbox? and also give this video a big fat thumbs up and good luck you could win yourself a copy you guys want To see campaign zombies more multiplayer videos they’re all going To be here early on the channel today so make sure you’re subscribing ladies and gentlemen and without further Ado let’s jump into my two best cod world war two videos so far enjoy alright guys welcome we are playing call of duty world war two multiplayer it’s a brand new map and let me tell you having the game early is amazing but it is filled it is filled with extremely extremely good players and it ain’t easy to get good scores but we are trying right now ladies and gentlemen we have a contract active right now . as you can see on that right hand-side all I need to do is get 20 kills and i’m gonna get myself a beautiful full rare supply drop So that should definitely happen this game Let me know you’re thinking of the game how it looks so far we are onboard a crazy crazy carrier ship oh nasty, so good three and one getting our streaks rolling we’ve got a bomber fighter pilot and uav inbound or recon planes it’s cool to altitude in guchi to world war ii and so far depth we having those bumps i’m sticking with assault rifles mainly i’m walking assault rifle kind of player so that’s my kind of go-to weapons right now All the guns seem to be a little bit tink anticipator some of the weapons sound a little bit different some of them of a little bit different damage the smgs seem to have been weakened quite a lot that’s why i’m rocking this right now nice but currently ranked 23 or so And if you see anyone right now it’s rank 30 they’ve been playing a lot six and two all right let’s get let’s get off streets going guys, come on Here we go head shot oh my god watch out for a grenade This is a basic map of two levels and hoey two levels you’re gonna find the base to ship here what’s that guy doing with this bazooka but put that away oh my god i thought i was an enemy right there you scared me buddy No, one else around here assists that’s fine i’ll take your sis get To be closer to my king street side of mine oh i got a ppsh with camera on it the camos are not stupid they’re very much camos you would kind of expect, to see on weapons for this era oh we’ve got our fighter pilot love that nice this is such an active part of the map but if you can lock it down like this it is so so good and so far we’re doing just that right now around here no, okay this ppsh bones would be properly a fetish out in this area from the sdg now both of them fully reloaded obviously I’m powering my wave towards press these one as quick as i can for you guys I’m, so excited to go into the prestige room in the headquarters it cannot wait see at the side nice look maybe someone underneath as well somewhere Nice man we are controlling this part of the map right now it’s exactly what you want to do the spawns don’t change too quickly So you can you can hold enemies in an area quite easily 14 don’t push too much oh i did that because i’m trying trying to get myself nice merciless trying to get myself some heads or challenges as well shouldn’t have waited let’s go glide bomb ready oh man this is great wannabe skill street right now i’m gonna call them in fact glide bomb would have seen from the beta but honestly getting streets is so good in nice 102 gave me streets back-to-back oh my god this is this is this is potential ladies gentlemen i Think the may be coming inside oh? my god 15 q street Let’s go there look at that let’s go baby Triple q i think they’re still back there as well oh hitmarkers where’s he gone i’ve got a little basic training on but allows me to trap tag players so Here, we go let’s go rank up so can you see that guy was just outside there he is Let’s go recon airplane in come on baby? where you are where you guys hiding we sit the back of the map here all this fight pilot and glide bomb Yo this is we are rolling our streets right now what i say about spawns no flipping is amazing oh I gotta get you down oh? my god your job teammate jeez what a xx relentless douche really let’s go baby this is a big game right now 69 q 36 q’s left in this game got another fighter pilots gonna come in from the same direction and i hope this do there where you enemies are there you are hip-hop, girl let’s go w-what, else around here oh he’s weak and he’s been queue up another fight spyler what more kill oh no 26 and three right now can we go sell for a demon kill oh that would be the ten goethe well over 10 kd anyone else around here where you are whoa there we go guys oh my god Twenty-three seven and three that is my best game so far yet on the beta solid solid tdm on a brand new map hope you guys have enjoyed that that was absolutely crazy Look at that so much fun getting the streets rolling oh do so good when everything’s going your way welcome back everyone The grind for cod world war two is still happening i’ve just got a beautiful new site on my stg oh? my god this is an aggressive part of a map to push but if it goes right come on Yes, just waiting for something to poke the head on let’s get out of here lads oh oh? i thought you’d shoot that guy in the back not quite Welcome to another brand new map in kourou suitable to you only seen this one in the beta? it is probably a small to medium sized map with few little bunker hideouts Not, too many levels to it a lot of long lines a siphon a lot of close fights going down inside the bunkers like here? Or inside for little hideouts but i’m rocky and stg because you can get some mean line of sides across the map especially off a spawn what’s this guy doing nice all i am feeling this side baby this is amazing absolutely love it double kill nice oh yes, this is what i’m talking about walking On level 10 talking to you ap the glide bomb and the fighter pilot king street ashes a lot in the base if it works so well together mostly still ranking my character account up zone to evolve a killer shoes unlock your we saw a lot of them within the base of the one i really want to try out again is paratroopers increase because that would just be crazy you’d have so many people on the map just fighting view i let my team ball out over here off of the respawn and then hopefully Where are these guys at where are you guys hanging a i know you’re never nervous no need to go up Here, we go nice there’s the recon plane I see patients who have closed up baby, oh? My god oh they’re coming up the stairs? thank god they’re not let’s go oh my god this is risky my teammates have pulled through though wow you know how i’ve gotten out of her low i’m not gonna complain oh okay think these guys are working around the left hand side of the map edge of it oh my god i should be dead i should definitely be dead right now all the grenades orbs, to give you a little bit of an impact and a Explosion even if your teammates grenades of them t don’t grenade your own teammates guys no one’s done no one sad at all this is a nice website and i’ve got this sighs oh my god should not find this show Nice here we go you’ve got the same, spam oh My god so weak yeah as i didn’t expect the folks head out to fair ball moves nate’s boat move no complaining again now good glide bomb and a fighter pilot and maps like this are so open just, lend themselves so well were levin and one right now all this could be busy this could be big oh boo ladies and gentlemen you gonna turn q shit right now it should be a great angle Nice another triple let’s go oh it’s amazing it is amazing we’ve got ourselves another recon aircraft 15 kills ricci’s ruthless let’s go i’m voting i have a little bit of a zesty cheese even with extra magazines they spawn in i’m not gonna change that didn’t even get a shot and guy clearly out a sharpie they’re all right back to us but it sees whether we kill sweet spot right here let’s get them cooled in here we go 18:01 what can we make it after this I’m gonna go for this little bugger All only one if i could have got it any would be a little bit better but it’s a tough angle hope these fights i can shoot into Ah! i think they’ve nerves the killstreaks a little bit it’s not as quite not quite as much controlled with the air your kiwi shrieker found anyone else this is where a lot of action wow tom me a lot of action will go down a left-hand side i Don’t think i’m gonna show you that guy i’m using my teammate is base tutor oh my god the headshots are beautiful so now all marks miss sqg oh my god i thought going off the mat their cocks up a new camo not a headshot relentless this is big right now and we still got 14 more kills left this game i’ve only got 11 shots left in this Amazing it’s wait for him to come around the corner these guys could be spawning around me right now No, okay okay Ffg, oh my god this is actually a default class the fg 42 it’s amazing such an a good assault rifle it’s the second to Last so i can lock it like bank 43 or so So for a red dot sight assault rifle this is my go-to weapon if i don’t of 80 classes oh look at it melting people baby let’s get that going Let’s go oh My god teammate thank you so much you saved me 34 kids left Let’s get his killstreaks in 25 one right now where can we pop this for maximum damage that’s gonna Hit the water powdercoat damn it ollie – coos laughs can we get below for them this is looking beautiful one – that is gonna wrap it up 2701 there’s been a lot of rough games can see this is pre-release of cod world war two but that is my greatest kd and biggest killer streak of the game at the spot they went on like a 25 cube three-foot 1.27 kd and a brand new map for you guys on korra to z world war 2 let me know who thinking of this early multiplayer gameplay Down below in the comment section and if you’ve got the game already and you’re watching this video let me know what rank you are and how you are doing guys i hope you’ve enjoyed this video give it a big fat thumbs up you had early for you to world war 2 gameplay thank you for watching

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  1. I have two HUGE gameplays from the FULL release of COD WW2 – I hope you enjoy both gameplays and make sure you're hitting ? "LIKE" ? to WIN a free copy of the game! 😀

  2. Huge gameplay huh, if u take a close look at the enemy team, they're not even good and not worth bragging about. Try beating players that are ACTUALLY GOOD.

  3. In cod I hear men screaming in the background in battlefield I hear women screaming in the background which proves ww2 is more realistic than bfv

  4. Just me or do you fight better while in a good mood? On CoDAW My rounds are usually 1st place 25 kills to 5 death ? power to the good mood


  6. I remember when he used to get 140 likes on his videos now he gets 66k likes congrats man sorry have been away from your channel for about a year and half but always supported you

  7. Same old boring call of duty. All these years it never really changes. That's why I stick with battlefield and always have since modern combat 2.

  8. How the heck do you unlock everything? I've been playing forever and I can't even unlock half the guns smh it's killing me

  9. Call of Duty is such a baby game compared to what Battlefield is and it has been this since BF 3, it was like this again during BF 4 and again with BF Hardline and another time with BF 1 and finally once more with BF V.

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