Cobra Kai Ep 10 – “Mercy”

Cobra Kai Ep 10 – “Mercy”

( bright tone )Man: ♪ I want it all ♪♪ I want it all ♪♪ I want it all ♪♪ And I want it now ♪( Queen’s “I Want It All” )♪ ♪♪ Adventure seeker ♪♪ On an empty street ♪♪ Just an alley creeper ♪♪ Light on his feet ♪♪ A young fighter screaming ♪♪ With no time for doubt ♪♪ With the pain and anger ♪♪ Can’t see a way out ♪♪ It ain’t much I’m asking ♪♪ I heard him say ♪♪ Got to find me a future ♪♪ Move out of my way ♪♪ I want it all ♪♪ I want it all ♪♪ I want it all ♪♪ And I want it now ♪♪ I want it all ♪♪ I want it all ♪♪ I want it all ♪♪ And I want it ♪♪ ♪♪ Now ♪♪ I want it, I want it ♪♪ ♪( exhaling sharply ) Yo, Miguel,
calm down, man. Save some
for the tournament. ( exhales sharply ) Hey, don’t even bother. He’s been super aggro
ever since the breakup. ( exhales sharply ) Well, where’s sensei? The tournament’s
gonna start soon. – Aisha: He’ll be here.
– I don’t know about that. What are you
talking about? I saw him last night
at the mini mall.
I was buying… (stammers) A carton of milk. Clerk: ( scoffs )Bert: When I heard him
in the parking lot, yelling.
Johnny: You want to be
his father? Fine!
( liquid splattering )Now who’s pissed? Uh, Sensei? Everything all right? We’re all gonna die, kid! – We’re all gonna die!
– ( glass shatters ) Well, why didn’t you
tell us this earlier? I don’t know.
I guess I’m just so used
to seeing him drunk, it didn’t seem like
that big a deal. Well, we’re here,
and he’s not. So it’s officially
a big deal. What if something happened
to him? – Like what?
– I don’t know. Like he drove his car
off a cliff, or he bought a gun
and blew his brains out.Aisha: No, sensei would never
kill himself.
It’s too pussy a move. Whatever.
I mean, we’re here. We’re gonna have to do it
without him.Johnny: Do what without me?Sensei. We didn’t think
you were gonna show up. I may not always win, but
I never back out of a fight.Miguel: Great.Let’s sign up.Johnny: Not yet.There’s one more lesson
I have to teach you.Man: ( over PA )
All teams report to the locker
room in five minutes.
You’ve all learned
to strike first, to be aggressive, not be losers. I’ve taught you
to strike hard, put every ounce of your power
behind everything you do. But I haven’t taught you
the third rule of Cobra Kai… No mercy.The older you get,
the more you’re gonna learn
that life isn’t fair. You wake up one morning
feeling great, and then life throws a spinning
heel kick to your balls. Takes a big steaming shit
in your mouth. You get an F on a test. You get suspended. You fall in love
with a girl, and some other dude comes
and steals her away. Your car gets set on fire. Just when you think
things are going good,
everything falls apart. That’s how it goes. Life shows no mercy, so neither do we. We do whatever it takes
to keep our heads above water. We do whatever it takes
to keep moving forward. We do whatever it takes
to win! Remember who you are. You’re badass. You don’t give a shit. You kick ass. You’re Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai! ( all scream ) All right, guys,
let’s get down there and kick the shit out
of everybody. ( together ) Yeah! No. You’re not wearing those.Man: ( on TV )
Well, it’s a good thing
today is Sunday
because it is gonna be sunny
outside here in LA…
(continues indistinctly)So is this the plan
for the whole day?‘Cause I was thinking maybe
we could swing by
the DMV or maybe a funeral.You know, put a little pep
in our step.
Come on, guys. So your boyfriend
turned out
to be a jerk. And your boyfriend
turned out to be the son
of your mortal enemy.You can’t expect me to go
to this tournament
all by myself.
You know
how creeped out I get
by karate moms. Nobody’s making you go. LaRusso Auto Group
is one of the main sponsors.One of us has
to be there.
You know what?
Fine. Fine.
I’m gonna be looking at boots
on Zappos if anybody needs me.Man: ( on TV
speaking indistinctly)
I’ll go if you want to go. – I didn’t say anything.
– Sam: I know. I just know it’s your thing. ( scoffs )
Not this year. Everyone I know
is gonna be there. It is the 50th anniversary.( exciting music )( indistinct chatter )Man: ( over PA )
Please take your seats.
The competition
will begin shortly.
Great turnout. I’m telling you, it’s all about
the blue mats. Yeah, I’m sure word
really got around. We don’t have to stay long.
We’ll just check out
a few matches, and we’ll hit the road,
all right?– George: There he is.
– ( chuckles ) Hey, everyone,
it’s the former
champion in the flesh. Good to see you, champ. Are you sure
you don’t want me
to keep the car running? Go ahead. How are ya?
Good to see you guys. Nice to see you.♪ ♪( music swells )♪ ♪( cheers and applause )Daryl: Welcome, everyone,to the 50th annual All Valley Under-18
Karate Championship! ( laughs ) This has been going on
for 50 years? Am I the only one
that’s been
out of the loop? You love the new mats.
( chuckles )All right,
let’s start by welcoming
all the local dojos
competing today. From Granada Hills,
All-Star Karate… ( sighs )
I’m so nervous. What if he gets hurt?
What–what if he loses? – How can you be so calm?
– ( laughs )Daryl:
Extreme Martial Arts…
( speaking Spanish )Daryl: We have Krunch Karate.Front row seats.
The old man still has
some pull, huh? Oh, hi, Patricia.
You really went all out
this year, huh? Well, you know,
I want to support my baby. You know how it goes. Fighting out of Topanga, we have Topanga Karate! Yeah! Whoo, Topanga! You kick some ass, Xander!
Whoo! Go, Xander. From Reseda, returning to the tournament,
we have…Students: ( chanting )
Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!
Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!
Cobra Kai!
Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!
Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!
Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Huh!Daryl: Now that’s what I call
an entrance!
And a badass name for a dojo. Let’s hear it for Cobra Kai! ( cheers and applause ) Whoo! Go, Hawk!Daryl: And finally,
fighting unaffiliated
from North Hills,
we have Mr. Robby Keene. ( cheers and applause ) I didn’t know
he was fighting. – Neither did I.
– Daryl: All right, folks.
Get ready. It’s karate time. ( cheers and applause ) All right, gentlemen,
you know the rules.
Three points wins.– Step on the mat.
– Wait, wait. ( whispering ) ( teams cheering ) And face me. Bow. Face each other.
Bow. Ready? And fight! – ( yells )
– Point! Whoo! How did he do that? That’s one point, Diaz. I can’t believe
he stole your move.Man: Fighting positions.And fight! – ( grunts )
– One!Man: That’s two points, Keene!Enough defense.
Attack! ( grunts ) Yeah! Good job, Miss Robinson!
Good job! Fight! ( cheers and applause ) ( screaming ) ( screams ) Oh, damn, he is so hot. ( screaming ) I cannot believe
this actually works.Man: Fighting positions.– Let’s go, Bert! No mercy!
– Come on, Bert!Johnny: No mercy, Bert!Fight! Let’s go, Bert!
No mercy, Bert! – Aww!
– Man: Three points!
Daryl: And that brings us
to the quarterfinals.
– Man: Three points!
– Yes! Winner!Man: That’s one more, Diaz!Daryl: Over on Mat Two,
Miguel Diaz makes the semis.
– ( grunts )
– Stop!Man: That’s three points,
Winner! ( cheers and applause )Daryl: Over on Mat Three,
Robby Keene
advances to the semifinals!( grunts ) – Stop! Point Robinson.
– Nice! Yes, Aisha! 2-2. Ready? And fight! – Yes!
– Daryl: And over on Mat Four,
Xander Stone
– is our last semifinalist.
– Sorry. Eat shit, asshole. It was a good fight. – You’ll get him next time.
– Whatever. – I’ll be right back.
– Okay.Daryl: Yes!Let’s give it up
for all of our competitors. You’re all winners.We have seen some great
fighting today, haven’t we?
You did a great job
out there. You know,
if he hadn’t resorted
to that sweep, you totally
would have had him. I don’t need your sympathy.Daryl: There can be only one
true winner,
and he is standing
on this stage right now. Will it be Miguel Diaz from Cobra Kai Karate? Whoo! Will it be Hawk… well, I guess it’s just Hawk from Cobra Kai Karate?– Daryl: Huh?
– Moskowitz. It’s Eli Moskowitz. Will it be Robby Keene, unaffiliated? ( scattered applause ) And last
but certainly not least, last year’s champion,
fighting out
of Topanga Karate, Xander Stone! ( cheers and applause ) ( feedback screeches ) I love you, Xander!
You’re my boy. I just wanted to say,
even though I love to fight, we all need to fight together
against hatred. ( sighs ) Look, I know
this is probably the last thing
you want to hear
right now. But I’m really sorry. You’re my oldest friend, and I never should have been
hanging out with somebody like Yasmine
in the first place. You got that right. All I know is,
after that front wedgie, she’s never gonna
live that down. – You saw that?
– It’s all over YouTube. You really tore her a new… vagina? ( both laughing ) You know, I got to admit,
this is a pretty cool gi. Thank you. I mean, the snake’s a little
on the evil side, – but I like the colors.
– ( chuckles ) – I can probably get you one.
– Yeah, right. My dad would have
a heart attack. Well, even if you
don’t join Cobra Kai, we could definitely use
another girl out there.Xander: And as I look around
this arena,
I pray for every race,
religion, and gender
that we can all
live together in peace. Please join me
in a moment of silence as we strive to end
intolerance in our time. Hey, kick that pansy bitch
in the face. ( chuckles ) Yes, Sensei. All right! ( cheers and applause ) First up,
Stone versus Diaz! Let’s go!( dramatic music )♪ ♪– ( yells )
– Whoo! ( gasps ) Go on, son!
Punch him
in the face, Xander! ( yells ) Use your hands!Come on!Focus, Diaz! – ( shouts )
– Stop! There it is! Yeah, Miggy! – ( screams )
– That’s 2-1, Diaz.Patricia:
That’s all right, baby.
Two more, and mama is back
in the finals!– You got it!
– Offense! – Stay on offense!
– Man: Ready positions.
Ready, and fight! Focus, focus! – Let’s go, Diaz.
Don’t let him trick you.
– Come on, Diaz! – There it is!
– Yeah!Man: Point!That is bullshit!– Bullshit!
– And winner! ( cheers and applause ) Let’s go!Daryl: Miguel Diaz is headed
to the finals.
Next up, Hawk versus Keene.Oh, come on,
you’re not gonna cheer
for your own student? No, he’s not my student. I–Amanda, I can’t. The kid lied to me. So he lied.
So what? He’s a kid, who obviously wasn’t in it
with Johnny, or he wouldn’t
be fighting his students.Man: Okay, come on!Man: Yeah!Something wrong, Sensei? No. Show him what you got. ( cheers and applause ) Whoo!( rock music )Prepare to face the fury
of the Hawk.Man: Face me. Bow.Face each other. Bow. Fighting positions. Ready? And fight! ( groans )Man: Point!– Man: One point, Hawk.
– ( bird screeches )
He’s not focused. Remember what you learned,
Robby! ( exhales deeply )( flute music )You got to search inside
for the good stuff, you know, and just… Because then you can find
some balance in your life.It’s not easy,
but you’ll do it.
Man: Okay,
fighting positions.
Ready? And fight! Stop! Yeah! There you go, Robby! Aw, that was sick. – That’s great, huh?
– One point, Keene. Hawk:
That was a lucky point. It’s gonna be your last. Why? You leaving early to fix
that stupid haircut? Hey! – Stop! Get back here!
– Hey, hey! – What the hell is that?
– Robby! That’s enough!
Illegal contact.
You’re disqualified. Bullshit! – Are you okay?
– Get the hell away
from me. Hey, back on your side. What the hell
are you thinking, man? What was I supposed to do,
be a pussy? – ( applause )
– You all right, kid?Robby: I’m fine.Daryl:
With that disqualification,
Keene earns a trip
to the finals.
We’ll see him back here
after a short break.
( soft flute music )( groans ) You remembered to focus. You had me up on that tree
for hours. Look, Robby,
your dad and I, we have our issues, but… you and him? That’s another story. I’m sorry I lied to you,
Mr. LaRusso. I just wanted to get back
at him. I know. But you’re never gonna
find balance that way. You can’t let that bad blood
change who you are. I’m not saying you need
to like the guy. I know
I never will, but… he–he is your father. And believe me,
you’re lucky to have one. You just got to try
to remember, he’s–he’s not a monster.He’s just a guy with a lot
of demons.
Mr. Miyagi always told me
there’s no such thing
as a bad student,
only a bad teacher.And your dad had the worst
teacher there ever was.
It sent him
down a wrong path.
But you don’t have
to go down that path.
Do you understand?You don’t have to ever
Trust me.You let go
of all that anger, and I guarantee you,
no matter
what happens tonight, you go home feeling great. ( chuckles ) ( sighs ) I don’t know about that. My shoulder’s killing me.
I… I don’t think I can fight. Well, we’ll see about that.( dramatic musical sting )( rubbing hands together ) Medic! Is there a medic?Man: ( over PA )
The final match
will begin shortly.
( laughter ) Sam. Hey, I’ll see you later. Look, I’m sorry about what
happened the other night. You mean when you hit me? It was an accident.
I wasn’t trying to hit you. You shouldn’t have
been trying
to hit anyone. You–you bring some dude
to the party the other night and expect me to be okay
with that? I expect you to act
like a normal person. You don’t even know Robby,
and you were trying
to start a fight with him? You have to strike first. You don’t wait
for the enemy to attack. The enemy? Do you even hear yourself? I don’t even know
who you are anymore. Well, just wait. Watch what I do to Robby
in the finals. Hey, Mom? I really need to go,
but, um, I can Uber. No. No, baby,
I’ll come with you.
It’s okay. We’ll, uh–we’ll just
text your dad on the way. Come on, Anthony,
we got to go. It’s just starting
to get good. Are you feeling
any pain here? Uh, yeah. Does it hurt
when I do this? – Yeah.
– Okay, are you ready? – ( shoulder pops )
– ( groans ) I’m sorry. It’s a slight anterior
dislocation, so I just popped it back
into place, but you’re gonna feel it
for the next few weeks. Okay, thanks, Doctor.
Appreciate it. Sure. Listen,
you don’t need to fight. Yes, I do. I’m gonna have to face him
sooner or later. Might as well be today.( stirring music )( cheers and applause )♪ ♪This is it, folks. The moment we’ve all been
waiting for. The final match to determine
who will be victor
and champion. Will it be Miguel Diaz
from Cobra Kai Karate? ( cheers and applause ) That’s my son! Will it be Robby Keene, unaffili– ( whispering indistinctly )♪ ♪Daniel LaRusso’s
gonna coach? Daniel LaRusso is gonna coach! ( cheers and applause )Daryl: I’m sorry, folks,
there’s been a change.
Robby Keene
will now be fighting for Miyagi-Do Karate with former champion
Daniel LaRusso
as his sensei! How about that? Good luck, gentlemen.( dramatic music )What do you think
you’re doing? Coaching my student. Somebody needs to be there
for him. – You think this is funny?
– Do you see me laughing? You’re gonna regret this
when it’s over. Yeah, right.
Like this’ll ever be over. All right, senseis,
let’s take your corners. Remember, no aggression. Just let him come to you. – All right?
– Okay. You know what to do. You’ve trained all year
for this. Don’t worry, Sensei. I won’t let LaRusso
or that kid
go home a winner. ( cheers and applause ) Face me.
Bow. Each other.
Bow. Fighting positions. ( shouts ) Ready? And fight! Hiyah! And stop! ( groans )Man: Point!Daryl: Keene and Miyagi-Do
get the first point.
– ( shouts )
– One point.Aisha: No mercy!– Man: You got it!
– Positions. Remember the pitching machine.
Don’t get hit.Man: Ready?And fight! Stop! – One point.
– Yeah!Daryl: Diaz and Cobra Kai
with the point.
Now it’s 1-1.Ready? And…fight! ( groans )– Man: Point!
– Yeah!Daryl: That makes it
two points for Diaz.
Time! Time. Time? Daniel: Hey. You all right? All right, listen to me. Listen to me.
Look at me. Just remember to breathe
and focus. All right, you hear me?
Just… find your balance.Man: All right, Keene,
are you ready?
Can you continue? Yeah. – All right.
– Man: All right, Diaz.
Let’s go.
( cheers and applause )Man: Fighting positions.Yeah! Come on, Robby! And fight! ( shouts ) Stop!
Out of bounds.Out of bounds.No point.
Out of bounds. All right, let’s go, Robby.
Stay focused. Ready? And fight!( stirring music )♪ ♪Daryl: How about that?
A two-legged kick.
Aisha: Come on!Hey. ( groans ) – Watch it, Diaz!
– Yeah! Ref! Come on! ( crowd jeering )Man: That’s one warning
for unsportsmanlike contact.
– Man: Fight!
– No mercy. Hiyah!Man:
Warning for illegal contact
to the knee.
( crowd jeering ) Robby, come here. – I’m gonna
tell him to end it.
– No. No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, let me finish. Okay, just–
be careful. I found his weakness, Sensei.
It’s his shoulder. Look, I know we want to win, but it’s got to be
the right way. We don’t have to fight dirty. Dirty? There’s nothing dirty
about winning, Sensei. You taught me that. Don’t worry. I got this. No mercy.Daryl:
Whoever wins the next point
will be our new champion!It’s 2-2.
Next point wins. ( shouts )Man: Okay, good luck
to both of you.
– Come on, Miguel!
– Ready? And fight! ( grunts ) Hiyah!Man: Stop!Point! Winner! ( cheers and applause ) Aisha: Oh, my God, Miguel!
Yes, yes!– Johnny: Robby. Robby!
– Let’s go! Sensei, we did it!Daryl:
Who saw that coming, ah?
I know I didn’t. Without further ado, let me present the trophy
to this year’s new champion,Miguel Diazand the Cobra Kai dojo!Yeah! Miguel! Is there anything you want
to say to the people, son? I just want to say that
if it wasn’t for my sensei,
I wouldn’t be here, so this is
for Sensei Johnny Lawrence and Cobra Kai! Students: Yeah! ( chanting )
Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!
Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!
Cobra Kai! ( chanting fades ) Robby. I… I’m–I’m sorry. It’s okay, Dad. It’s okay. Let’s go, Mr. LaRusso. You got what you wanted,
Johnny. You won. Congratulations. ( speaking Spanish ) You were amazing. – Thanks, Ma.
– Man: Hey, nice job. Carmen: Miggy. Miggy! Are you okay? Uh, yes, Mom. Just, um,
looking for someone, okay? – One minute.
– Hey, man! There he is!
Listen. I’m reconsidering
joining Cobra Kai. I’m still not into the idea of getting hit in the face
and all, but… I respect the
aspect of joining a gang. Uh, have you–
have you seen Sam? Oh, yeah.
Pretty sure she left
a while ago. ( sighs ) Okay. Well, hey,
great job not sucking. Thanks, man. ( softly )
Oh, man.( uplifting electronic music )♪ ♪Hiyah! Second place. I came so close. Yeah, well,
you fought with honor,
and he didn’t, so no matter what
that trophy says, you’re the real winner. You should be proud
of yourself. I know I am. Thanks. I’m sure
my dad’s happy too. Now Cobra Kai’s
gonna take over
karate in the valley. Yeah. Right. Over my dead body. Where are we going? ( hinges creaking ) Come on. Whose cars are these? Don’t worry about it.
Just follow me.( flute music )♪ ♪Robby: This where
you bury your bodies
or something? I know I said you have to let go of your anger
and show forgiveness, but… when the fight
comes to you, you have to be ready
to fight back. And to do that, we’ll need more students. Welcome
to Miyagi-Do Karate. ( door opens ) Miguel? Man: Congratulations. You did
what I always thought
you could do. You won. Cobra Kai is back
where it belongs. Back on top. Everyone closed
the book on us. They thought
we were done. But now they see… That the real story’s
only just begun.

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  1. I wasn't planning on binge watching the first season in one long night/day…so now I'm here to say I thuroughly enjoyed it and I'm glad this was created??

    Also I didn't know YouTube made good shows. Pretty nice that's it was free. I think YouTube is taking over the internet now, "No mercy"

  2. "i just wanted to say, even though i love to fight. we all have to learn to fight together against hatread" oh my god can somebody please bash this guys face in.

  3. I hate how Daniel is going out of his way to ruin cobra kai, Johnny isn't kreese and teaches his students to show mercy from now on, he's changed, Daniel is the same child holding a grudge like he was in the Karate kid movies, like trying to buy the Dojo, fails at it, then he trys to buy the strip mall and fails at it again his wife tells him to let it go, but it's like johnny said "You couldn't leave well enough alone.

  4. 8:46 Just like in the Karate Kid Movie it looks like a real life styled point sparring match is going on behind them.

  5. Imagine all the other fighters who’ve trained for ages losing to a bunch of guys who’ve trained for less than a year.

  6. I love how they all got so good at karate in a couple months… takes years, decades, a lifetime even to master….

  7. I felt bad for Johnny in this episode. It's one thing to be upset because you had a deadbeat dad or whatever, but what will ruining his life by refusing to associate with him and befriending Danny instead solve?

  8. My take on the series through season one is mostly good with some regret.

    I realllly wish Miguel wouldn’t have overreacted meeting Robby, but admittedly since he was drunk at the time the whole situation was believable. If he hadn’t been drinking the situation could’ve been handled without the fight, and then the breakup.

    I do think it was the best way for the series to go and maintain drama and intensity, because otherwise there wouldn’t have been enough emotion behind the tournament.

    I think it would’ve been better if Robby would’ve forfeited halfway through because of his shoulder, but without Miguel intentionally exploiting it. I wish that would’ve been a moment of reflection, accidentally hitting his shoulder and questioning whether or not he was on the right path upon learning that he doesn’t genuinely want to use underhanded methods. I think that way there would be a resonating feeling of incompleteness in both the development of Miguel as a character, and the fight between him and Robby. I’m not saying I want Miguel to leave the Cobra Kai dojo, I’m just saying I want him to remember who he was before the strength, and make up with Sam in season 2. The fact that he seemed ignorant to the immorality of exploiting an injury, (especially one inflicted through an illegal strike,) is actually kind of contrary to his past experience as the target of the bullies.

    It seems to me that he’s in a phase of negative emotions clouding his judgement, which does give me hope for season 2.

    But I’m still not gonna pay for YouTube Red.

    Nice try, YouTube.

  9. Im really dissapointed with this ending,the story was all about Miguel beinbg different from Lawrence but at the end he wasnt and Lawrence didnt teach him the mercy stuff to redeem himself as a cobra kai.And altough im excited with Kreese return(even when they said he was dead)i think it was kinda innecesary and just to get hype for season 2.

  10. So i heard on Facebook it was all free episodes watched them nonstop greatest decision ever, now gotta sleep 4 am already ?

  11. We all know Daniels dojo is going to be FULL of the next karate masters??

    Bobby, Samantha probably Miguel too (just to get her back)

  12. After rewatching season 1,you can’t really be mad at the fact that Robby kicked Miguel over the rail when Miguel was trying to show mercy,
    1.Miguel tried to fight Robby for no reason at the party by the lake
    2.Miguel fought dirty during the finals and yanked Robby’s arm
    3.Miguel kissed Sam when he had a girlfriend
    4.Miguel tackled Robby and started the school fight scene
    If he would’ve let Robby try and resolve the fight between Sam and Tory then Miguel’s neck would be straight?
    But the ending of season 2 was badass and I’m stoked for s3✨?

  13. So I guess in karate everyone earns their gi and a white belt, work through the ranks, and then on tournament day everyone has an ornamental black belt?

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