Coach doesn’t want white student athlete kneeling during game | WWYD

Coach doesn’t want white student athlete kneeling during game | WWYD

Our hidden cameras are still rolling and Jacob and Jamar ease plans to protest by taking a knee at their football game Have been sparking reactions in Bardstown, Kentucky Hank Neil tonight And in the Bronx New York, you’re not starting trouble. You’re not setting right? I think you should But now we decide to switch up this team formation It will take a white player to be able to really get things changed. You’ve seen black football players taking a knee But what about their white teammates who are supporting them? Well, Chris long answered the call He put his arm around Malcolm Jenkins and supported Jenkins raised his fist during the national anthem I support my peers and if you don’t see why you need allies for people What’ll diners do when they witnessed this high school football coach Butting heads over the issue with his white team captain. I Don’t understand why you want to kneel it doesn’t even affect you at all. You’re white. These customers are passing through bart’s down, Kentucky Emelia with them in solidarity you dealing at the national anthem. It’s like stomping on the flag It’s not like that coach now the coach stormed off to the men’s room It’s ridiculously just focus focus should it be off my team? I’m heaven as our coach leaves chief joins in on the debate Grandchildren we’re in your position right now I don’t think neither of us has really been through what the African Americans have been through We’re all Americans now the player excuses themself. I’m out here. I’m gonna go from that coach and our coach returns We told him we totally disagree with what he’s trying to do, I don’t feel like it’s stomping on the flag Do you understand what he’s trying to stand for though? I mean I don’t get it you don’t get it Hi there, how are you? We’re with a TV show called What would you do good to meet you we were both schoolteachers and uh, well when the whole situation Started over there. I was just like, oh my goodness, I feel so adamantly about The situation with the taking in me and our whole country has just lost so much respect and Now we’re back in the Bronx New York, what do you think I should do I want to take anything. He’s stopping me from doing what I believe him. Think about a back-up plan for you The codes continues challenging his star athlete This is an insult to the flag Anthony period I respect the flag has nothing to do with that I just I just think this country has stuff that we need to work on some movement coach. You’re a white kid Why are you supporting the black players you’re awake you why are you supporting these black players? I don’t get it Why these men can’t help but step up to the line As the players defense Coach storm up. I’m just trying to protect you. I’ll be back Without the team All right break it The fact that he’s a white kid I Felt that it’s because he’s white I need more people like him to feel that way to stand up and say something Happening gave up millions because he felt it that way and is it he half white? I’m black And what nets are pretend like he said that something I was at his heart That’s in the Bronx but back in, Kentucky What will the reaction be from this husband and wife who are both former Marines? Alice military That does offend me big Tom kneeling that is super disrespectful With the most passionate argument supporting the coach and condemning the players protests it’s very disrespectful to military personnel to Everybody who has fought for your freedom to be able to do that to kneel on that field I try to bite my tongue on it I can’t I mean I can’t that is just you roll your eyes one more time, please stop, okay Do not do that. I mean if that makes me very livid Kneeling for the national anthem is like spitting in my face To all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives and have died that is who your earn kneeling on Please think long and hard on what you’re really doing Don’t just do it because everybody else is doing it Let’s go. Let’s do it Hi there. How are you? Hey, how you doing? I do a TV show called. What would you do? What would I do? They’re actors. You couldn’t help it. But chime in right now. I mean I couldn’t like that I tried to bite my tongue at first and I just couldn’t you were in the military too? Well when you see those football players taking that mean During the national anthem. Well, it’s it’s heartbreaking. I don’t think they know why they’re doing it I feel like they don’t know what they’re doing to the rest of us that are serving our country You know, you don’t get a pick and choose what rights you you fight for? That is a a right to them certainly can protest how you want, you know, but just be mindful how it does affect For our last scene we’re in the Bronx where we switch back to Jamari for whom this issue hits closer to home is Standing up for what’s right for police brutality against black? Americans people like me tomorrow, you’re being extremely foolish. You don’t know what it’s like to be in my skin. Oh, It’s ridiculous as our coach leaves this woman seizes her opportunity to step in what I was meant for you to have you will have If y’all want telling you to do that then do it. There’s gonna be another little boy that’s going to be watching you Bring the coach in and when the coach returns her friend joins her in confronting him head-on Young black moons are under attack brakes amazing that he is fearless enough to say that how he has an opinion You might need you remind me so much only a boy when he has to do what’s right for him as He has a god-given right to express his thoughts Are you doing he’s an actor? Also say it’s an insult to the military and to our flag and politics should be out of sports I Mean, I don’t think you can avoid it You can’t deny the fact that there’s a whole lot of stuff going on right now in our society around African-american males particularly, even if they lost out on the scholarship To take a knee or not from north to south Impassioned reactions on both sides and with the NFL season now underway, it’s a good bet This debate might well go into overtime

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  1. That marine really thinks that kneeling is a disgrace to the military. You are the one who fought for that freedom, not fought against it.

  2. i can’t believe that women actually said “we’re all americans, black or white” THEN WHY WAS THERE DISCRIMINATION AND SEGREGATION AGAINST THE AFRICAN AMERICANS IF THEY ARE ALL AMERICANS

  3. Taking a knee for something that ended 60 years ago. Play football! What color is most NFL players? Making millions!

  4. To be honest I dont even understand what's the problem (propably cuz I am not American), can someone explain, please?

  5. 5.10 he says to all the men and women have died and that's disrespectful. But what about all the men and women who have died bc of police brutality?? If white people feel like standing is the symbolism u show respect then black people think kneeling is a symbol of freedom and equality. Are we seriously gonna debate which symbolism is right ? We cant push our symbolism or idealism on other that's not America. Freedom is America.

  6. It's not disrespectful to kneel at the applied allegiance of the flag I don't know what that military dude is talking that's bulshit. You want to know what's really disrespectful that we have a moron for president like the way he disrespects gold star families that their sons and daughters put their life on the line and we got a that talk shit about now that's

  7. I couldn't get through that whole video without being pissed off what that soldier said to that boy about rolling his eyes cuz I would ask that what are you going to do I guaranteed he would have done nothing that soldier lives in a and he needs to pop it before somebody pops him and first you don't join the military so you can turn around and say I fought for your freedom no dumbass you fight for the Constitution of the United States that's what you fight for you got it you ignorant soldier

  8. If you kneel to the flag you’re a coward. You live in the greatest country in the world yet you entitled brats still want more. If you don’t like America, why don’t you just leave? We won’t miss you, trust me.

  9. Fuck the military bruh, bunch of murders. The stories people have of rape torture and murder of innocent people in the hands of our military. Trillions of dollars spent for the military while a lot of American people are homeless, don’t forget how they don’t give a shit about veterans. 11% of veteran’s are homeless while 45% of that 11% are black and brown people

  10. I use the flag as a bath towel and I'm a combat veteran. That Marine is an idiot because he don't support the first amendment. LOL

  11. If this video makes anything clear, it's that the people of Kentucky can go fuck themselves with the largest and sharpest things they own

  12. People who think they’re country is the best based on the fact they were born there need a reality check ASAP. If you want to take a stand against what’s happening in your country then you should. It’s what’s right.
    That soldier needs therapy. He’s ill. He’s sick. And so is that girl for sitting there and listening and allowing him to say that. Disgusting.

  13. My ass was laughing cause I’m British and most people don’t even know the words to our national anthem, never mind giving a shit if you kneel during it

  14. Instead of all these men fighting back. They decide to take a knee, isn’t that more peaceful than a shoot out. Which would you rather have?

  15. That marine seems incredibly psychotic and unhinged threatening a teen whose half his size just because he wants to exercise his freedom of speech. That marine needs a serious wake-up call, jail time, or both.

  16. A country is not defined by a piece of cloth or a song. It’s defined by the people. Any country that doesn’t put its people first, can’t claim to have rights of freedom.

    I respect the military, but you fight to protect the people of your great nation and not fight for a piece of cloth.

  17. Roll your eyes 1 more time…🙄🙄🙄 I don't think he still in army because he has alot of tattoos which I heard might not be allowed

  18. Okay and how many people gave up their lives UNWILLINGLY to the trigger happy PIGS who go around thinking they have all the power in the world because they have a badge, siren, and gun

  19. You realize that the Confederate was the racist people I understand there are racist white people, but guess what, "all men are treated equal". Plus there are racist black people against whites. It goes both ways.

  20. Stupidity at its finest. He said you need to be mindful and you don't know how it affects other people. That's the point to affect you dumb ass to affect people.

  21. gosh americans and their stupid pride when it comes to their flags and what not..what a bunch of idiots, no wonder they are the laughing stock of the world. People are doing peaceful protests and people getting livid over a frigging flag (its not like they burn or step on it). bunch of idiots


  23. That marine guy can fuck right off. Someone else kneels during the national anthem and that's like spitting in his face? The guy who kneels doesn't even know this marine. The guy who kneels isn't thinking about the marines while kneeling. That guy has massive entitlement issues, making the whole thing about himself and his feelings and acting like he's been personally attacked. People like that are so narrow minded and self centered it's sickening.

  24. “Roll your eyes one more time” lmao he didn’t… bootlicker over there is used to lording power over others, it’s no wonder he had no problems threatening a teenager





  26. "It's disrespectful" Oh, and cops physically assaulting people just because they are black isn't??? Fucking morons…

  27. No soliders have sacrificed anything for me America is bullies .
    They've killed innocent civilians also .. not just kneeling for police brutality there are other things they are kneeling for. The guy said be mindful of the others who died MAAN STFU bc blacks were froced into the military being snatched from their homes the oldest boy in the family. The navy RAPE WOMEN SO DOES THE MILITARY and also discriminates also racist af .. so plzah! Half the t I'll me they fightn under the president's order being bullies and thieves

  28. No kneeling is a sign of reverence, secondly it is not insulting to the military as fighting for this country is the reason why they can protest openly however they feel, for fucks sakes that is why the flag even exists.

  29. The so called Marine is a pretender, the reason for military service is to ensure that everyone can maintain the freedoms to do as they please in the pursuit of happiness as long as they do not harm others. People offend the flag daily by wearing it on their ass, which is a violation of the Flag Code.

  30. I'm Eritrean & born in Germany which makes me technically an Afro German. I wish I could relate to Afro Americans but entire Germany just learned to sing the anthem without feeling guilty. If I kneeled before a ⚽️ game ca. 20 years ago Government probably gave me 1 Mill. Deutsche Mark. Anyway… What if ppl kneeled, stood, sang & stfu together? Just stopped being paranoid for a few minutes? Disrespecting flag am Arsch…

  31. The flag vs police brutality = people loves a piece of red white and blue cloth more then humans clearly
    Real sad the flag cant rescue you wile in need but those kneelers could !
    Ignorance at its finest !

  32. A flag just represents a country. These people thinks it’s represents everything under the sun so kneeling under it disrespectful to that thing. No, you just made that up because you don’t like people challenging a subject you like

  33. The dude in the military is a fucking punk. “Roll your eyes one more time.” Bitch the fuck you gonna do when I do? “I feel like they don’t really know what they’re kneeling for” literally is why people kneel. I would of popped off so fast on them two

  34. Marine personal: Roll your eyes one more time!!! Knowing that people are supporting the movement makes me livid! It's like spitting on my face! I've been out there fighting for your freedom!

    Also him: killed people from other countries to steal their resources and calls it fighting for freedom and prevents people from practicing their freedom of speech

    Also him after seeing the camera: oh umm… you have the right to protest how you want,… you know,… but… just be mindful how it does affect, you know,… umm… other people

    Me: Is it possible for you to get anymore hypocritical? Come on surprise me.

  35. It seems like America cares more about cloth then they do an entire race. It's not a protest against the flag. It is a protest for the injustice of minorities. The issue is that the flag symbolizes different things for different people. The minorities chose a way to grab Americas attention and hold it, in a nonviolent way. If Caucasian people want to help then that's perfectly fine. It seems like it's going to take their influence to help make things right here. And America would not need so many soldiers and defense if we didn't keep getting involved in other things before fixing our own problems and pissing off others. I respect that people have fought for my freedom as a country, but you have not fought for my freedom and justice as a minority.

  36. That marine makes me absolutely sick, that is NOT what you fight for, you fight for THEIR FREEDOM to do whatever they feel is right. Kneeling does not hurt the ones that have passed, it only hurts your ego and the fact you feel the need to stand on THEIR graves and try to claim some moral high ground is absolutely disgusting.

  37. These brainwashed militaries lol let's be real our people fought to better lives not a fucking flag lmao if we was really untied why ain't we change the racist ass anthem? Like bruh they acting like kneeling is equivalent to burning the flag. To me delusional ass people😭

  38. What's happening to the freedom of speech ?
    Never would I have ever thought kneeling would raise so much controversy, if people took the time to figure out the motives behind this act, they wouldn't get in their feelings so fast, those are the same ones who don't mind holding the confederate flag saying it's the "south heritage", as well as a symbol of "pride and freedom" but we all know what this ugly flag really represents.

  39. This makes it clear that people who are against kneeling misunderstand the reason behind doing it. I can see how they perceive it as an insult because they’re completely missing the point. It’s embarrassing to watch them explain themselves

  40. The marine said “be mindful how it does effect other people”… does he not realise that it effects millions of black Americans who feel discriminated by police brutality every day? Is it really more important to not offend a marine rather than taking a stand for those people who are discriminated against? He acts as though being offended is the worst possible outcome rather than looking at the impact it could have on others. He’s a bit self centred. I’m British and it’s hard for me to understand why someone would feel more offended over the flag and country being disrespected rather than the police brutality going on within the country itself. Sort your moral issues out first and then proudly respect your flag. I really don’t understand the American obsession with the flag and the country. Like we wave our flags yes, but some US citizens seem to practically worship it and feel deeply offended over someone kneeling to fight something that quite frankly is much more important..

  41. I get they fought for our "freedom" but if they did, they know they fought for the freedom of speech and protest. This is like your parent buying you McDonald's and saying don't eat it

  42. that black girl told that football player that some lil boy will watch and be inspired by the player's actions. little did she know that she would be the inspirational one in the spotlight

  43. I am so fucking sick of veterans thinking that because they fought for freedoms they should decide which ones are acceptable… And before you start bitching I am veteran, so don't @ me with any bullshit about how they fought for my right to this opinion. I was military before being medically discharged (honorable), my ex-husband, my father and my brother (before he fucking died) all military. I would kneel if I could walk and my opinion is not any more valuable because I served.

  44. While the dude from the military acted just like a cop smile came on his face the minute other people came around LOL what a surprise

  45. As a former marine I would have LOVED to play the high school actor, I would have trolled the fuck out of the other marine. I know exactly how to get underneath their skin

  46. How do all those people who claim to stand for the flag don’t care about the freedom and equality it is supposed to represent?

  47. Heart is it that white people don't understand when it has been explained it's not about the disrespect of the flag that is for freedom but damn because if it was freedom for all they would not have been slavery people of color are kneeling because of the brutality of the police what part of that do they not get but of course that's the colonizer

  48. AMEN on the Soldier who said something. I agree with him i am sorry i might get back lash on this but its true it is disrespectful on what our Soldiers or our Veterans went through to keep all of us alive and giving us the freedom we have now adays.

  49. This freaking marine is so dumb ugh I literally don’t get why they think it’s ‘spitting on their face’

  50. What the hell is wrong with you people? The flag represents our country. If you didn't live in the USA then you would either be completely silenced and controlled or be in a 3rd-world country. When people suffer financials it is their own shitty mistakes, some of you are blaming that on the country. You live in a fantastic country. If you don't like it then leave, we won't miss you.

  51. figures from all these hicks in kentucky. an intelligent person would have no issue with this. i’ll gladly kneel during the anthem

  52. They want to treat the flag better than God. A lot of Americans use the flag as an underwear and nobody complaining

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