Coach Carter (3/9) Movie CLIP – Push-Ups and Suicides (2005) HD

Coach Carter (3/9) Movie CLIP – Push-Ups and Suicides (2005) HD

All right, that’s it for today.
好,今天到此為止 We have a game tomorrow,
明天我們有比賽 so get some rest tonight.
所以今晚休息一下 And remember,
ties and jackets tomorrow.
還有要記住,明天要穿西裝打領帶 Clyde.
克萊德 Mr. Cruz.
克魯茲先生 I’m impressed with what you’ve done.
我對你的成績很吃驚 But you came up short.
但是你做得還不夠 You owe me 80 suicides
and 500 pushups.
你還欠我80次自殺和500個俯臥撐 Please leave my gym.
請離開我的體育館 Thanks, Clyde.
謝謝,克萊德 Gentlemen, see you tomorrow.
先生們,明天見 I’ll do pushups for him.
我來替他做俯臥撐 You said we’re a team.
你說過我們是一支團隊 One person struggles, we all struggle.
有一個人拼命,我們就都要拼命 One player triumphs,
we all triumph, right?
就是我們大家的勝利,對嗎? I’ll do some.
我也做一點 I’ll run suicides, too.
我也會跑”自殺”(來回短跑) I’ll do some, too.

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  1. Greatest quote i have ever heard, "You said we're a team, one person struggles we all struggle, one person triumphs we all triumph."

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  3. The true-life story of a coach who tries to teach his players that there's more to life than basketball is brought to the screen in this sports drama. Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) was once a star player on the Richmond High School basketball team in Richmond, CA, and years later, after establishing himself in publishing and marketing, he returns to the school and to the team as the new basketball coach. Carter quickly sees that his work is cut out for him — the team is having an awful season, and their fights off the court are more decisive than their play on the court. While Carter wants to make the Richmond cagers into a winning team, he also wants a lot more — to teach the boys to respect themselves and one another, and that they must excel in the classroom as well as in the gymnasium. Under Carter's guidance, the team turns their losing season around, with the state title a genuine possibility. However, when Carter learns that a number of his players have let their grade point averages slip below 2.3, as mandated in a contract he entered into with the students, he decides to lock the team out of the gym and send them into study hall until their marks improve. Carter's plan quickly becomes a subject of controversy among parents and team boosters, and their objections are soon picked up by the local news media, many of whom are not sympathetic to Carter's belief that his players must have goals beyond college ball or the NBA. Coach Carter also features Rob Brown and Rick Gonzalez as members of the team, and R&B diva Ashanti in her film debut as the girlfriend of one of Carter's players.

  4. anyone know the background music? watched this film years ago and couldnt find it and watching it again and still can't find it. It's so moving.

  5. The heartbroken look on Crews face when Coach tells him to get out gets me every time. And when the team steps up makes it that much more powerful

  6. That is easily doable. That's about 42 miles of running and 2500 push ups over the span of 10-13 hours atleast.

  7. Very emotional and as an athlete this means a lot to me…it’s great to have players do stuff for u and believe in u and it makes a better team…just shows how good of a coach Carter was and how he shaped these guys into true gentlemen.

  8. I've done some calculations. Based off of a clip of Mr. Cruz doing pushups, he does roughly one every second. 2500 pushups, minimum 2500 seconds, or 41.67 minutes. Now the suicides. The average basketball court is 28.6512 meters long, and the distance to the foul line is 5.7912 meters. This would mean a total running distance of 71.628 meters per suicide. He is tasked to do 1000 suicides, so, in total, he would run 71,628 meters. If the average jogging speed is 2.2352 meters per second, it would take him a total of 160,102.9056 seconds to do the suicides. That's 1.85304289 days of continuous running. I don't know what day he was given this task, but assuming the basketball period is 1 hour, it would take 44.4730293 days to complete it, taking him long past Friday. Taking into account that this is the absolute minimum amount of time it would take him, as we are not considering the effects that fatigue would have on his speed or the amount of time it would take him to stop and turn around during the suicides, Coach Carter was correct in saying that Mr. Cruz’s task is impossible.

  9. A kid on my lacrosse team got 100 push ups and a few of us said "I'll do some" and my coach yelled at us and said he had to do them 🙁

  10. If only I would be given the chance to show my schools coach that I have the potential. Maybe next year.

  11. Befor i watched this thinking dam nick furry is cruel but after watching "mr cruse" try to punch him i feel like "mr cruse" deserved what he got

  12. Man I love this movie despite how cheesy it can be at times. The fact that lyle steps up first despite his and timos strained history before hand is inspiring in a team sense. Idk man it really hits me in the heart

  13. It's so important for kids to do something competitive or anything team based where you meet people because the well being of others start to matter. Kids indoors all the time or online all the time.

  14. We're a team, one person struggles, we all struggle… One person triumphs, we all triumph.
    One of the best scenes ever.

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