Clash Royale Olympics | Who’s the Strongest ? (Battle Edition)

Clash Royale Olympics | Who’s the Strongest ? (Battle Edition)

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100 Replies to “Clash Royale Olympics | Who’s the Strongest ? (Battle Edition)”

  1. At The End The Winner Was The Minion Horde not the Mega Minion My Mistake**
    Be sure to comment down below some more Olympics that you wanna see next! 😀
    also dont forgot to enter into the 50 iTunes/Google play Giveaway i will be announcing some winners next video! 🙂

  2. Pinche pendejo, la bruja le habia ganado a chispitas porque los esqueletos lo ivan a destruir y hubieran quedado vivos y los esqueletos forman parte de la bruja

  3. You made a mistake at the flying troops, at mega minion vs minion horde, minion horde won, but you sed mega minion won, editing mistake 😛

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