Clash Royale Olympics | Who’s the Best Legendary?

Clash Royale Olympics | Who’s the Best Legendary?

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100 Replies to “Clash Royale Olympics | Who’s the Best Legendary?”

  1. Results:
    Who is the best legendary?
    Lumberjack-World fastest
    Inferno dragon-Fastest killer
    Princess-Killed most multiple troops

  2. My favorite legendary is the lumber jack second is infernal tower and third miner the only legendary I got is the miner I got him in thanks giving 2017 yesterday

  3. G u y s .,. I G E T 1 0 0 % F R E E G E M S W O R K I N G F R O M H E R E !➜ ➜ ➜

  4. u unfair u said to u will freeze tk all of them ex princees but u didnt freez lava and sparky doesnt matter lava wouldnt kill th tower but stil u didnt freeze it and sparky almost died

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