Clash Royale Olympics | Who’s the Best Epic Card ?

Clash Royale Olympics | Who’s the Best Epic Card ?

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but with that all out of the way sit back relax and enjoy Alright so right before we get into figuring
out who’s the best Epic in clash royale lets go over some rules
So we have 12 Epic troops competing to be the best Epic Card in clash royale. We are excluding the Xbow & all of the spells
as they are not troops The way we are going to figure out who is
the best Epic is we are going to have 4 contests the troop who wins the most contests
Will be crowned the best Epic card in clash royale. Each contest will have 6 groups and there
will be 2 troops in each group the winner of each round
Will advance into the Quater finals and the winners of that round will advance into the
semi finals and so on. The First contest will be who is the Strongest
Epic were each troop will face off against a giant and we will see who can kill it the
fastest. The Second contest is going to be who’s
the fastest Epic were each troop will race to see who is the fastest. The third contest is which Epic can kill A
tower the fastest were we will be seeing which troop is the quickest at taking out a tower. freeze spells will be used to prevent the
contestants from dying. the final contest will be who can kill the
most goblins. if they can kill all of the goblins then who can kill them the fastest. were we will see which epic is the best at
killing goblins.

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! sorry for any little errors i make in the video. This video took over 10hrs to make and errors can easily occur since it involves so much editing. Only small mistakes were made none that could change the entire outcome of competitions in the Olympics. "LIKE THIS COMMENT FOR GOOD LUCK IN THE GIVEAWAY!"

  2. Dont know the point of the first contest because in a different video(same exact format) the skeleton army won the "strongest troop" Olympics

  3. So what ?skeleton army is somthin like a amm a SUPER LEGENDRY card?also that witch thinks shes stronger than princes?prince and dark prince together could be invincible thats my deck

  4. Theres just no love for the peeka if the skliton army and air troops are not in the game the peeka will be the best card but thers jus no love for him

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