Cho Chikun vs. Tanaka Nobuyuki [Eng. Subs]

Cho Chikun vs. Tanaka Nobuyuki [Eng. Subs]

Hello everyone. This is the 63rd NHK cup Television Go Tournament. This is the 7th game of the first round in B block. This is the game between honorary Honinbo Cho Chikun and Tanaka Nobiyuki 2 dan. Please enjoy. After the nigiri, Cho Chikun honorary Honinbo will play first. Komi is set to 6.5 points. Each player must make their move within 30 seconds. Each player is given 10 periods of 1 minute as thinking time. Have a good game. Now to introduce the players. Black: Honorary Honinbo Cho Chikun. Born on June 20th, 1956. 59 years old. Born in South Korea. Studied under Kitani Minoru. Plays for the Nihon Kiin in Tokyo. He has participated in the NHK cup for 41 years, and this is his 41st appearance. White: Tanaka Nobiyuki 2 dan. Born January 20th, 1992. 24 years old. Born in Fukuoaka prefecture. Plays for the Nihon Kiin Kansai branch. This is his first time playing in the NHK cup. Now to introduce our commentator. Kataoka Satoshi 9 dan. Thank you for being here. Good to be here. So first off, what will be the highlight of today’s match? Cho Chikun is of course one of the best players in history. Against him is someone who became professional this year, the newcomer, Tanaka 2 dan. I wonder what sort of game they’ll show us? They’re both playing rather fast for the opening. Yes., pretty fast. They’re playing out a joseki. It’ll continue as you might expect. This is their first time playing each other. So Tanaka became a professional during the ranking tournament this year. Ahh, yes he did. He really has momentum behind him. He’s the third person to go pro this year. Now he’s participating in the NHK cup. I don’t remember another player doing that. It’s incredible. How many people are in the NHK cup? 50? There are female players too.. That would be about 30 people from the Nihon Kiin. Well he played in the ranking matches, so if he hadn’t won, he wouldn’t be able to enter. I’d have to check this out to see if it’s right, but he may have set a record. And his first round opponent is honorary Honinbo Cho Chikun. I wonder how he feels? I’ve heard that he gets nervous before matches… Well this is his first time on a televised tournament. This is very different from playing at the Nihon Kiin. He seems calm. Maybe once the game begins… he calms down. This is a commonly seen shape. A joseki. It’s been played for a very long time. So now we have Black’s thickness vs. White’s territory. Cho Chikun has been playing the Sanrensei recently. Well that’s not what you think of when you think of him. Maybe he’s changed? I have the feeling he’s been playing that for awhile. When you think of him you think of him taking territory and then skillfully making sabaki. I guess he can play whatever he wants. But lately he’s been playing sanrensei. I haven’t really seen Tanaka Nobiyuki play. I wonder what his style is? He thinks that fun is the most important part of playing. He seems to play freely and focus on what is fun. He earned a lot of titles as a college student playing in tournaments. He also wasn’t an insei. He’s different than most. I think there are quite a few professional players who won student title championships. But not having experience as an Insei is rare. So now they’re focusing on the right side. So Black extended here. Let’s go back to this shape here. There are three different moves to play here. The first is to play the tiger’s mouth here. This is the most common. Next, tiger’s mouth here. This move also has its own meaning. You can also play elsewhere. For example, you could play this. Then White could cut here. Black extends, and then White extends, and then the knight’s move. Black will make sabaki at the top. This is a fast way to play. In the game, he played this tiger’s mouth. Protecting his own weakness. If you play this tiger’s mouth then this side is important to you. Next he played on the star point… Then he encroached from beneath. People who like to play for territorial frameworks might like these moves. Playing low here seems like Cho Chikun’s natural style. He doesn’t play for frameworks. Black approached here. Cho Chikun is a very well known player. A great player. He’s won the NHK cup 4 times. He’s earned each title I believe at least once. I wonder how many he’s earned overall? 73. Wow. He still looks like he’s going strong. He’s been playing in the NHK cup for over 41 years. He’s played in it every year since he first entered. This season he is the oldest person participating. Well probably back when he first entered he was the youngest. Kataoka, you and Cho Chikun are of the same generation? I guess you could say that… I think Cho Chikun is three years older than me. There’s not that much difference in our ages. I really feel he’s sort of my senior in a way. Given how active he is, it really feels like he’s 10 years older than me. Especially when we were in our teens. I wonder if Cho Chikun took a title when he was still in his teens? Now Black is figuring out what to do against this pincer. Yes, what to do indeed? Despite the fact that Black started off with the sanrensei, he’s not building a territorial framework. From the opening he’s emphasizing fast development rather than a framework. So White pincers….what to play here? You could enter the 3,3 point. This is normal. After that, jumping out. Those two moves are the most commonly seen. You could also attach underneath. He jumped. So does this jump aim for territory? White will protect his corner… It all depends on what happens after that. Depends what he has in mind. Well it all depends if he wants to just settle his position or find some other way of handling the situation in a clever way. He wants to settle his shape. Will White just protect the 3,3 point? What will he do? He protected. For the moment he’s settled. Both of them are not rushing things. Both of them are settling their shapes. He played the kosumi attachment right away. It’s pretty good. You see this move a lot recently. White’s kosumi attachment might seem like a bad move, but actually he has a plan. Another stubborn move. What makes it stubborn? It just feels that way. Ahh, he took away its eyespace. White wants to make big ko threats as he’s fighting. So by ko theats you mean for the lower left? Yes it has to do with the left side. He might be able to make a ko. Beautiful. It reduces Black’s territory. We were saying that White can aim at a ko over here. White is aiming to play here. Black blocks. What a big ko! If Black loses this he gets destroyed. When White wins it looks like this. Right, Black is destroyed. So this is a ko that Black cannot lose. A very big ko. That’s why Black needs to be careful. Playing that right away would be severe. Is it worth it to play a move to erase the possibility of the ko? It could be. It would be a fine move. You could add another move, and then White’s kosumi attachment would be a bad move. Ahh, the kosumi attachment. Looks like the fight is just getting started. This isn’t a fighting move. Really? It’s a solid move. It’s not aiming to capture White. It aims to seal White in. So he is going to seal White in on the side. It should give him thickness. This is a one way street. It’s easy for White to make life. White cannot cut and then atari. He will connect. This means that the lower right is Black’s territory. The area around the 3,3 point is clearly Black’s territory. I see. He didn’t connect. So is he not giving him time to play in the corner? No, he’ll cut and capture. Is it a big move? It is. You can’t just let that move go. Now he’ll connect. Connecting here would be normal. Well then Black might also connect too. So after he cut and took the stone… Black took many points in the corner, and what’s more, White’s group is not clearly alive. White needs to do something about that. He jumped out. He broke through. Well the game hasn’t turned out as expected. Normally you connect here. Now what to do here? If Black plays here then you must play here. So probably add another move here. He didn’t play here, he played over there, and then… It’s big. This is not what I had imagined. Well there are times when things don’t turn out as imagined. I am perplexed though. White’s moves here weren’t expected. Maybe he played it so he wouldn’t get sealed? He is out. I don’t know if I can agree with this. He’s playing next to thickness, Black took territory here, and he has no eyes. He chose a severe move. So he peeped here so that White cannot play there and make eyespace. So that’s why this move is severe. It takes away eyespace. He wants to attack. Yes. If White gets to play this point then White is pretty strong here. White gets the atari. He could play here, and then here he’s pretty alive. This move is the vital point. Then next this…well, he can’t let him go through…so yes, this. Probably like this. Possibly over here…well…this. This might be one way to play. White needs to escape. That’s why it feels like White is getting attacked. Feels painful for him. Ahh, I knew it. This move takes away one of his own liberties, but here, it doesn’t matter. Now White will block then Black will peep. Cho Chikun is famous for skillfully dealing with weak groups. Now he’s the one on the attack. Of course he’s good at attacking. He’s good at skillfully handling weak groups, but he is also good at attacking. If you cannot see how your opponent will attack you, you can’t defend your groups. First you have to see the strongest move to attack… Then think of a way to counter it and survive. He has to play here. Connecting would be normal. I wonder if he’s thinking about this move. White cuts. Then something like this. Perhaps he’s thinking about this? These look captured. He connected. This must feel good for him. So Black doesn’t need to reinforce the upper right… So the Black stone where he peeped.. Doesn’t seem like it’ll get captured. If it were captured then White would be alive. Capping here is the vital point. Earlier I said to play here. But now White will play the one space jump. Now that he’s capped, this move might be tricky. We don’t want to let this stone be captured. Letting it get captured would mean White lives. White connects, and we need to disconnect the groups. Now, White plays something like this. Black seems low on liberties. White can atari here. It might be okay. He can try to hane on the outside. This seems fine. If this works out, then the cap is a severe move. He’s used up some of his time. He’s taking his time. I don’t think he’ll die. It’s hard to find just the right move to survive. This should do for now. This is the shape. You showed us this earlier. Right. He haned from the outside. Will he just pull back? Well he could to threaten the cut…but then what would he do? If he pulls back. Black will play this. He could still play over here. Black is still okay. Even if they played different moves, it seems like Black is fine. That’s why right now….this works for him. I think the shape should be different. What if he does this? This should be okay too, more or less. Let’s assume they play these moves. So let’s go here…and then Black plays this… It’s hard for Black to cut now like this. White will play here. Now there are two moves. Come out, or cut. This is pretty difficult. Finding the right shape. I did talk about this move…but it is painful. White isn’t happy if Black plays here. The shape is good for Black. White must play here. Like this White won’t get captured, but… There’s nothing to be happy about with this sequence. Now it makes him not happy about coming into this area. He’s probably thinking about what he can do here. He extended. Does this move work? This is difficult. What if he blocks? Yes, that. White looks to be in danger. He’s really using his time. We really want to cut here…however… Cut here. White is cut off. If he runs away…then Black plays this. That stone can just get captured. Probably like this. These stones are in danger. Therefore… I think in the end….here… If he plays that, then like this. Now I think he can cut… Ahh, he attached. I see. This is one way to play. This is the shape. If we think about this point, then he can actually come out this far. We can’t really tell exactly how this will play out…but… Now these stones are captured. The result is that these stones are alive. Being stubborn and just trying to capture won’t work. Hmm…I feel here, you just connect. Maybe he plays here? I don’t know if he’ll play here, but if you play here. Now there’s a cut. Connect. Maybe it’ll go like this. Something like this. White won’t die. He didn’t play this. Because White didn’t play it, Black went there. Pushing up and then connecting under results in territory. Playing this means he’s left this forcing move. Turning here is a fine move. Getting out should be easy. He only has one eye. What would be best? Pretty tricky. What about here? You lose a bit this way. This is natural. White is out now. Black has gained territory here. If he plays here… White can get out this way. Well there’s no helping it, he has to do something. He has to play and survive somehow. Right. He has to. This wasn’t great for him, but he can be patient and wait for his chance. The fight in the upper right is Black’s success. The kosumi is better. Will Black continue the chase? Ahh, he attached? He’s continuing the chase. I wonder if you could call it that. This move is saying “Go ahead and connect to your stones at the bottom.” White will hane, Black will extend.. So maybe there will be a framework as they continue playing. Maybe he’ll fight back if he hanes Right, another severe move. Maybe there is a move like that. He’s used his last period. I thought he might extend in response to the hane and then let White connect, but… Does this work? How do you respond to such a harsh move? Does he come out? You cut. This is impossible. All of this gets captured. Wow. I thought that this was a possibility. So White needs to worry about that… Tanaka might be thinking about what to do after the hane. He went back to protect. The hane was dangerous. He played carefully, thinking the hane was too dangerous. Where does Black go now? He might try to strengthen his shape…maybe…like this. If White doesn’t respond… No eyes. If Black hanes, White plays this. White is safer. He could play that, or just extend.. I wonder whether or not this is good. Will he play here? Or will he just play elsewhere? Where? I don’t know really. I don’t know, where else would he play? The 3,3 point. It seems a bit strange at this point. Well, now we can see how severe Cho Chikun can play. I didn’t think about going into the 3,3 point. So he’s playing to take the corner? Yes. He might be reading out how to take the corner and then attack White’s wall. He has to hane form the outside. To cut. Black goes into the corner and takes territory… Even if White makes thickness on the outside… Black is thick on the right. White’s thickness won’t be effective. He thought he could win by taking the territory in the corner. It must be instinct for him. Earlier I was thinking to myself if the top could become Black’s territory. Well, that may have been one way. He could have used the right side to expand along the top. He decided taking territory was more important. White should hane here. Normally you hane at the head of two stones. White gets think, but his thickness doesn’t do much. Kataoka, you’ve played Cho Chikun for Honinbo in a 7 game match before. It didn’t go so well for me. Well, you said Cho Chikun can play severe moves. Well it’s his level of concentration and his intensity which you can feel on the Go board. Black isn’t just making territory. I said earlier that White is aiming at the kosumi attachment at the bottom. I wonder if his play in the upper right is trying to affect that. He’s ready for a fight. Wow, what an exciting point to attach. He has to play this way. Earlier when I said that his extension here erases the problems here.. When White attaches Black can’t block here. Black connects here. Now Black can play here. Because of Black’s stone here this group is under attack. He was probably thinking of all this when he went into the 3,3 point. Well now we have quite the development over here. So Tanaka has got the guts to fight. He’s used all of his thinking time. He has to make all of his moves in less than 30 seconds. Now he fights. If he doesn’t fight White will lose. I think he should double hane. Black doesn’t seem to have a simple response. I’m not sure. White will extend. There’s a cut nearby on the 7th line, so while they’re fighting he might be able to cut. So he’ll aim to cut off those seven stones. Right he’ll steer the fight in that direction. That’s White’s ultimate aim. Can Black atari? Black would like to atari here. This may or may not work. Once White cuts, these stones are captured. He’s thinking about that. Maybe there are other moves? There should be various moves. There are cuts here. I don’t think this stone will get captured with these stones around here. This is difficult. He’s mumbling to himself. This threatens double atari. Just pulling back doesn’t seem right. You really don’t want to play there. Yes, there is a cut here, a double atari. You need to protect. This would be the shape. Hmm, would this be good? Probably take. White has strengthened his shape a bit. Turning here might just be an honest mistake. This might just be Black’s best move. Black covers the outside, but it may he hard. Can he live? This is dangerous. He’s continuing to use his thinking time. There’s a lot to think about. This whole sequence since the attachment is pretty severe for Black. Cho: (I played such an awful move) Cho: (Man that was stupid.) How should he defend? It’s a difficult decision. It’s really hard to find just the right move. Cho: (I’m out of time.) So he’s going to just endure White encroaching into the corner. White will atari. There is the cut. I don’t think he’ll cut right away. He’ll want to come into the corner a bit first. By playing this, he’s made getting into the corner and the cut miai. You might feel like you just want to cut… Yes. Those seven stones in the middle are lost. Maybe he thinks of them as sacrifice stones? Sacrifice? That might be it. So now we will see what happens next So, are they sacrifice stones? Well…they’re sacrifice stones now, aren’t they? Right, so it’s not like they died..right? Well…some might say they just died. I don’t think Black intended this. He’s going to keep pushing. any case, those stones are dead. In terms of territory, maybe around 20 points? White gets a good amount then. By taking those seven stones, he gained about 20 points. Also after this, Black doesn’t have any more forcing moves. That’s a pretty big plus. This is a success for White. So this is in fact fairly big. So 14… So this hane and the extension here don’t do anything. That’s a big plus. So I worry about this area here. One way Black could play is to invade around here. After that… He could build this area. That looks big too. I don’t know which one he’ll play. It’s pretty difficult. Ah, I see. This is more peaceful. If you play in this area, you should turn. The bottom is still open. He attached. I don’t think Black will block. If this turns into a ko, it could be costly for Black. Well…true…but he doesn’t necessarily have to connect under. It’d be hard to find threats. I expected him to play there. He’s going to try and survive on the left side. This would be a fight over the balance of territory. White might do well…the right side is pretty big after all. You have to find a good spot to play now He has to play there. Having White turn there would make his shape bad. Right because he’d have to play an empty triangle to defend… Black doesn’t have any eyes. White also might make life. Territory is the main thing. He invaded the bottom. He’ll play there and then see how White will greet him. Whether or not it’s good or bad, you’ve gotta play here. This has gotten interesting. Tanaka 2 dan is pretty good. In the beginning it looked pretty rough for him… Black is aiming for a fight. Depending on how things turn out, White may have a chance. If Black survives with everything it might make up for the loss at the right. Black’s lower right is big. But aside from that… They’re just playing move after move. He haned. Cutting would be hard. Is Black okay? If White cuts, Black can play here. These two points are miai. Therefore, he extends. This would be a bad move. Because this stone is here, White can protect if Black takes. Good move. What is he going to do when White cuts? It feels like you should cut. White is following behind Black. If Black had connected then White could capture those two stones at the bottom firmly. White feels good in this fight. Black isn’t going to just connect. White isn’t going to cut Black now. White has no choice. Now will he connect? What’s the meaning behind Black’s peep? This is what he’s aiming at. If Black makes eyes it puts the White group in danger. We’ll see if it works out. What’s going on? This is the shape to help the bottom stone get out. White might connect. Up until now he didn’t connect, but he has to now. If White comes out Black will connect. Now he’ll connect to the stone he peeped with. Cho isn’t pulling any punches with these moves. White’s group has no eyes. Now that we’re at this point… Black has to make life at the bottom. If White decides not to connect here… He won’t play elsewhere. Black will make life, and then White has to come out into the center. What a fierce battle! Very interesting. Just watching it is exciting. White isn’t alive on the left side, but neither is Black. So he’ll hane and then Black extends. But will that work? Right. White has quite a few things he wants to do. He’ll keep pushing. If he stops then the left… I don’t think it will die. But he can’t afford to get sealed in. White might play one more move, and now he can’t connect in the center. Will the group on the bottom be okay? How about the knight’s move? Will White’s group be able to get out? The question is, can it connect? If it gets cut off it’ll die. Now that I look at it this move may have weaknesses. In any case White’s group at the bottom has half an eye. White has been cut off. White is completely cut off now. It won’t be easy to make two eyes. He’s got to be worried about how to handle this. He has to make an eye in sente in the middle. I don’t see a move that makes eyes. So he just haned and Black defended. This may not turn into anything. Black would normally connect and then White would connect. The tiger’s mouth. This is for safety. So he must have played this thinking that Black’s move there would be too good. Can Black take White’s eyes? Oh, he cut? Is he basically saying “Go ahead, live?” He’s saying “Go ahead and cut.” If White extends once in the corner he can live. He makes two eyes. But maybe not? It’s alive. There’s an eye in the center. White almost bit the dust. For the most part this group is alive. And here we thought White was dying. The bottom has really turned into Black’s territory. He probably decided that it wasn’t bad. Black can play this. If he takes, then play here. This becomes a false eye. If the position is like this, White has a forcing move here. Now if White plays here. So these stones can be sacrificed. Black does have this sequence. So this cut allows him to try and take away an eye. In the game he played here. This creates the forcing move here. He decided that this was enough. I think he’s probably right. He seems ahead in territory. Black’s territory in the lower right is fairly big. White’s group on the left is not 100% solid yet. So little by little at the top… He’ll place Black stones at the top. It’s not entirely alive. He has to defend the top in any case. So this jump protects the upper side. Well…I wonder wht will happen if he pushes in? White wants to add a move on the left. How will Black break into the top? He needs to play there, otherwise, he might die. He did it. The most severe move. If this works, then game over. Will White hane or wedge? In any case, this is difficult. Well…if it dies it dies. This is the strongest move for White. Black might be thinking that he wishes he hadn’t blocked. This is psychologically difficult on Black. Black may just get captured. If Black fails here then the game would turn around. What will happen next? Once White connects, Black has two cutting points. Another difficult point in the game… He’ll probably cut next… Well White was behind… It’s not going to be smooth sailing. This might be a capturing race. There is that possibility. Will he try to live? Black at the top. White has his work cut out for him. It doesn’t look like White is going to be captured. Black looks like he needed one more move to make this work. It’s hard for Black to seal White. It is difficult. He could try it… The cut is dangerous. Therefore he played there… Black is trying to live. After White connects? Black will play on the first line. To connect. That way he can make miai for two eyes. But even then it’s unclear if Black has won or not. It’ll be exciting to see what happens. White can’t come out to the center. It’s impossible. He blocked. Does that work? Does it? I didn’t think he’d go that far. I see. If White ataris on the second line then it’s a ko. What happens now? Even though he extended I don’t think this works. White has 3 liberties. If he gets more…well who knows then. I thought he’d atari on the second line… He cut. There’s a possibility he could take those 3 stones. The 3 Black stones? This would be an exchange. Wow. This might be a clever move. He’s throwing away those three stones. Calm move. So if he had run out with those 3 stones? White may have come out. Then Black’s group on the left would be in trouble. Will White just directly take the 3 stones. Ahh he extended. This game just keeps going back and forth. Well it’s Speed Go. Cho: I just played an awful move….it doesn’t work… He can live at the top in sente. White looks like he’s captured. If nothing bad happens in the center it should be alright. If Black can connect safely. It looks like he can so he seems to be okay. Cho: “This is just awful.” Cho: “This is just awful.” This move should work. It threatens to take away the eye. White needs to protect. So Black can connect. Cho: What a bad game. That means he has a move to connect out. Cho: “Just awful.” Cho seems to be mumbling to himself. I wonder what he’s referring to? I think if Black captures those 4 White stones then he’s ahead. Is there something bad waiting for him? Cho: Aww man… Cho: Terrible. That should do it. Now the 4 White stones at the top are captured. If Black doesn’t get his eyes taken away from him in the center… He said “I messed up.” We’ll see if he really did mess up. He has to defend. Cho: This is awful. Wow. He can play in here. This move is the most severe. If Black gets cut, he has no eyes. He can’t protect? Can he protect? If he protects here. It looks thin. White should have something here. He played in the middle. Nothing he can do about it. The wedge was really severe. White should be able to do something. The hane feels about right. Now that he’s come out with the hane… I think Cho is surprised. If the right gets cut off then the top is in danger. Those three Black stones might get ataried and then the four stones aren’t actually captured. Will he atari? What will he do if he gets atarid? This feels like the tables have turned. Cho: Really. This is really awful. This is pretty terrible. What the heck do I play now? He has to atari now. No choice. I’m still not sure who is winning. White really got a lot out of that. This was a big loss. If he had captured then Black would have been ahead. This is a huge loss. Cho: Terrible. Normally White would win. Cho: I I see, I screwed up again. I wonder who is actually ahead now? Black was securely in the lead. So when Black came in and White wedged… That was a huge miscalculation. His sighs are getting louder. Well he’s taking it seriously. He’s really upset. Cho: This just makes me angry… So those three White stones can’t run away. I wonder who is ahead? Black has a lot of territory. It feels like White has made a comeback. But that may not actually be the case. Let’s count points. So White has around 55 points. Black might be slightly ahead. I actually am still not quite sure. Things have been progressing and I wasn’t looking. So his lead may have gotten bigger. Now it’s a matter of playing the endgame. Where are the big points? The lower left. The one stone on the second line on the left. Black’s one stone. Capturing that is big. Are there any spots that are really big? Well up to here.. White’s territory is about 55 points. If Black can get a bit above 60 points… He easily has more than 60 points. So Black is ahead. He has 40 some odd points at the bottom. He’s caught some White stones. Black is a bit ahead. White did get himself out of that. Despite that, Black is still ahead. That was a big point. If White had haned there.. It would have been sente for White. From now on it’s just finishing up the end game. The game keeps on going. Is this an endgame technique? How do you respond, attach or..? Looks like nothing. So he has about eight points there. Nothing is going to happen to Black? Nope, nothing. This doesn’t lose or gain anything for either side. Once all the dame on the outside are taken…then Black will throw in… Then it’s a double ko. So it’s eight points. Eight points. They don’t have to play anything out. Well, if there are threats somewhere else. Then maybe White would win it. But really, it’s nothing. We’re talking about after all the dame points have been played. Not sure how White will play on the left. He resigned. Cho: Man I do stupid stuff. After 243 moves, Black, Honorary Honinbo Cho Chikun is the winner. Honorary Honinbo Cho Chikun has won by resignation. Kataoka 9 dan, looking back at the game, what do you think? So after the cut White gained a lot. Black lost quite a few points. Black did a good job at the bottom. I thought I knew who would win in the end… At the top White fought hard. Just when I thought White had turned the tables on Black… White got out of a big mess. Even though Black lost a lot in the beginning, he held on to his lead. In the end he played calmly. I thought that Black was barely winning, but actually he kept his lead. There were a lot of great points to this match. It was a fun game. Kataoka 9 dan, thank you very much.

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  9. After analyzing this game with Leela, it seems that both actually made some mistakes. Alot of times, it seems like the natural or "easy" moves are the best ones. Moves that you can think of without being able to read 20 moves ahead. That's a really interesting theme I think.

  10. Thank you both players, commentators and Jonathan, the game is great. How beautifully Cho Chikun approached the game.

  11. the presenters faces at 0:30 … they look like they are suffering and how can they concantrate when someone keep telling the time like 2:10 😀 i would be so distracted just use a clock or something..

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