Chinese Olympic Swimmer Fu YuanHui Realizes She Won Bronze

Chinese Olympic Swimmer Fu YuanHui Realizes She Won Bronze

I don’t have any strength today You were only 0.01s behind the silver medalist You actually had a very good chance at silver Maybe it’s because my hands are too short (Something about her arm) Yeah You did yourself that before the finals? Why? Because… It’s just a kind of stimulation I was worried that I wouldn’t perform well I was feeling very tired today Now, you’ve been through a lot this time and you’ve had a lot of injuries and emotions What would you like to tell us about how you feel? The thing I want to say the most is… even though I didn’t get a medal… What do you mean? You got third Huh!? Third? You didn’t know you got third? I didn’t know Ooooh then I think that’s not that bad! Ah in that case I would tell my younger self when I was struggling at the edge of dispair all your perseverance and hard work actually aren’t wasted Even though you aren’t the champion you’ve already out performed yourself Ah… my legs are cramping up I think it’s still pretty good

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  1. A couple minor translation comments. At 0:07 she says her arms are too short (not hands). shou can mean arms or hands, but it's clear she means arms. She would have said shou zhi (fingers) if she meant hands. When the reporter grabs her arm (the most "Chinese" moment of the interview lol), the reporter asks why there are scratch marks.

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