Chiefs’ Dustin Colquitt asks kids for their autographs and wears them proudly

Chiefs’ Dustin Colquitt asks kids for their autographs and wears them proudly

Kinda started out with that, we had some
special Olympics kids come out a few years back and kind of just signed
all the way back through my heart. It’s just fun to watch there
are any changes there. I think they’re like level of like,
whoa, this is so big. It kinda goes down and
they get to kind of enjoy it. So I mean he asked me for an autograph,
you can kind of hear that. And so it’s just fun kind of
interacting with kids and who knows what I’m what I’m
gonna be doing in 20 years. But hopefully come out and like I became
a huge cheese fun after that interaction. And that’s what we’re here for the executive office down
to the partnering holder. And I told the guys all the time so
they can kind of put in perspective once we get to air at is River Falls,
we have 487 people at a practice. And then you come here and it’s been
three grand through 3, 4 or 5,000, now 8, and I don’t know what the highest
number is now, but it’s doubled. We have people lined up all
the way to these trash cans or quarterback trash cans over here. Five and seven deep when it used to be
five and six people here and there. I’ve never been yelled at more in
a grocery store like in my life, like we can’t write you can’t lay. And so it’s just they’re ready to
roll arrowheads just gonna be crazy, as soon as the tailgate and everything,
they’re gonna be cooking better, everything is gonna be bigger. Coach Tub is the best in
the business at that, that’s why as the assistant head coach
he takes care of all the personnel. That’s the biggest
difference I saw from 2005, 2012 to when he came in in
2013 is they really meet and figure out exactly what kinda
guy fits in that system. And if you’ve noticed, we’ve had
a lot of very successful return guys. And a lot of it is, is where Dave
can put guys in and make that work. Dexter McCluster is
a great example of that. Where sometimes, guys goes elsewhere and
it’s like, hey, where that guy go, and that shows that coach
to be kinda knows Nakano. He knows where to put guys in
to make the unit successful. So his biggest issue is there’s no stars
of the unit, it’s the unit itself. And so my biggest thing is I got to
make sure Harrison feels comfortable. I’m a caddy for him and
then I just work on my game. So I know that for my defense, they know
that, I’m gonna have a high percentage inside the 20, I’m not gonna allow
a whole lot of return yards and that. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. Lovin you, Dustin! 👍Thank you for caring. I'm a Mom of a special needs son, wish we still lived in KC 💜🏜️

  2. Just thought of something

    Dustin Colquit is new the only player remaining from the Dick Vermeil era who is still with the Chiefs organization

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