Chevrolet Corvette “Cobra Killer” Grand Sport by Superformance

Chevrolet Corvette “Cobra Killer” Grand Sport by Superformance

Yeah… Oh man. This is a car that encourages you to make really bad decisions. Really bad decisions. I’m Kyle Cheromcha, West Coast editor of The Drive and it might look like I’m surrounded by millions and millions of dollars in priceless automotive history right now, but every single car you see in front of you including this 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport is actually a recreation, a continuation car made new again in the 21st century by Superformance. Give me the story of Superformance. Superformance started actually 30-plus years ago in South Africa, the factory’s in South Africa, and the initial idea was… The owner of Hi-tech, the factory in South Africa wanted a Cobra and he looked around at what was available in South Africa and it was nothing that they know that the quality was terrible so he hops in an aeroplane to the US, had a look around and he wasn’t happy with what he saw there and he said I gotta do it better, you know he’s a total perfectionist this guy, and he bought what he thought was the best that he could find where he brought it back to South Africa and then reworked everything you know he went from one side the other side and then I’ve got to admit that the first two performances built would that good either they weren’t so thank goodness six thousand vehicles plus minus later we say yeah we’ve got approximately four and a half thousand cobras built between superformance cobras and Shelby Cobra’s and then of course we’ve done about 350 g2 bodies and Ford only built 80 to 100 rights back in the 60s there were those we weigh about yeah and then Daytona’s that there were only six we built about too close to 200 Daytona 100 yeah and of course I knew a new sweetheart covet grant sport it’s a slow starter we’ve just started selling them a few years back and I think we over 30 already a 35 I believe but it’s something is pretty special you might be able to tell it’s a little loud in here kind of hard to have a conversation probably not the most efficient daily driver but damn I cannot imagine something that would be more fun to tool around at this here we go I’m telling you that does not get old that is a smile maker right there you know what’s amazing we’re in this you know it again it was built less than two years ago because it’s a continuation car but everything about this this whole interior it all screams 1963 and yet I have ice cold air conditioning blowing at my face I’m sitting in an adjustable seats I have power windows and most of all I’m not terrified about crashing a priceless vintage muscle car having the freedom of a replica car a continuation car to just enjoy the drive man it’s like you’re here back in 1963 and this is just any old car that you’re driving it really it’s really remarkable they were only ever five of them done originally and there’s you know that I’ve got the blueprints upstairs we had to help a lot of help from a wonderful guy Robert ash Bhavesh from racing icons he had two storage units full of development parts for grand sports he’s restored I believe three out of the the ridge tree of the original grand sports out of the five and I know he’s probably touched the others also we were very lucky that he had actually worked on car number three that always raced with the number two uh so it was actually car number three and we managed to get all the tooling it made that the plaster cast molds that he had taken off that car we got all that we got a body that he had made the beat and body the same as original Grand Sport we got that from him then there was you know all the tooling for the brakes for the side vents for all the little details on how the handle was put it because Corvettes never had a handle like that that was from a truck actually and that was August Dunlop’s idea of aerodynamics by putting the handle butch in I see you know the BRIT where the brake Vince went for the cooling the coupe the dip cooler that’s on the back there’s so much detail we copied the original drawings on how to a ghost on top altered the original 63 Corvette suspension for the grandpa we did all that now we’ve made some safety changes better brakes and what they had and of course we’ve gone to a rat not a steering box and if you come up to the car you’ll see that we’ve managed to get the gaps to be really nice and also the door oh yes there’s no old 63 bit that’s door closes well that sounds a lot more solid you know right down to your double seal and then on the original grant sports that of course had the leather straps we’ve copied that too that’s there now this one is set up actually with a modern lingo Faldo engine mm-hmm but it’s got something beautiful and it’s what we call men’s jewelry when you look at it it has the eight stack ah yes and yeah men have here you go men get excited when they see that you know if we could we could wear that on our finger or on our arms we were it’s true that’s men’s jewelry as pretty as beautiful that’s the real deal and as I said you could see the power steering air condition and was there any trouble fitting it in the original engine bay without modifying at all or was that the larger hood from the Grand Sport made it possible yeah now the larger hood from a Grand Sport and the two of the grand sports the final years of racing raced with big blocks in there so we can’t fit the big block in yet – you can go all the way to 502 and larger we’ll go in in the car yeah the sound is just amazing I mean there’s no radio in here your right foot is the deejay and talented one of that suspension is very its I wouldn’t call it soft because you do you can bounce a little bit but it’s also not very connected the damping is not what it would be in a modern car so you have to watch out for that the steering it’ll hold you on a curve but the wheel is a little a little sloppy so it feels very much like an old American car in that in that perfect imprecision that cars of this era did so well the brakes are so much better than anything you find in a car that’s really from this era and that head and shoulders makes the biggest difference for our daily driving lack of an air bag that may concern some folks but at least you know that you have a much greater chance of stopping in time compared to an original 1963 Corvette you know this whole experience driving a 1963 continuation Corvette Grand Sport on a beautiful winding Southern California well Canyon mini Canyon Road I can’t even summon the words describe what a unique crazy cool feeling this is I’ll a dream come true it really is and that’s God that is that’s the whole point isn’t it a car that makes you feel like you’re seven years old living out your wildest dream is pretty magical

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  1. The "Cobra Killer" Grand Sport Corvette is what inspired the Guldstrand GS90 C4 Corvette in the early-mid 1990's. I remember that car on the cover of an issue of Motor Trend, and I believe they included a pic or a sidebar or something about this 63 Vette in the article.

  2. So, has this Kyle kid been a professional race car driver? Has he been a performance auto engineer? Has he worked for a race team or auto manufacturer?

  3. a guy i know has 1 of 30 something made 1965 Ford/Shelby GT 350R9(the real deal) the car that ate Corvettes up on the track.

  4. Cobra's were so fast because they weighed 2400 lbs and made 600 horsepower. 1hp/4 lbs they were a track car only, There were millions of corvette's sold.You see them everywhere but I've yet to see an original cobra out on a cruise. Its a rich mans toy.

  5. I see now I've got to build a four-car garage to house my Cobra, GT-40, and now, my Corvette Gran Sport, plus my daily driver.

  6. Absolutely stunning machine, a true original would be awesome, but would feel much better stomping the hell out of that gas pedal, powering around the corners and maybe murdering a mailbox or ditch doing what was meant to be done, driving the hell out of her and puckering up the ole asshole every time you drive her!

  7. Cantik corvette no2 ni,baru mahu tanya cobra tiada yang berbumbung ke…hahaha,ni pun mantap…

  8. I'm not sure why all these blue ovals are ripping this car? Only five were produced and never really had the backing to compete. At least it was an American car!

  9. Only one way to see if an original Grand Sport would "kill" an original Cobra, and that is to put one up against the other on the track.

  10. 1st, there is no corvette with original chassis that is a cobra killer. 2nd there was no corvette in the era of the cobra that could come close , especially at lemans. 3rd good luck with the cheetah ….hahahaha…

  11. You are feeling feedback through the steering wheel. At hi speed's this feedback help's get you through curve's confidently & feel traction or loss of same. Something lost in the electric steering of today.

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