7 Replies to “Chen Lu 1994 Winter Olympics Short Program”

  1. Even though she almost fell there at the beginning…this is better, in my opinion, than Nancy Kerrigan or Oksana Baiul! (I know I'm probably alone on this)

  2. @lflagr No, you're not. Artistic marks should have been at least 0,3 points higher. In fact she did a minor mistake on double toe-loop so technical marks should have been much higher too

  3. @lflagr You're not alone in yout opinion: I think that her skating was more graceful and beautiful than the other's!

  4. Chen Lu's technical marks are far too low compared to Oksana Baiul who had a two footed landing on her lutz, but received much higher marks. Her artistic marks were also too low compared to the Oksana Baiul. I feel the same for the LP. Lu Chen's artistry, skating skills and interpretation are impeccable: clearly the best in the competition to me, as is her ability to cleanly land the most difficult jump in this competition; the triple lutz. Her programs are high expressive art with every movement carefully articulated like a master carving a painting on an icy canvas AND she had more triples in her LP than Oksana; therefore, I think Lu Chen should have won Gold. Oksana was my second favorite in artistry, though I could see where Nancy Kerrigan could have place above her because of Baiul's somewhat "accidental" ending to her LP program, her lack of triples, double footed landings and Nancy's superior spirals. Nancy's technical score may have been close to Lu Chen's, but in terms of artistry I think Lu Chen is much better. I think Lu Chen was hurt by not having the status of world champion and her lack of connection to Eastern European / Russian countries and North America. I think figure skating judging is often judged unfairly.

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