Check out the NEW Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 Sports Lens for Canon | First Look

Check out the NEW Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 Sports Lens for Canon | First Look

Hey everyone the wait is over the Sigma
trio of f 2.8 zoom lens is complete. Let’s take a first look at the 70 to 200
millimeter f 2.8 sport right now Hey everyone Adam here welcome to the
Digital Goja youtube channel today we’re going to take a first look at
Sigma’s 70 to 200 millimeter F 2.8 DG HSM zoom lens this as I mentioned
completes the trio of fast 2.8 zoom lenses into the global vision series
lineup alongside the 14 to 24 and 24 to 70 F 2.8 I first want to thank Sigma for
sending this lens early so you can try it out provide this video and our
feedback for you. This lens will be available for full-frame and crop sensor
DSLRs in the canon EF and nikon f-mount, it can also be used with the sony
e-mount cameras as well using Sigma’s MC-11 mount adapter. So this lens has not
started chipping yet but it will be available soon I’ll drop the links in
the description box below so you can get more information on the funds at So the 70-200 focal range is the perfect range for many professional
photographers it’s actually a go-to lens for people that shoot weddings events
sports or portraits it’s a lens that Sigma has been long waiting to introduce
the first generation of the 70-200 came out back in 2010 so it’s about 8 years
since we’ve seen a new 70-200 a fast telephoto zoom lens from Sigma and let
me tell you it’s optical design is completely overhauled its build quality
every this lens definitely stands out from the crowd of 70 to 200 s that are
currently available so make sure to stay tuned to the end I’m going to show you
some sample photos and we’re going to start with the build quality of the 7200
sport lens. So there was a lot of debate before the lens was announced whether or
not this is going to be designated as an Art Series lens or a sports series lens
and Sigma went with the Sport Series lineup now this is
gonna meet all the needs of any type of pro photographer the built quality is
fantastic it has it has good weight to it
everything from the zoom ring to the manual focus ring moves really smoothly
even the locking mechanism for the tripod collar is designed really well
I’m talking about the tripod collar it does have a removable foot that you can
use a tool to remove it has arca-swiss mount so you can go directly onto any
style arca-swiss clamp and let me tell you this is a good thing to have because
this lens does weigh about four pounds so it’s not a lightweight lens but it’s
able to be handheld if you need to and it has really good optical stabilization
which we’ll get into in just a bit the lens is Weatherfield
throughout all the critical spots so you can feel comfortable shooting out in the
field you do have a weather sealing at the
lens mount this will keep dust and dirt from entering your camera and the lens
has coatings on the front and the rear to help repel dust dirt and moisture
make it easier to clean when you need to so some things that you’re going to
notice on this lens is the amount of switches that you have for customization
you do have your your standard auto focus manual focus switch with manual
focus override you have your focus limiter switch but the focus limiter
switch can be customized using the USB dock you have your optical stabilization
you have two modes you have the standard mode and you have the one for panning and
Sigma claims to have four stops of stabilization using this lens and this
optical stabilization system is also customizable when using this sigma USB
dock now since this is a sports designated lens you do have
customization mode 1 & 2 so if you connect this to the USB dock and use the
optimization Pro software you have three different things that you customize you
have your AF that can be customized so you can prioritize speed you can do a
balanced which is the standard and then you can do the smooth autofocus which
would be great for shooting you do have customization for your focus
limiter so you can use the sliding tool and customize your focus limit points
and you also have customization for your optical stabilization so whether or not
you want to prioritize the stabilization in the viewfinder or you want to get the
most out of the stabilization system that’s possible again with the USB dock
and this lens now what I really appreciate that Sigma offers on the 70
to 200 is that they offer three AF lock buttons on the lens so depending on the
position of the the lens itself you have easy access to locking the autofocus
while shooting all right so let’s take a look at its optical design now I
mentioned earlier that this lens weighs about four pounds and that’s because
it’s designed with 24 elements in 22 groups you have an 11 blade rounded
diaphragm and let me tell you the images and the stuff that’s out of focus looks
really clean and beautiful this lens features a minimum
focusing distance of 4 feet this allows you to get pretty close at 200
millimeters check out the photo that I did with the sunflower and the and the B
I hope you liked it let me get your feedback in the comment section below so for my initial test the autofocus is
really quick hits on the mark but I’m looking to do a little bit more detail
testing on this lens I only had a short period of time with it I’m looking
forward to customizing it using the Sigma USB duct as well for when I want
to shoot video the video AF seems to work really well it’s quiet I didn’t see
might be internal mics we’re picking up too much sound from this lens itself but
stay tuned make sure to subscribe to our channel for more updates on the 70 to
200 2.8 from Sigma and if you have any more questions or feedback make sure to
leave them in the comment section below remember hit the like button underneath
if this video helped you out and if you’re in the Miami area come check us
out at the Digital Goja showroom Adam here keep on shooting I’ll catch you in the
next video

35 Replies to “Check out the NEW Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 Sports Lens for Canon | First Look”

  1. Will this lens be good for my epic championship Tchoukball tournaments. I’m so hardcore in this sport it’s crazy. I doubt they make a lens that will capture this amazing sport in all its glory. Only true GI Joes can participate if they don’t bend to the will of Cobra.

  2. I think there is really only one question that everyone wants an answer for. How does it compare to the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM?

  3. Great report and love your photos seems like a keeper for sure thanks for your report any sign of more Canon m50 lens stay safe see ya

  4. Great review. Whoever decided that swapping the focus and zoom ring positions was a good idea, needs to be publicly horsewhipped

  5. Hello thanks for the preview. The Tamron is also a magnificent lens, and one knows that the Tamron focus very well as expected from them. The only issue the Tamron has is that is very short when shooting close l. Even at 10m is not close to 200mm on the long end. Could you test how this does agains Nikon and Canon that are true 200mm lenses at close range ?

  6. Excellent video! Persevere with making worthy content and you can expect to develop quick! Subscribe to our channel and so we will subscribe to your channel!

  7. there are even 5 lenses 120-300 OS S 200-500 but to heavy and price I own the 120-300 OS Non sports version

  8. Good thing college season is kicking back in, 160 uber eats deliveries after 75 hour week this baby will be mine. Then I can be paparazzi pro and no more "fresh" car smell besides my own farts while waiting for the next suspect

  9. I already have the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII but they've had the FL version out for about a year ish and I wouldn't spend 3k on that lens… this looks like a real competitor to that. I'm not going to replace my Nikon with this, but if I didn't have the Nikon already, I'd probably go for this… 1,500 is a steal. half of the Nikon price essentially. I'll have to wait until more reviews are available though

  10. Thanks for the detailed review. Due to the cost of the Nikon version of this telephoto range, I'm eagerly awaiting the availability of the F Mount version of this lens (I'm told March 2019). At 4 pounds I'm a bit worried about my technique, but counting on the Optical stabilization to help somewhat. Thanks for taking the time to pull this content together, it helps to see the lens and your photo examples are very helpful as well. Thanks again, much appreciated.

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