Cheap vs. Expensive Activewear: Sports Bras – No Sweat: EP19

Cheap vs. Expensive Activewear: Sports Bras  – No Sweat: EP19

So a while back we did an episode about cheap
versus expensive tights, and a lot of you loved that episode. So in today’s episode, we’ll be
talking about sports bras. And because women don’t all have the same
chest size and physique, I’ve decided to invite a special guest on today’s episode and she’s
none other than Jem from Hype Hunt. Jem: Hi, thanks for having me. Tyen: Thanks for coming on the show. So I follow you on Instagram and I see that
you actually work out quite a lot so I’m very sure that you’re someone who knows a thing
or two about sports bras. Jem: So I won’t say that I know a lot of stuff,
I just know what feels good for me. I’m quite a casual workout person in that
sense like, I work out and then eat nuggets. So…not like a fitness guru. Tyen: Alright. So what is something that you look forward
to when you buy sports bras? Jem: So when I choose them, I tend to go for
things that are like tighter and have good support. For me, when I try on a sports bra, I just
jump around a bit, and if it hurts, I don’t buy it. Tyen: I think that’s a really good test you know, I’ll call it like a jumping jack test actually. It really depends also on your lifestyle,
what kind of training that you’re into. If you do something that’s high impact or
a lot of jumping, a lot of running. You do want to make sure you have that support
to keep it up together and not like flailing everywhere. Tyen: A lot of you might not know this but
I actually used to be really flat-chested. You know like, if this was my chest, then this is my nipple. I was so flat chested and it was just something
that I’ve always been insecure about just growing up. So I saved up and when I was 20, I actually got a boob job. Sometimes I do question my
reasons for getting it done because now I realise that a
healthy body is a healthy body. And it really doesn’t matter the size of your boobs. If you’re strong, you love your body then
that’s the most important thing. Jem: And I also think that you know, if you
just are happy and you decide that you want to do it, I think that’s totally within your
right to do it. So actually I’ve a question. You’ve always been working out right, so has
it change like the way you work out? Tyen: When I was flat-chested,
I didn’t even have to wear a bra. I could just wear a t-shirt and it’d be completely fine. When I buy sports bras nowadays, I’ll look for things that definitely have
more support in the bra. Tyen: So we’re gonna start off first with
the cheap category of sports bras. So I got this sports bra from Taobao. And I think it was around like $10? Jem: What does it say? “Dance to your own rhythm”. Wow, it is so inspirational I love it! Tyen: I feel a lot of these Taobao sports bras right, they all have these words like “Peace, Love, Work Out” something like that. “Peace, Love, Sweat”. Jem: I am quite basic, I like it. I think it’s interesting. Tyen: So comfort wise, this material is really soft and also the elastic band is also not too hard. So it doesn’t dig into your skin. And because the elastic is pretty thick, it
does give you that push and that you know, lift. The only thing I have with a cheap sports
bra is really like the padding because the padding is very thin. And when you are wearing the bra, you can somewhat like see the padding push through the bra which can look a bit
vulgar to be very honest. So when dealing with cheap sports bras, the
best thing to do is to take out the padding because you know if you wash it with the padding,
the padding tends to fold. And then you kind of have to like dig in and
like firm it out. I would personally not run in this. Jem: Oh okay! Tyen: I would probably just do more like low-impact
work, if I am weight training in the gym, maybe doing pilates. Jem: So if you are like buying for the first
time from let’s say Taobao where you can’t try it on, How do you decide that this is the one you want and you gonna buy like two at one go? Tyen: Try to look for things that have a thicker
strap, something with like elastic straps or like that, just generally thicker. They give you much better support than if
you were to get something thin like this. Jem: Can I show you my cheap bra? Can you make a guess like how much this cost? I bought this in the States when I was
there from Old Navy. Tyen: Was it like a factory outlet? Jem: No not factory outlet, just on the street. Guess how much it costs? Tyen: Maybe like $10? $12? $15? Jem: Hmm, good guess. Divide it by 4! I got it for $3 dude! Tyen: Oh my god, seriously? That’s even cheaper than my Taobao. Jem: So actually right, the auntie in me is
really happy about this buy. So I mean I got it on sale, but if you go
to Old Navy, the regular price is maybe $15-$20. But I must say, that in the US, every shop
always has a ‘Sale’ rack. But as you can tell, it’s such a cheap bra that there isn’t even a pocket for you to put a padding in. When I bought it, I wasn’t really like someone
who worked out that regularly. I’ll just “potate” around and then once in
awhile go “I feel unhealthy. I’m gonna go for a run”. So obviously if you don’t work out regularly,
you don’t even really think about these things. And then over the past year, so I’ve been
working out more regularly. And when I wore this and I was doing jumping
jacks, I was like “Why is everything so painful?” So I definitely wouldn’t wear it to do cardio. I made a mistake of doing that once
and it was so painful that I was actually hugging myself and jumping. And before you mentioned the thing about straps,
it never occurred to me. So yes, this is a very thin strap. I was like “Oh!” because I realised that actually
my good support sports bras do have thicker straps. I just never made the connection. Tyen: So actually the actual construction of the bra, the straps and the thickness of the straps actually gives you the support. In terms of the sweat management, how do you
find your sports bra? Jem: It’s not great but I think that’s also
like common sense. Like y’know, you feel it, it’s like cotton? It’s not like the nice premium material. So if it’s wet, it’s just gonna soak it up. Tyen: Okay, so for mid-range bras, we’re gonna
look at bras that cost anywhere from $20 to $50. Jem: I just have like one. This one’s from Iuiga? I don’t know how to pronounce it. It’s the one that just basically like copy
other brands. It’s a slightly questionable business model. They say they have the same manufacturer as
Lululemon. I actually think for $30, it’s like a really
good bra because look at the padding. It’s sewn in so it will never move around. I wouldn’t say that the support is like the
best bra I’ve ever used, but for $30 it’s definitely way more than decent. Tyen: Definitely! And y’know with the detailing and the back,
this material is actually really soft. It’s almost like seamless? Jem: And I definitely think the fit is pretty good. It’s like snug. As you can tell the straps are very thick. So it feels like it’s holding everything together. It’s definitely something you can do serious
high-impact workouts with. The only thing is, y’know with any kind of
bra with good support, it means it’s snug right? So when you work out, you gotta work out till like 95%. And the last 5% of your energy is going to
the toilet and trying to take off your bra. Taking off your sports bra is a
whole workout on it’s own. Tyen: So how’s the sweat management
of this bra? Jem: Well I mean, it’s not cotton. It’s like spandex? Like 80% spandex, so definitely it’s more
like quick-dry. Is that the term? You basically could work out and get sweaty,
and you wouldn’t feel like it’s sticky. But you should still shower. Because hygiene is very important. Tyen: For me, I’ve tried a lot of sports bras
from fast fashion brands like Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo, Cotton:on, and right now I’m
wearing something from Forever 21. I don’t know if you can see, the padding is
sticking through, and this is what I’m talking about when I say thin padding. Because as time goes by, as the material starts
to stretch as you keep washing it, you can kinda see the padding that pokes through. But I will say in terms of support, I think
the support is pretty decent actually. You can go running in this, you can do your
high-impact workouts in this, you can also do your low-impact workouts. And I can wear it in and out of the gym. It’s very comfortable because the material is very soft. In terms of the overall durability, the fact
that this has lasted me a good like 2 to almost 3 years I would say. It’s a pretty decent find and I think I got
it for about like $30 to $40 like in that range. I think in general for like fast fashion sports
brands is a bit of a hit and miss. Because a lot of them are actually pretty
good quality and give you decent support. There’s some of them that are really stylish
and very pretty, but don’t give you the same kind of support. Jem: You were saying like you also got it
from Uniqlo right? Tyen: Yes, I really, really, really like this bra. Probably one of my favourite bras that I own actually. Because of the in-built padding. And it’s very similar to yours as well. Definitely keeps everything in place. When you’re bouncing, if you’re jumping, if
you’re running, this just holds everything together. I have yet to come across like a sports bra
within this price range category that provides me with this much support. Actually it’s from their Airism brand. I think the thing about the Airism technology
is that the sweat evaporates very, very quickly. It doesn’t leave that damp feeling that you
might feel on the underneath your boobs. The under-boob sweat. Jem: Yeah, that’s so cool. I’m definitely gonna check it out and then
you can check out this one. And then you can tell me which one is better! Tyen: Okay! See, this is why we’re doing this together. We’re sharing like bra secrets. So for someone who has a smaller chest, I
would still recommend this sports bra because the one great thing about being flat-chested,
or being on the smaller side is that you can kind of play around with all different kinds
of sports bras. You don’t really need so much support. This is just one go-to bra that really fits
all different kinds of shapes. Tyen: So right now we’re gonna talk about
expensive sports bras. Anything from $50 and above, I personally
consider expensive sports bras. You should not be paying more than $100 for
your sports bras. I think that is daylight robbery. Jem: My absolute favourite sports bra is this
one from Adidas. I know that people are always surprised when I say this because I don’t think they’re known for sports bras. I love this so much that the pink is
no longer really pink? It’s kind of like dirty pink? Tyen: Dusty pink! Jem: Oh I like the way you like PR-ed it! I mean I really like this because this has the
best support I’ve ever worn. It’s really like well-supported around the
sides so that when you jump or do anything, it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s surprising because when you touch it,
you may feel like, ‘Oh maybe it’s just a normal bra. Cute cross-back’. But it’s like the best support ever. And I think like the support is comparable
to my other expensive bra from Lululemon. Because Lululemon has amazing support. The only thing about the Lululemon that makes
it not cross over to being my favourite bra is that the padding is movable! Look it’s folded right now, it just came out
from the washing machine. I just feel like you should sew it in? Cause it’s not like no other
bra manufacturer does it, y’know? It can be done so I feel like it should be
done for a high-end bra. Look at how thick the straps are. So sometimes you see like cross-back bras
when the cross is just for show or for design. These crosses, when you wear them they are snug. They are there to really support you. And it also has this clasp? So if you feel like you lost a bit of weight, you can make it tighter, or if you feel like
a bit more support. It’s quite rare right? Tyen: It is, it’s quite rare to find sports
bras with these kind of clasp like how you get it from a normal bra. Jem: The good thing is that it makes it easier
to take off after the workout. Tyen: I think in general just like criss-cross
backs are very good for support. Because if you just have the normal strap,
yes it does give you a bit of that lift. But with criss-cross backs it actually lifts
it but also pushes it together. So it gives you that full support. Jem: Yeah, it makes a huge, huge, huge difference. Just in terms of how much pain you’re in at
the end of the workout. So I guess in the more expensive price range,
Adidas and Lululemon are the ones that I feel I would drop serious cash on. Tyen: Ah, okay. That’s really interesting because I personally
don’t really like Adidas sports bras. I have tried a couple of them in the past. I actually personally like their competitor
brand, Nike, a lot more. I think that Nike does an amazing job with
their high-impact line. If you’re looking for a running bra, Nike
is definitely a hands down, best running bras. Even their lighter support ones are awesome
for running. What I love the most about this sports bra
is that they have this like… It looks like underwire right? Jem: Yeah. Tyen: But it’s not. There’s no like metal inside at all. It’s kinda like a spongey thicker kind of material that gives you the sensation of a support underneath. Unlike a lot of other sports bras that kind
of just like lifts your boobs, this actually holds them individually and lifts them. Jem: Yeah, I can see that because, this is
not something I would actually ever see in a sports bra before but it’s got, what is that? Like a… Tyen: Almost like an extra like thicker padding
here and then thinner this side. This is actually great because it gives you
that extra volume? Jem: Yeah. This is something you would find in a normal…
like a push-up bra! Oh that’s what I’m thinking of. Tyen: So for someone who’s really busty, y’know,
this is a great sports bra because it actually helps to support your boobs. It lifts your boobs are individually so if
you’re running, doing any kind of high-impact activity, you’d be assured your boobs are
not gonna fly everywhere. Yeah, these are my go-to, very like bulletproof bras. Jem: Oh I like that. Bulletproof Bras. Tyen: Alright, but my favourite, favourite,
favourite sports bras is the Lorna Jane sports bra.
It’s the one I’m wearing right now. I just think that they provide the best support. I have one in a different design. Even though these are thin straps, you’d be surprise at how much
support they give your boobs. Jem: Oh wow, the padding is so thick! Tyen: Not only that, the padding is just like
out of this world. What I like about these pads, even though
they are not sewn to the sports bra per se, but they are thick and they are good quality padding so they never ever fold when I put it in the washer. Jem: Oh my goodness, it’s like a pillow! Tyen: Yeah it’s like a pillow! It’s a pillow for your nipples. It’s so nice. And the great thing about Lorna Jane is that
they have a huge range of sizes. They have everything from XS to XXL. This is definitely an amazing quality sports bra that is actually worth spending the money to get. And the good thing about Lorna Jane is that
they also come in a range of designs. So you have this pretty detailing, and with
this sports bra like the back of it. Jem: Oh yeah, it’s like a netted back. Tyen: In terms of sports bras, y’know you
look at a lot of different brands. And they don’t have the kind of design range
that Lorna Jane has. And it comes in a very wide range of bright
colours which is not common in other brands. This is a brand from Australia actually. Jem: Yeah, I was gonna say like I’ve heard
of the brand but I thought you couldn’t get it here? Tyen: Yeah, they do have one store in Singapore
but y’know a lot of the Lorna Jane stuff are usually sold at studios or you buy it online. Jem: But how does it perform in a workout,
like in terms of like sweat management and all that? Cause it is more like cloth-y than the other brands. Does that makes sense? Tyen: This has really really good sweat management. Personally I don’t feel sticky when I’m working
out, it handles sweat pretty well. I could run in these, I can do high-impact
work in it. In general, the sweat management is great! Just in terms of cheap versus expensive sports bras, what would you think is the
most worth spending your money on? Jem: I think I need at least one really good
sports bra. So I would be willing to invest in like at
least one. And then I think it’s okay to supplement it
with like the mid-ranged ones. Like the one that I have from Iuiga right, I definitely think I could wear that on a regular basis. But for some very high-impact sports,
I think for me, especially because I’ve worked out with bad sports bras and I can feel the difference and, I’m just not willing to put my body through that. But I would actually invest in a good pair. Personally, I believe that the sports bra
is the most important piece of clothing in your entire workout gear? It becomes a thing that I become willing to spend on. Tyen: Similarly, I also do feel that it’s
good to have that range of moderately priced ones, to a bit more high, more expensive ones,
and especially if you’re doing high-impact sports. When I was kind of flat-chested, you can kind
of get away with buying cheaper sports bras that don’t really give you that much support. All you need is kind of a sports bra that
covers your nipples. But if you have larger chests then I would
pay the extra price to invest in something that provides me with that lift and that support. Jem: It comes down to buying less things,
but buying good things. Tyen: Yup. So that’s all we have for today’s episode. I hope you found these tips useful the next
time you go sports bra shopping. And of course, thank you so much, Jem, for
coming on the show and showing everyone your bras. Jem: Thanks for showing me your bras. Oh yes! And, if there are any brands or places to
shop that we have not covered because we don’t know, or especially if you know where to buy
cheap and really good bras, please hit us up in the comments section. I really want to know. We’ll be eternally grateful. Tyen: Yeah, and of course, if you haven’t
done so yet, please remember to click the subscribe button
and the little bell, so you always get a notification every time
we post a new video. Jem: And you know the drill! Download the Clicknetwork App so you can watch
all our videos right when they come out, even before they go on YouTube. Tyen: Yeah so I’m gonna see you guys in the
next video! Take care guys! Bye!

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  1. Victoria secrets have good sports bras & lasted for a few years for me if well taken care of but they are costly. Myprotein has great deals for sports bra as well & they are pretty supportive.

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  4. Hey Tyen, I think it is amazing that you are honest about your boob surgery. To be honest, the most important is that you are happy and stay healthy. I heard that there are some women who got issues after the surgery (depends on the procedure) so as long you stay healthy and happy is the most important. 🙂 They also look very natural btw haha did not know that you got a boob job.

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  10. all my sports bras are lorna Jane, they are amazing!! every time I go to Australia I stock up at the factory outlet which is so cheap!! heavily discounted. I used to live there during my uni days and their sports bras wins lululemon! I am a size XL but I wear M in lorna Jane. Their designs are amazing and better than Lulu too, last so nice and yeah super thick padding!!

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    I shudder at the thought of throwing my bra in a washing machine, unless I have that plastic sphere that protects my bra well for machine wash. I only handwash my bra now, the washing machine accumulate too much gunk and I definitely DO NOT want my bra to come into contact with it.

    Some say handwash is too time consuming, but actually all it takes is probably just an 5 minutes in the shower, you can just wash it while you apply face mask/ wait for hair conditioner to set in; so don’t use no time as an excuse.

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