Champion ski jumper turned rally car racer for Dakar 2014

Champion ski jumper turned rally car racer for Dakar 2014

The audience or the people have always been that way, because I’m in ski jumping. But that’s not a problem for me, I’ve been in ski jumping. This sport, for so long that it is not a problem for me and I think that it’s quite good for end of career. But I’m also very happy that many people watch and know exactly, that I’m in a different sport now and I will always look at the future to make it better and better During my time in ski jumping, I was never home for New Years because there was always the Four Hills Tournament. But, after 17 years of tournaments, I’m with my family for the first time. That was such a surprise, also for my family, but we are all very happy This is our 3rd Dakar rally, in our first we finished 36th, our second we finished 15th. And, we’re very happy, but, this is the third. And, we know it’s not that easy and you’ve got to fight. And, we want to make a good start Anyways, when I’m in Dakar and I am always talking to my wife and my child on the phone. We’re always in touch. That’s most important, and very good for me. My wife has never been to Dakar, but, for the future, I think she also wants to come with me and see what this sport is like So the 3 most important things we have got to bring to Dakar is first: for sure, the helmet. Then, the suit. And, of course, the car. But, also, having a small surprise from the family, just a little thing, but it’s very important to bring it with you. It’s very good when you’re this long and this far from home, it’s very good for the head

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  1. I actually love Red bull they are so active on YouTube and sponsor the majority of action sports events while also giving people the opportunity to make a living off doing what they are passionate about! Being apart of the Reb bull family would be a dream come true!!

  2. Im very curious how somebody gets a job or if you want to call it an "opportunity" to do this it's damn awesome!! I am so jello I want to compete 

  3. Hey Redbull? Interested in making a video about an average person turned rally car racer for Dakar 2015? Feel free to message me about this. 😛

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