Chad Gable vs. Shane McMahon – King of the Ring Semifinal Match: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 3, 2019

Chad Gable vs. Shane McMahon – King of the Ring Semifinal Match: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 3, 2019

[SOUND]>>He’s giving him a fighting chance.>>My god. Shane told Kevin Owens
he’s going to reconsider the $100,000 fine he levied
against him after Summer Slam. He said quote, I’m giving you a job. And it was a great example of why
Shane McMahon is a benevolent leader.>>God.
>>This is a win win situation for Kevin Owens. He does his job,
he saves his family $100,000. That is a gigantic amount of money. I know that’s not relatable for you guys.>>Wait a minute, Gable, Gable.>>Whoa cover, Gable did it. Gable did it!>>I can’t believe it!>>Here is your winner.>>[LAUGH]
>>Chad Gable!>>How did this happen? Great officiating job by Kevin Owens.>>The same way Shane McMahon screwed
Kevin Owens against Elias in round one of this tournament and
it comes back to bite Shane.>>The Cinderella story continues for
Chad Gable.>>Well that’s all right. I’m sure Kevin will explain to his
kids why they can’t go to college now.>>Listen, Kevin Owens did his job. He officiated the match.>>No no no no, stop that now. This match is now two out of three falls.>>God.
>>Of course. That’s very reasonable.>>Yeah, very reasonable. You have all the power in the world.>>Three falls.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Can Gable overcome the odds, the moonsault.>>Beautiful.>>Cover.>>One.>>Come on!>>Give me a break!>>Just barely, Shane McMahon able to
escape and overcome the moonsault. [NOISE] Right now he’s going six shimmy with t pow.>>That’s great fine.>>Shane may have no choice.>>Gable may snap.>>Shane tapped, Gable’s won it.>>Here is your winner Chad Gable.>>Chad Gable is going to the finals
of the King of the Ring tournament. [MUSIC]>>From behind! Shane attacking KO from behind.>>Shane McMahon upset that Kevin Owens
didn’t do his bidding the way he wanted.>>Shane McMahon refuses to be
humiliated in Madison Square Garden.>>Shane’s the one who tapped out Cory. Kevin did his job.>>[NOISE] You’re fired.>>What? [NOISE]

100 Replies to “Chad Gable vs. Shane McMahon – King of the Ring Semifinal Match: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 3, 2019”

  1. I cannot believe that Shane McMahon won't let the other WWE Superstars replace Elias against Chad Gable I'm the king of the Ring 2019 wow can I believe this what a McMahon what a f**** McMahon ???????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Shane and Corbin should get married to each other and ride into the sunset. Please get Shane and Corbin off the air I am sick of looking at them

  3. As Shane Macmahon fined Kevin Owens to pay $100 he has to be fined because he fight back to Kevin Owens who was his Referee

  4. they should’ve done story line that chad gable was kurt angle son that would be better story line instead of jordan hes been forgotten

  5. Gabe has talent but needs to make his striking an shoving more believable lol that soft push he gave shane look so fake lol took me outta the moment

  6. Terrible booking as usual – Gable looks lucky and Owens looks pathetic and Shane looks stupid.

    At this stage I think my dog could script a better show

  7. Shane mcmohan actually the reality is you can't just fight anyone and you blame others for your loss!!!!!Shane you must be fired

  8. If KOTR winner is Chad Gable
    with Kofi as a champion
    Rollins as a champion
    AJ Style as a champion
    Nakamura as a champion…..

    Its light heavyweight festival!
    Just send Lesnar and Braun Strowman to 205 live!!!

  9. I just realized something I don't think anybody else has.. Shane fined Kevin$100,000 for putting his hands on an official when it was Elias Didn't Shane just do the same thing when the official was Kevin.. the storyline thickness

  10. i know aew is better than wwe, but when i grow up im just gonna go ahead and make my nxt debut. because really, i just wanna know how people are treated in the wwe. then after a while on raw or smackdown im gonna go to aew :/

  11. Chad gable better win the kotr tournament if he don't imma be pissed he probably won't because it's heels that mostly win the thing anyways

  12. Why ? Shane walking with dollar. Do best with ur performance…that's best in the world, (money is not best in the world)

  13. Shane Mcmahon should've been fined by WWE because he just put his hands on the WWE official even Kevin Owens is the special guest referee

  14. I’ve missed a couple of weeks due to me moving into college.


  15. I think they are going with the Ozzy Osbourne retirement tour scenario for the last 40 years he has been going to retire with his farewell tour, they are having the kevin owens your fired tour!!!

  16. In WWE every sportsman learn violence, cheating, disrespect and violations of rules. Nothing batter people are getting from this platform

  17. Fatemi capire, Owens non può aggredire l'arbitro ma shane si. Shane mette regole che per lui non valgono. Shane dovrebbe essere licenziat.

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