Chad Gable vs. Baron Corbin – King of the Ring Final: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

Chad Gable vs. Baron Corbin – King of the Ring Final: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

Listen, Chad Gable competed and
represented the United States in the Olympics, and, well let’s just
say he let the entire country down.>>How could you even say that?>>Chad Gable didn’t win a gold medal.>>He did everything he could. He represented the United States
of America, right?>>Cool, he got a participation
trophy out of the deal, that’s fine. Let’s talk about Baron Corbin, and what a gracious ruler he is
gonna be over WWE as king. I cannot wait.>>[SOUND]
>>He was the worst constable, the worst representative of
Monday Night Raw we have ever had. Him as king, might as well have
King Joffrey back in the position.>>And here’s Baron Corbin up over
the top as Chad Gable sends Corbin outside the ring. Baron quickly back inside. Gable follows it up with a drop kick-
>>And Corbin down again!>>Size might not be a factor here!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I asked Booker T last night, we saw him at Clash of Champions, what he thought of Baron Corbin
possibly being King of the Ring. Booker said, he’s a big guy!>>Classic.>>And here now Corbin launching
Gable into the timekeeper’s area!>>[NOISE]
>>Is it Chad Gable’s time? Is it his moment? Is it his opportunity?>>This is my tournament!>>Gable’s showing some intensity and
some rage! Deep Six!>>That’s gotta be it. Cover by Corbin and Gable survives again.>>Wow.>>[SOUND]
>>It’s an opportunity to call yourself
the best of the best, the king of WWE. To follow in the footsteps of
a dozen WWE Hall of Famers. Around the ring post once again the leg
seems to be holding up fairly well. Gable looked like he was going for the
German suplex, able to roll through now.>>My God.>>The power of Gable, German,
shoulders down for the win, Corbin at two and a half.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Corbin looking to avoid the ankle lock.>>Corbin went to rake the eyes and
now Gable with the elbows to the side of the face and the back of the neck of Baron
Corbin, still some fight left in Gable. And Corbin, [INAUDIBLE]. And the end of a magical run for
Chad Gable, Baron Corbin is your King of the Ring.>>Here is your winner, the 2019 King of the Ring, Baron Corbin!>>Bend the knee! All hail Hail king Corbin. [MUSIC]

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  1. get Baron Corbin off TV he's worser than my grandma and my grandma really know how to walk so get them to go off TV please get him off TV I hope you all read this come WWE stop paying him take that King of the Ring down

  2. Man I felt a tear go down my eye when Corbin hit the end of days for the win. The reason that tear went down my eye is because Corbin has had an illustrious career, cable hasn’t really had such a good career and the fact that he came so close to the one thing that would’ve skyrocket it and was only an inch away but then lost it. As much as I knew Corbin was going to win a small part of me desperately wanted Gaebel to pull ahead like he’s done throughout the entire couple of weeks, well done gable well done, I hope this isn’t the end of that amazing momentum you have. IC title is in you future buddy, along with greatness

  3. You know, this wouldn't bother me too much if Corbin had his old Lone Wolf gimmick, but nooooo let's make him just a tall bald guy that wrestles in jeens, that's very original

  4. Chad gable is a cute lil dude but should’ve Been the king of the ring…I wanted The Miz to be the King of the Ring too!

  5. Bearing cooling in does it not be a king in the ring because chat again because Chad Gable would did not win the king in the wing tournament so we humans do they went dead of shots of the king in the rain because because they aren't you want to be required to will a quarter give cause you want to know them was going on with no it's not be also is the that became to be like bill Coleman to does one be a king and a vent so I just I thought it been a chatty Gable has in it angle log because she just got I don't know give a boat Kobe 1 that king in the wing because he just got that I don't know his CB king I don't know what is do with it because king in the ring is Gobi Chad Gable and he wants to get a keno bring a you know that II like very cool because I don't wait in to when to king in in the link so I thought you he let 'Em hit a token say chat did not win because I have thrown he did not have in no time to get to the king chair so IR i's the on on TV so Baron Corbin just got destroyed by Chad Gable in his clown got broken because he and the stick is spoken to in those all the king in the rain is Chad Gable in I was saying data a good at Chad is a we all repaired to would have a king in the winning a tournament because he did not win because I all you see is a phrase of low price down in tears Ella of aside for char Gable and Chad is is only 1 he did not when king in the way so always in deada the the that is the will happen you know I just did that that is the seen by you know the of the single person who doesn't have a keeping the vainya tenants because that isn't as a Czech able

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  8. That’s it. I’m done. Moving to AEW. Tired of the same talent being pushed every week. They could’ve pushed gable but they said, nope let’s just give our audience Corbin getting pushed to the moon part 756 quadrillion

  9. a lot of people will hate me for saying this but i actually like Corbin, he's a good heel, good mic talker. all hail king corbin. this is the push he needed after losing to Seth Rollins

  10. Anyone who doesn’t like the result clearly doesn’t understand wrestling. King of the ring is usually a heel to be able to give them more heat. Think of king booker or Owen Hart. Those guys made you hate them with the gimmick and it was brilliant. As for gable, this performance did nothing if not make him look stronger as a performer. Hopefully management get behind him and see his potential

  11. Now ngl the whole Kurt’s kid thing would have worked better with gable, glad that didn’t happen because Jordan was lowkey annoying

  12. Correct me if im wrong but with corbin winning that now means there have been 2 kings from kc corbin and race, 3 from canada bret and owen hart and edge 2 British kings regal and barret and 2 kings from texas booker t and stonecold

  13. aaaaaaahhhhhhhh NNNNNNOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY CORBEN HE $UCK$ ?????????????????????????☹☹☹☹☹☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻?

  14. After this king of the ring tournament, i realized that corbin is a great wrestler, he just needs matches like this to prove himself completely but wwe doesnt give us matches like this

  15. I knew it that Corbin would win, he is obviously stronger than Chad Gable. But that transition from a running power slam into a End Of Days was epic

  16. damnit wwe a huge oppertinuty to give chad cable a push. they pushed to the finals and had him loose to corbin in the finals like why. just give the underdog a chance. no wonder wwe looses superstars they don't treat them right

  17. Awesome!! Great match between Corbin and Gable, and Corbin won by using the EOD, yeeeeeeahhh!!! Let's see what's next for Corbin, he is one of my favorites!!!

  18. People need to understand HEEL MEANS "YOU SUPPOSE TO HATE THE CHARACTER NOT!!!! THE PERSON!!!!" I hated Triple H during the attitude era looking back now Triple H's HEEL was needed for that era. I was sooo happy HHH returned after the knee injury i Cried. Please keep these threats to yourself! Understand the character is designed for you not to like it at that point. Just easy as corbin's character can help a face superstar and would be loved.

  19. I think Baron has officially dethroned Roman as WWE‘s most overused guy in the company. Seriously, does Baron have something against Vince that he keeps getting all those undeserved pushes and spots?

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